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Fortress_Maximus Nov 11, 2022 1:06 PM
You may want to add two more entries to your Tokusatsu stack: (Sentai parody) (Metal Hero and Sentai parody)

samsince04 Sep 16, 2022 11:06 PM
Surprisingly, your about me layout is pretty cool. I thought something like this would be pretty daunting to look at, but it looks like a well-formatted word document.
istheworstgirl Aug 13, 2022 6:45 PM
*correction to below comment bc im sleep deprived while lurking MAL*

the series title is actually EXTREME HEARTS, my bad. generic moe anime titles all blur together at some point lol
istheworstgirl Aug 13, 2022 6:44 PM
hey, you should consider "IDOLISH HEARTS" for your "Idols doing things that aren't very Idol-y"'s airing current season and so far...honestly pretty trashy (and i've watched a few eps, not found them very intereisting because im not crazy about imaginary sports anime w/ no plot or good characters even if it's the kind of generic CGDCT that i might just end up finishing). anyway, season obv hasnt finished yet but i think it fits!
DigiCat Jul 11, 2022 2:51 AM
Yeah, it does feel a bit rushed, like they expect people to already know the lore

Overall it was a fun episode for me, the one thing i'm not so sure about is having Mint already on the team from the beginning, i'm not sure how that'll effect her story, which was a big part of what got me to really connect and relate to her when i first watched the original

What are your thoughts on the original? Who's your fav character?
DigiCat Jul 7, 2022 4:32 AM
Hello :3 What did you think of Tokyo Mew Mew New's first episode?
CrimsonCW Jun 17, 2022 7:50 AM
Wow, legit thank you for that! Well, that makes everything feel perfect! Maybe we can even get to the friend level in time, but if not, then this is more than fine! :)

Also, thankfully MAL gives you full control of your profile, so if you ever get your profile littered by idiots, it's just a simple delete away to fix. Works for me! :)

I think this way too, you can really stretch your legs now and get MORE of those great debates with people who actually ARE interested in hearing out your points (experience speaking here) now that they CAN post to you more in private without gumming up a topic! And just remember, people like Ryo would never post to your profile even if invited. That requires too much courage :P

See you around then! Thank you!
CrimsonCW Jun 17, 2022 7:30 AM
Hey, so it's been nice being able to talk with you, but I've felt a bit uncomfortable this whole time having to add you to a friend list so quickly just to be able to have these chats.

I chat with a lot of people all the time, often too, and never became "friends" with them and so I just hate feeling like it's "forced", you know?
I admire your gumption on the forums and it was cool sharing some KLK things, but I especially feel like I'm making you strain to match my usual quantity and the like when it just isn't your style, you know?

Does this make sense? It's just my stubborn notion that anyone who IS on that friend list has TO be one of my friends, and I just don't think we were really ever there, beyond just a nice side conversation.

Well, if you ever do want to write to me about your thoughts on S-CRY-ed if you ever get to it, or new funny drama on the forums to link to, feel free, and if you ever unlock your profile to be able to chat without being friends, it'll be cool sometimes too... but yeah, forcing you in as a 'friend' like this just feels wrong to me. :/

Ugh, I really hope this doesn't come off as smug or anything; it's just how I feel. You're definitely an interesting person to talk with, but I wish we could've done that outside being 'officially' friends. :(
DigiCat Jun 17, 2022 7:23 AM
Yup, really dig the place :)
DigiCat Jun 17, 2022 5:06 AM
Hello :3 thanks for accepting FR
CrimsonCW Jun 15, 2022 7:48 AM
Lastly, as a fellow KLK fan AND Ryuko, you know I had to share this!

I speculated if you were a cosplayer (I don't really know how risque you can dress in this day and age without the excuse of cosplay, especially if you're a woman, haha), but I have dabbled in it. And I don't really do full costumes or anything; I'm more of an accessory guy. Mostly just jackets or outer wear (and I get obsessed with such things), but it's not just limited to such things.

I think Ryuko's standard outfit is so cozy looking, and I love that subtle red on the black base and I can't deny I'd probably want to dress akin to that (it is a modest sailor outfit, I guess) if I was a girl.
So while the full costume was not an option, that doesn't mean the Sekki Tekko wasn't!

Don't know if you've ever even been curious to look for it to buy, but the replicas you find are.... cheap, to say the least. And the one thing about my props is: I hate cosmetic only. If you're gonna make something, it has to be as realistic and FUNCTIONAL as possible ; otherwise it's a gimmick; at least within my means. Hell, part of the reason I get so obsessed with these things is because I love how they work. To not recreate that, where's the fun? It's literally akin to buying your dream car that doesn't actually run. ._.

This is completely from scratch. Custom glove, uniform coloring, foam, pewter, metal sheets, a little mini pocket knife; like I wanted it to be as real as possible. Figuring out how to actually rig it just to get it on was tricky, to say nothing about designing knuckles out of metal that would sit flat and comfortably open-handed or fist balled, and thinking how to have a knife without stabbing myself, haha. Tricky!

