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Hat-and-Clogs Mar 26, 2017 7:57 AM
Wow it's been a long time, sorry I never replied DX
Life got busy with me going to Japan and then being in Japan and everything, it's been pretty hectic the last 6 months XD
So, getting back to our previous conversation... 笑

no no, that's about right actually :P
The training camps are usually at separate times to the competitions though, and everyones friendly/knows each other (rather than the intense rival hatreds which tend to show up a lot in sports anime, that does still exist though XD)
Yeah, I've been training with my new fencing club at the uni here. They're pretty good, not quite the level of my club in Australia, but they all take it pretty seriously and training is really regular, so it's good :)
Actually sometimes I feel like I'm living in a sports anime XD (there're no subtitles though :P)

Oh cool, but sucks that you crashed... Have you been keeping up the cycling??? :)

Haha not really, I'm still nowhere close to being the level that I want to be in Japanese...
Yeah, but it's pretty awesome that you're already biligual, like your English is perfect (and I assume your Dutch is as well haha)
Yessssss Japan is awesome! I particularly recommend the Kansai region (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe), It's the best! XD
Ahh that sucks, maybe she just hasn't found the right anime yet ;)
I still haven't watched the new season of D. Gray-man yet! D': (that hasn't stopped me buying all the merch for it though :D)

Ah right, I'm no good at Poker XD
Uni still going alright? :)

Yep! Exchange has been going pretty great! I love living here :D
It's hard sometimes living away from home in a country where most people can't speak English, but I've been getting by :)
I think my Japanese has improved as well... or at least I hope it has XD

Still playing Pokemon Go? haha
I gave it up when the new pokemon game came out and I've been playing that since XD
I'm still Team Valour all the way though :P
Pyapi Oct 20, 2016 5:39 PM
Ah, that's right, you've also got a nephew. Poor thing! It's always harder when there are kids involved...

I'm very affectionate when talking about him. All my friends heard about my 'little bro' and whatnot and then when he moved and they met him, he was like twice the size they were expecting LOL

Oh? What about Dexter puts you off? Personally, my brother and I really liked the first 3 seasons but the 4th is kinda meh-ish. We're currently taking a break to watch HunterxHunter since I haven't seen the 2011 anime yet.

I cooked tarts when I had time! There are some nice and good premade dough here and I generally made either... broccoli/cheese, tuna, chicken or minced meat tarts. I only made that during the weekends, though, otherwise it was just some milanesa (breaded meat) and either rice or vegetables or mashed potatoes or something. And of course, pastas, cause they're easy, fast and yummy haha Ah, that sounds like a lot but I'm not really much of a patient or great cook. My brother doesn't really like it when I cook our meals cause he's picky XD

What do you like to eat, laziness aside?

Gogogogo Mike, you can do it. But yeah, if the last thing you studied was harder this should be easier to handle~ That's the good part about already having experience haha

Also, I'm recovered! Still stressed out but I've been trying to give myself more free time so that I can rest. Which ends up being just making time to watch anime with my bro hahaha Ah, well, HxH is nice so <3

Pyapi Oct 6, 2016 5:46 PM
Ahh, it's sad that your sister won't consider your side of things. Over a month and still waiting for an apology @.@

Hmm, that's a good question. I assume my cousin would look for a job until next year? But good luck with that, finding a job's hard for everyone, not to mention someone that's only got his High School degree. My guess is he'll spend this entire time playing LoL and other games ><

And my 'little' brother is 18 (turning 19 at the end of this year) and over 20 cm taller than me lol But he's still my baby bro~ And we've been watching TV series, mostly. Currently we're watching Dexter and it's pretty good! But before we started that we did watch a few anime series, like Haikyuu!! and Baby Steps. We've been planning on watching 91 Days for a while and now that it's done we should watch it soon! But yeah, he watches a lot more anime than me, it's just if he thinks I won't like it (and he knows my taste pretty well, as do I his) then he prefers to watch it himself (and he has a lot more free time than me, I'm still jealous)

About the cooking, I'm no good either (My brother has saved me lol) but following recipes is easy enough. Look up some recipes and see if there's anything simple you can do? Moms are also a big help, ask if she knows any simple things you could make! That's how I survived the 2 1/2 years I lived alone ^^

Hmmm, not many people speak Dutch, that's true, but I don't know about tourists. Do you know if many people come to Argentina, since your current Queen's from here? :O

Ahh, I hope I have plenty of choices... The economy's kinda rough over here right now (but then again the whole world seems like that, lately)

Oh, wow, all your classmates a under 20, that's pretty young! I say this being only 21 lol but that's fresh out of High School. I'm glad it's not as rough as your last study, it may also be you're more used to university studies now~ You get to already know how things work while your classmates try to figure things out lol

Yeah, the PKGO's hype's really died down, but if they add new features like they said they were gonna do (trading and battling other people outside of gyms, new generations, etc) then I think things will pick up again at some point.

