Feb 5, 2016
ProfoundlyCrazy (All reviews)
Junjou Romantica to me was what I call a "mood anime", which you can watch with no problems whenever the mood comes. For instance, I must have watched this first season about two or three times now, and in most of these times I spent 90% of the time laughing, and 10% of the time horny. Easy now, I will explain.

The Story - 6
The story is not exactly the best one yet, and you will come to realise most of the things that happen are soon forgotten by the own characters that took part on the actions, or simply end up happening because of... reasons. Although, it is very adequate to the kind of objective I assume the authors had while writing this story, so it became a sort of charm through my eyes.
Another issue that bugged me a little and I think is worth mentioning is the substance given to certain dialogues and actions. I don't think a lot of people end up minding about it, but as for me, a writer, it ended up breaking the illusion of the plot, and just made me laugh for about two thirds of the entire series. As time went by, it started having this impression that all of the characters – without exceptions – were all a bunch of grown-up kids who fight over silly things that they did without even thinking before. The conversations and motivations they end up having for themselves as the reason behind their affection towards one another are not the most visible throughout the series, so if that bugs you, you will end up having the same experience than me.
Bonus: The arguments. Oh, the arguments. Sometimes I had that strange feeling of finding myself in the middle of a very embarrassing situation among two people, and me not being involved. How to explain that? Imagine yourself walking into a couple arguing in the middle of a narrow alley, while you are stuck between the wall and them. That’s how I felt.

The Art and Sound – both 8
I won’t blab over the art style because I myself don’t bother and even find it very pleasing – and fitting for the time it was produced (2007/2008). As for the sound, the voice actors are actually very good, though through their voices you can already tell who’s gonna be who (if it is a bummer). As a matter of fact, the voice acting was one of the main ingredients, along with the art, that kept me in the illusion of the series, even when the plot was overwhelmed with questionable points. Also, I loved the first season`s ending theme.

Character – 5
This was the point that made me upset the most. The character development is zero, and this is me being kind. I am sorry for the ones who really enjoyed or understood the confusion in the characters’ minds, but God, was that an unpleasing ride. The protagonists, because of the lack of proper conversation, end up having a lot of pointless monologues, and going round and round over the same issues for many and many episodes. Also, most of them contradict themselves, saying things like “I never said that”, while obviously this was all over the place in the episode before. But, the number one complain over this topic is undoubtedly the main uke. Jesus, I mean no spoilers when I say he is capable of upsetting the strongest of minds.

Enjoyment – 8
I enjoy the yaoi genre. And it was no different with Junjou Romantica, the absolute symbol of the yaoi culture. Although it was very problematic in some points, the important moments were properly appreciated, thank you. And if you also don’t mind going through some mind trouble to get to those moments, you will also enjoy the series as a whole.