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Nov 18, 2017
This manga is actually very enjoyable. This author tends to be more romantic, but this manga has a perfect mixture of emotional and physical, if you know what I mean...

The characters are very charismatic and soon enough you'll empathize with all the boys (I can't guarantee you'll enjoy the female characters though...). There are no big "love rivals" as there are in some other mangas of the genre, so you can enjoy the flow of the plot without worrying about someone appearing in the nick of time to snatch away the protagonist you love.

But most of all, the theme of the touching thing is very read more
Sep 13, 2017
This is one of those slow-paced stories where you just can't get enough once you start. It's not too erotic and it's especially focused on the mind of the characters, but mainly I feel this plot has a little bit of real life in it. So if you are in one of those days where you need emotional attachment to the characters you're following, start this manga, pick a side and cheer for your favourite character. But I must warn you: you'll probably hurt a little in the chest after some pages.
The way the protagonist's feelings are portraited is very much realistic, with the intensity read more
Jul 25, 2017
This story is just... man, I've read through many chunks of this plot nodding like a freak because the situations were so real, although it's a pretty unrealistic setting. The behavior of people around the main characters and especially the meaning behind Keiichi wearing his skirt is a concrete concerning issue in a community where homossexualism isn't openly discussed and generally accepted, and I kind of felt more or less represented in both of those characters, which is a thing not most BL comics do. I felt a little dissappointed towards the end and if youread it you will more or less understand why, but read more
Aug 12, 2016
Writting this right after finishing the reading, so might regret later. Anyway...

This story is good...? I mean, the plot is actually very good, but it's slow, so don't expect any steamy hotness so soon. The one-shot at the end, though, is what throws your happiness levels through the roof.

Main story - THE PROS: the way the characters think is actually pretty realistic, and Waki, the protagonist, is the definition of persistency. Also, the characters from the other story, Chiisana Koi no Melody, appear constantly, and you get the good vibes from that story as well (if you read it, of course. If not, you'll just read more
Jul 22, 2016
If I could describe this manga with three words, they would be: SO WORTH IT. I mean, everything is so well-thought and enjoyable that one can't help but fall in love with it, and I cannot recommend it more.
The plot is actually very simple, but eye-catching, for it makes you think about the nuances in the society we live in and all that crap. Also, as a linguistics student, it was just perfect to see the way he performs language-like in the original manga (in Japanese), so if you're into Languages and all that good stuff this will definitely give you a hard-on.
The characters and read more
May 18, 2016
I found this manga randomly and could not be happier after reading it. The plot can be considered a side-story to the main manga Okane ga Nai, by Kousaka Tohru, but this doesn't mean it has any less plot or comedy and depth than the main thing.
It follows the story of the Okama friend of Kanou from Okane ga Nai, Someya, and a friend of Kanou's assistant (?) Kuba, Honda (ironically, he's a car mechanic). Honda falls in love with Someya, without knowing he's actually a man, and you can guess that a lot of trouble comes from there on, especially considering Honda's a yankee read more
Apr 12, 2016
Akudama (Manga) add (All reviews)
Akudama is a cute little shounen-ai manga written by Yuuko Yoshida. It's relatively new to the market, and even though it's not the most original story ever made, is actually quite enjoyable if you're suited for a more slow-paced and a bit less steamy yaoi kind of style.

Story - 8
As I said before, Akudama doesn't have the most complicated of the plots: The first one is about that ordinary and perfectly normal kid, Morisaki, who suddently had a rebellious moment in front of someone, an adult called Harata. The difference? Well, this someone now is threatening this kids' reputation with some evidence of his read more
Feb 16, 2016
In case you're wondering, this is irrelevant to the story whatsoever. Basically, they were just trying to hype it up to some second season or continuation, which unfortunately never came. They talk about some episodes and some important points of the story so far, in a more humorous kind of way. I am supposing you have already watched the main anime to search for the specials, but if you didn't, this little sum-up may actually sort of help with eventual doubts if you didn't go through the trouble of reading the manga beforehand.
I myself have quite the problem with the anime itself, because it took read more
Feb 5, 2016
Junjou Romantica to me was what I call a "mood anime", which you can watch with no problems whenever the mood comes. For instance, I must have watched this first season about two or three times now, and in most of these times I spent 90% of the time laughing, and 10% of the time horny. Easy now, I will explain.

The Story - 6
The story is not exactly the best one yet, and you will come to realise most of the things that happen are soon forgotten by the own characters that took part on the actions, or simply end up happening because of... reasons. read more