(Remember how I said how similar Ryuko was to the S-CRY-ed character Kazuma? They both also wear just a single glove, just on different hands, so yeah, I made his too, haha) Maybe after you watch S-CRY-ed and if you like it, I'll share that one :P
CrimsonCW Jun 15, 2022 7:30 AM
Believe it or not I've heard that for shonen that is unanimously labeled as good that doesn't even HAVE filler in it. I mean, shonen is basically an addiction to some people. I mean, yes, I was once a young boy in love with things like Dragonball too; if you grew up in my era it was inevitable, but come on, GROW OUT OF IT ALREADY. That's the sad part.

You've heard of HunterxHunter, right? That's the series I mean. It's not even remotely 'complete' from the all-but-dead manga, but they still tried with an anime in 2011 and even die-hard fans tell me "Oh, just skip to episode 100 then you'll SEE!" when I told them I checked out during it.

You know, you've said it before: Really denotes quality when you have to skip a huge chunk of it, right? God, these people. Sometimes I feel this might as well be a cultist site for anime!

Hmm, well I do highly recommend reading Prison School until the end, but I think the middle section might draw you away. I mean, it was infamous for doing that to almost everyone who read it. I personally still liked it, but it got OBNOXIOUSLY padded just for the sake of drawing out the climax longer and longer. I mean, maybe that was just a joke, but it went too far. Everything else is solid though, and it was a good payoff once it FINALLY happens, but man, that part alone is what prevented me to adding to my favs. :/ Sad.

Maybe having a friend to discuss it might help you. :P I'm here if you need that!
I'm with you that I prefer reading off a physical page too, but it's gonna cost you with a series like Prison School. The cheapest I could find this ever-increasing-in-rarity release of it was 300+ dollars. -_-
Don't know if you'd ever want to invest THAT much for legit 14/28 volumes.

Come to think of it, you're pretty right with that sentiment! That friend I told you about who doesn't get the second half, he LOATHES modern anime, especially when it comes to animation, yet he vouches for KLK of all things, haha. Even though it's digital too, I think he also appreciated that uniqueness you vouch for!

That's interesting to decide to only want one character per show; hmm, if I love a character, I don't think I could resist not adding them just for a quota like that! They definitely are a pair for the narrative, but I think they can work independently as characters too, but that's just me. :P Any particular reason Ryuko spoke to you a bit more than Satsuki?
Do you view all your favorites all interconnected the same way? Like they are that tier because they work so good together vs separate?

Lastly, don't fret about matching my reply speed! This is just how I do things; if you need days or whatever, don't force it! Don't want to burn you out!
CrimsonCW Jun 15, 2022 6:31 AM
Hi, again! Well I know I'm in for a treat to see you delving into some forum replies then! I saw that filler guy too and replied to him as best as I wanted before getting burned out.

You know, when you're someone who's tied your whole identity to anime watching, and especially when you partake in long running shonen that specializes in filler, you'll come up with any and every excuse to try and justify your choices to everyone and convince yourself this series can do no wrong. Ever. That's what's going on with him, I feel. (One Piece the anime on his profile being given a 10 speaks volumes!)

Oh nice, that is quite intriguing! Haha, you sound like an incognito celebrity when you put it that way now . :P I wish I knew more of your characters to make a better assessment!

Definitely look forward to hearing what you think about Prison School too! I love sharing anime with friends, so if you ever want to talk about it, hit me up! I also posted frequently in each episode discussion, so I'm always game to talk! Definitely even more curious on how Meiko will stack up to that rest of your similarly favorite characters! Should be interesting!

Do you prefer anime or manga? The anime is virtually a 1:1 recreation of the first 79ish or so chapters, but I highly recommend the manga after the fact to see the rest, since.... simply put, I've never seen such an epic before.... of absurdity. Haha, that's the best way to describe it. It's a Greek epic about the silliest of things. Definitely my style when it comes to writing. :P
Don't fret about not getting to it yet though, believe me, I'm guilty in that respect! Anime shouldn't be a priority, you get to it when you can and when you have the time and find something truly excellent, that's always a happy window. :)

How do you manage to separate those quote blocks so easily though? I mean on some forums, it has better formatting, but on MAL, oh my lord, to say tedious is an understatement! I honestly don't know how you put up with it. ._.
You've definitely got tenacity for your arguments, for sure!

Do you love all Trigger stuff equally or is it KLK especially that you have such a fondness for? It definitely seems to be your biggest favorite! It's so funny, I wrote that show off after a recommendation and then gave it another chance due to boredom (it sticks with you), and LOATHED episode 1 the first time I saw it. Like "Oh my fucking God, this is obnoxious" but I kept watching, and was hooked by episode 3.

Then after re-watching episode 1, I finally *got* what they were going for initially. Like, part of the disconnect was that I thought Mako was legit a "damsel", not that it was literally being played for a joke and she was just a buttmonkey, for example. I had taken it at face value.