Ahh, it crashed when gifting friends? They might have fixed it cause I haven't had any issues with it. It's entertaining, although I think things might stale a bit once you finish the game's story ^^;; I haven't gotten there yet, we'll see

Aaaand I'm sick. I've been down with a bad cold + fever all week and still had a test on Wednesday (I didn't even have time to feel nervous, bad as I felt). I've gotten so many colds this year My mom thinks it might be the stress ;-; I'll try to rest more from now on, but... I've got tests all month and next month too (and finals after that OTL) But I'll try anyway. Health is more important than grades. You be sure to take care of yourself too!
Pyapi Sep 27, 2016 2:56 PM
Oh, wow, sorry for disappearing like that. A whole month without logging in here @.@

Don't worry about the rant, the situation sounds exhausting! It was disrespectful of him given how much you play the game. To your sister it might have been an exaggeration, but it's also an effect of trying to ignore everything else he does. It seems like it piled up and you just blew up '-' It's been a while, so how's that situation been? Hopefully your sister tried to at least understand your side of things.

And continuing on that about my cousin - he's gone! He's gone back to his hometown and now it's just my little brother and me. We get along great so it's been very peaceful and nice. I don't have a lot of free time cause this semester is hell, but I do watch series or play some games with him and it's pretty relaxing! Plus, he likes to cook so he's taken over the kitchen~

Ahh, Europe is a bit more complicated, I guess? With the language thing. Here, speaking 2 is pretty impressive! Just come here then, problem solved hahah

No job so far, but yeah! I plan on trying things and figuring what I want to do, hopefully. How's school been going so far? Hopefully well!! (I think school started for you, since it's been so long)

Are you still playing Pokémon Go? I'm almost lvl 20. Takes a while since I play casually but it's been fun! I can definitely see lots of people stopped playing though, cause there aren't nearly as many lures out there now. I still manage to have fun, so I'll keep at it. I also started playing Final Fantasy Brave Exius on my phone... I'm so busy but games while being so tired is so relaxing ^^;;
Hat-and-Clogs Sep 24, 2016 2:11 AM
Yeah. Not in my city, but national comps are still pretty tough :P
Good news is I'm joining the fencing club at the uni I'm going to in Japan, so I'll be able to keep up my training :D

Yeah, well I've been studying Japanese for 2 and a half years now :3
You should try learning some more, it's such an awesome language! Then you can travel to Japan, get awesome Anime/Manga merch and practice the language (^_^)V (That's my plan hehe)
Yeah, I usually rewatch them because I start watching them again with my bro haha (he likes anime, but he hasn't seen as much as me)
Yep, it gets really confusing around that part of the story, I can't really remember it yet either :P

Oh cool! :D
Yeah... I know what you mean about those prerequisite units, some of them are so boring >_<
Haha it's good to have some fun while studying though :P
What are you studying btw? (Sorry if I already asked this and just forgot ^_^")
Really? I would've thought there'd be be more mature age students, like at my uni there's always the random 50+ mature age students just around (maybe that also depends on the major though)...

Well the Japanese language classes are going to all be in Japanese, I'm going to be taking two other classes besides the language classes, one culture unit, which will be in English, and one visual art unit, which will be in Japanese :)
Oh cool, does he study Japanese as well? Yeah, it's probably an exchange, usually it's one semester exchange (6 months), but I'm actually going for 2 semesters (approx 1 year) :D

True haha, actually I feel like these replies are rapidly increasing in length as well XD (the number of commas you're using is perfect (y) )
Haha yep, I only really go on MAL to update my list now, and (recently) reply to you :P

Of course :P
I'm assuming you play it as well? haha
Which team? (it'd better be the right/best one ;) )
Hat-and-Clogs Sep 17, 2016 8:39 AM
Yeah I think so haha, but still not to the level that I want to be at >_<

Yep! Actually I don't really need them that much right now! :D
Not yet! I've been rewatching the original series with my bro :) (I'm going to start watching the new series once I've finished)

Haha have you started yet? How's it going?
I'm starting at my university in Japan in about 2 weeks XD

Yeah I know right haha
They were seriously intense :P
It'd be cool to start up the regular chatting again :) (sorry that I didn't reply before now, I've just been so busy organising stuff for my exchange and being in Japan and everything)
Pyapi Aug 11, 2016 7:35 PM
Aw man, I just realized the long reply I wrote before didn't go through :( Let's try again:

Yeah, my cousin was hard to deal with. Not to my face, but knowing he was two-faced made me so uncomfortable in my own house, it sucked a lot. He's coming back next week to pick up his things and then going back to his hometown, though! I got lucky and he missed the deadline to sign up at college, so he's going back without me or my parents having to "kick him out" and potentially being on bad grounds with my aunt. Family conflict successfully avoided!

