Sep 13, 2017
ProfoundlyCrazy (All reviews)
This is one of those slow-paced stories where you just can't get enough once you start. It's not too erotic and it's especially focused on the mind of the characters, but mainly I feel this plot has a little bit of real life in it. So if you are in one of those days where you need emotional attachment to the characters you're following, start this manga, pick a side and cheer for your favourite character. But I must warn you: you'll probably hurt a little in the chest after some pages.
The way the protagonist's feelings are portraited is very much realistic, with the intensity of his thoughts and his fears and such. And although some of his actions are put there for the sake of him being the main character, I feel that great many people (including me) would have done or thought the exact same thing, so it ends up adding to the suspense of the climax.
Also, another good thing is that, even though the characters from the parent story are there and all, there is no need for you to read the previous manga to situate yourself in this one. It's more of a bonus to see the characters there and recognize them if you have read Yukidoke no Koi (also great, by the way).
Overall, I think this is a good manga to read with emotional commitment to the story. Even though it takes a little while to get us to some "action", it's totally rewarding on the emotional field. I couldn't recommend it more for one of those times when you want more than just the hot business.