Apr 12, 2016
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Akudama is a cute little shounen-ai manga written by Yuuko Yoshida. It's relatively new to the market, and even though it's not the most original story ever made, is actually quite enjoyable if you're suited for a more slow-paced and a bit less steamy yaoi kind of style.

Story - 8
As I said before, Akudama doesn't have the most complicated of the plots: The first one is about that ordinary and perfectly normal kid, Morisaki, who suddently had a rebellious moment in front of someone, an adult called Harata. The difference? Well, this someone now is threatening this kids' reputation with some evidence of his acts. One can imagine how the plot goes from there on - Harata asks Morisaki for some stuff, and Morisaki ends up having a *hard* time because of that ;) (no puns intended, sorry).
Inside this Akudama volume, in chapters 4 and 5, there is a second story, revolving around the relationship of two actors, Ichinose and Fumiyo, who are involved in the project of a yaoi movie/drama (because yes), and their relationship inside/outside the project.
Though this is not the most original plot ever, it's very enjoyable, and the relationships between the protagonists from both stories are very interesting to watch. Also, everything is very smooth and life-like paced, so don't expect wild stuff to happen.

Art - 10
The serialization was made by Canna and the art was drawn by the writter itself, so I guess they match significantly. There's nothing too wild about it, but it's still very beautiful to see.

Character - 6
Because it's a fairly short story, there's not much background over the characters, only the necessary for you not to be lost in the plot. If you're into details about their families and stuff you'll be disappointed, but the main information about their lives is enough to live by.

Enjoyment - 9
Yeah, just wish it was a bit longer. Both stories are great, though. And you can always re-read it a thousand times.