Being bilingual is a big achievement, Mike, don't sell yourself short! But yeah, my Chinese is so broken and rough right now, I can barely handle its pronunciations. I have a looot to work on

And employer expectations for experience are always so ridiculous. Networking is the only thing that can save you and get you a first job, it seems, sucks that you didn't have that to help you out :( But hopefully now that you go back to college you can work on that? Hopefully you'll get something good soon <3

I'm not quite sure what I want to do, actually. I like a few things, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to work with everyday? Plus everyone, teachers included, tell us what we see in college is totally different from work so I'm just all over the place. Guess I'll have to cross my fingers and hope for a job so I can figure things out through trial and error? A friend of my mom's who I'm very close with asked me to send her my resume the other day because she might know someone interested in hiring me thanks to my languages. Fingers crossed! >.>

And yeah, Pokémon Go was released here while everyone was having issues. Other than a few errors here and there and GPS issues, I haven't had any problems though. I am only at lvl 13 so maybe hell will come later at higher levels? I hope not! They should try and fix that soon because the game's pretty entertaining. Oh, oh, just out of curiosity, what team are you? I'm Mystic! (I think all the rivalry is silly, but omg the memes have been great)

And alas. Vacation has come and gone. Classes started now T~T
Hat-and-Clogs Aug 10, 2016 4:41 AM
Yeah that's right :P
Haha well I am still fencing over here, but I'm actually studying Japanese at a language school right now, and from October I'm going to be starting exchange at a Japanese university :D

Oh cool! Yeah, it takes a while to get into it, but it's alright once you do :)

Hahaha yeah I know right, pretty crazy :P
Pyapi Jul 29, 2016 11:55 AM
Oh, my cousin's fine! Thank you for your concern, but it's just that we have a hard time getting along. He's a bit of an egocentric asshole and I don't appreciate being mocked and made fun behind my back (and finding out because he's terrible at keeping it a secret and horribly insincere when apologizing). Now if only my aunt could stop thinking he's an angel ><

And I actually started studying Chinese 2 years ago! So now I'm studying both that and Japanese at the same time. Thankfully reading isn't that difficult thanks to my experience with Japanese but... Darn, actually speaking Chinese is so hard. The pronunciation is difficult and I sound terrible trying to speak it. Gotta keep practicing!

It sucks that you couldn't find a job in your area :( The experience requirements are always so ridiculous... How do they expect anyone to start a career like that? '-' Hopefully going to school will help you find a nice job. Especially if you're getting a higher degree, classmates will be useful contacts, right?

I'm actually kinda scared right now because I'll technically be done December 2017 and need to get a job soon too... But the more I study, the less certain I am about what kind of job I want lol I guess I'll have to see what I can find and see if there's anything in particular I like?

I wish I had lots of interesting stories to share, but there's not much. Only a few embarrassing moments that happened cause I was distracted. Like a time when the subway started moving just as I was sitting down and I ended up sitting on the lap of the guy that was sitting next to me. That was like 2 years ago and I'm still so embarrassed LOL What about you, any interesting things to share? :D

Oh! Pokémon Go has already been released in Europe, do you play it? It still hasn't been released here (And I think my phone can't handle it) but once it does I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting things to tell. The app seems to bring a lot of chaos and wackiness haha

And I wish I could draw that well. My profile picture is actually a drawing a friend gave me for my birthday last year! I'm absolutely in love with it <3
Pyapi Jul 23, 2016 5:00 PM
For how long, that is the question lol

I'm still studying the same thing! Halfway through my 3rd year now... Although this semester was super frustrating, both at college and at home cause my cousin and brother came to live with me (And things were not going well with my cousin, so it'll probably be just my brother and I soon). Right now I'm on winter break until next month. If all goes well I should be graduating December of next year, maybe >>;;

Oh! You're going back to school? Are you going to study something else? ^^
Hat-and-Clogs Jul 23, 2016 5:08 AM
Hey! Yeah it's been ages :P
I'm good :) I'm actually in Japan again right now haha XD
How are you?
Pyapi Jul 22, 2016 9:01 AM
Omg, Mike! Hey! It's been... 2 years? More than that? Glad to see you're alive!

I've been doing okay! Pretty busy thanks to college. How about you?? :D
Pyapi Mar 8, 2014 11:30 AM
Mike! It's been a while!

I have already started university! Well, sort of. Finished the entry course and now I am only waiting until the 17th to officially start. I am already living with my roommate though, so I am very excited! It's not so awesome as everyone says though - cleaning and doing everything yourself seriously sucks hahah

How are you doing? How's life treating you? :D
SHaartjuhx Mar 6, 2014 2:01 PM

How are you doing?
This is gonna sound strange...

Ik had echt nooit verwacht om hier een Nederlander tegen te komen! xD
Maar heb je misschien nog goeie aan bevelingen voor een landgenoot?? :P

Kannei Feb 19, 2014 5:58 PM
VOMIC -seiyuu fanclub!

Would you like to join ?