Feb 16, 2016
ProfoundlyCrazy (All reviews)
In case you're wondering, this is irrelevant to the story whatsoever. Basically, they were just trying to hype it up to some second season or continuation, which unfortunately never came. They talk about some episodes and some important points of the story so far, in a more humorous kind of way. I am supposing you have already watched the main anime to search for the specials, but if you didn't, this little sum-up may actually sort of help with eventual doubts if you didn't go through the trouble of reading the manga beforehand.
I myself have quite the problem with the anime itself, because it took too much time with "character development" and none with the actual plot, pushing it until the very last minute to simply throw that in your faces in a not-so-smooth kind of way. The anime story follows up to the 4th volume of the manga, and the specials don't add anything, and just tease what could happen in the future (which is only reachable by the manga). The main characters even try to play a little bit with the ending the main anime took, but since not even the producers were certain about what could happen, there was really nothing they could do.
For the ones who enjoy some chill in quick episodes with Ritsuka and Soubi with a different mood and more set out to the fun, I can recommend...? Well, better watch one and see what you think. They are very short, about one minute and a half each, so by the end of all of them it will be like watching half a minute of every episode...