Jul 22, 2016
ProfoundlyCrazy (All reviews)
If I could describe this manga with three words, they would be: SO WORTH IT. I mean, everything is so well-thought and enjoyable that one can't help but fall in love with it, and I cannot recommend it more.
The plot is actually very simple, but eye-catching, for it makes you think about the nuances in the society we live in and all that crap. Also, as a linguistics student, it was just perfect to see the way he performs language-like in the original manga (in Japanese), so if you're into Languages and all that good stuff this will definitely give you a hard-on.
The characters and the artstyle are just the final touch. The uke is not a whiny baby and the characters are actually pretty easy to empathize with, despite one being your ordinary day-to-day office worker and the other one being a Lutah tribe chief's successor. It's very beautiful to see Qaltaqa's engagement to his beliefs and also to accompany the growth of Ryouichi to the point where he's actually compromised with his mission.
All in all, the whole plot is totally worth looking for and has all the elements for a great yaoi manga: it's super cute, hot, and makes you all fuzzly inside. And furthermore promotes to change or develop your way of thinking about the real world! What more could you ask for?