May 18, 2016
ProfoundlyCrazy (All reviews)
I found this manga randomly and could not be happier after reading it. The plot can be considered a side-story to the main manga Okane ga Nai, by Kousaka Tohru, but this doesn't mean it has any less plot or comedy and depth than the main thing.
It follows the story of the Okama friend of Kanou from Okane ga Nai, Someya, and a friend of Kanou's assistant (?) Kuba, Honda (ironically, he's a car mechanic). Honda falls in love with Someya, without knowing he's actually a man, and you can guess that a lot of trouble comes from there on, especially considering Honda's a yankee and Someya has some past behind him.
- Story - 8
Despite being relatively short in comparison with Kousaka's main work, the story is well-planned and even cute, if you may. It pleased me a lot to know a little bit better those two side-characters in specific, and the relationship yankee-okama was simply genius in my opinion. It's got the comedy it needs, the depth we want and... man, Someya's true self is simply... aaargh too much.
- Art - 10
Well, this point is actually a matter of taste, and since I'm a fan of Kousaka's artstyle, I found it pretty appealing to me.
- Character - 9
I just won't give it a ten because I expected a little more, I guess, but to know more about Someya's life, family relations and in general, how he/she sees and processes things that happen in their life, is just... ah, too good for words. Honda was a character I was genuinely surprised by, especially because of his strengh (in many ways), not to mention is not that often we meet a pairing between a those two types of characters, so it's already interesting from page one. The sensitive side to Someya breaks the heart at some points, but it's because there's a tad of reality in this manga.