I rarely see both Ryuko AND Satsuki on someone's list, and most people tend to prefer EITHER their red or blue onis, so I was surprised to see both of them so high, with Ryuko inching for you! (If they're in order, that is) I like Satsuki a lot too, but I like other character beyond her, so she wouldn't fit on a top 10, but Ryuko cinced it for me a lot more. Nice arc, nice determined character; a friend and me argue constantly about the second half of the series about how he simply doesn't understand Ryuko's little mental freakout and that whole point whatsoever. If I'm being honest, he took the entire show at face value and missed out that just because it's comedic and a bit absurd, doesn't mean it's also not a very well thought and in-depth action/drama at the same time. Wow, just like Prison School. Noticing a pattern?

Are you familiar at all with S-CRY-ed, by the way? It's one of my favorites. It's more straight up action, but it defines literally "Red oni vs blue oni" to the point when people watched KLK, they were like "This seems familiar" because Ryuko and Satsuki were such strong red and blue onis akin to those leads themselves.

I mean, this pic says it all, haha.

CrimsonCW Jun 14, 2022 3:57 PM
Ryo-san privitized his profile for friends only, haha.

Does this finally confirm he's a troll pretending to be of the opposite gender to lure people in and cause trouble? 🤣
CrimsonCW Jun 13, 2022 8:02 AM
Haha, that's probably an interesting story if you'd ever like to share!

I'm trying to imagine what characters like that all have in them that relate to.... Hmm.... well I know in Meiko's case it's generally a persona of hers she adopts because she's actually quite insecure by nature, so I'm wondering if other such "dom" characters share that same quirk or if it's just a simple preference to you in other areas; maybe you are a dom in your side job or personal life, prefer the fashion, attitude, or are just a risque cosplayer for all I know! Haha, so many possibilities!

As we discussed with my own red oni traits last time, now I'm curious! I freaking LOVE analyzing people through their favorite characters! Even simple things of, say, a customizable protagonist in a video game, to the point it's even just attire, it still says a lot if you pay attention! I'm a sucker for those kind of consistent details. So much so I wanted to look at all your favorites.... the two I'm most familiar are Ryuko and Satsuki, and there were some outliers, but yeah, I'm definitely noticing a scantily clad confidence kind of vibe at the core! Ryuko and Satsuki are special cases, as that's more plot necessity than preference; like, Satsuki doesn't CARE to wear something like that, but she also wouldn't if given the choice, unlike someone like Yoko, for example.

Hope you don't mind if I speculate a bit. The same way I generally admire red oni characters for their passion, confidence and proactive natures, generally, and while I AM a creature of passion at my core, I think it's that simple admiration that I lack is what I admire the most. You idolize your favorites, in a sense, to be basic.

So hmm... you already either are or want to be; definitely confident as demonstrated with your debating prowess.... I don't know how deep this could go personally, to simply maybe preferring girls yourself or it simply being a fantasy to live that kind of life....? (For example, Miku both being a favorite 'person' and 'character' definitely denotes a lot of admiration for her vocaloid lifestyle, or maybe you're simply just a musical performance loving anime nerd? Haha) hmm.... there's just not enough info to go on yet! Hopefully it wasn't too out of line for me to ponder like that! But this is just so much fun! :P

Anyway, if you know what I mean with "Meiko vibes", have you ever gotten to look into Prison School by chance? You definitely can appreciate that fine balance of character drama meets comedy (as evidenced by your love of Gainax/Trigger), so it might be up your alley. Apart from definitely meandering quite a bit in the middle, I personally loved the manga and anime (as small of a chunk as it is).

In any case, your tastes are quite fascinating and I love reading your posts whenever you sign on and, of course, the arguments you create from simply peacefully arguing a point.
Seriously, you riled someone's feathers just today because you voiced an issue with filler. And of course, because Otaku bias, they rush out to personally attack you: "WELL, YOU'RE JUST NOT ABLE TO WATCH ANYTHING LONG, OBVIOUSLY, FILLER IS SOMETIMES BETTER THAN THE SOURCE MATERIAL!111"

Cope, grasp, rinse, repeat. But he also has One Piece as his favorite anime, haha... explains a lot. It's admirable you keep trying to reach out into an uncaring empty void :P

But yeah, it's the same response as that last guy. YOU DISAGREE, REEEEE, is all it boils down to. The good news is most of this community are essentially kids; early 20s or even earlier, and in that case, it makes sense. The sad news is that more people are probably in their 20s, early or late and are essentially kids in mindset. But it all makes sense either way you spin it.
Remember civil discussion, disagreement? THAT'S HARASSMENT, BULLYING, RACISM11 in current year on the internet. Which is ironic because if you look at it that way, YOU were bullied and harassed by them simply for voicing a dissenting opinion, not the other way around.

In any case I finally heard back from a mod about that last guy, so hopefully he got a nice suspension for that. Haven't checked, but it was much deserved. That was a direct personal attack on you vs anything else. Calling someone a loser is one thing, but the fact OH YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY REALLY BE A GIRL CUZ is another.

I don't side with this generalized notion of "WOMEN ARE ALWAYS OPRESSED" or anything, but I have seen too often where it's always the first thing they attack about someone, and it pisses me off, honestly. All this really does is strengthen that narrative and further divide people and the notion that you can't get along with someone or it discredits them entirely because of their gender. (This swings both ways in our current day and age).
Are we all 5 years old again, with things like COOTIES and the like? I hate all of it.

I didn't block him either, haha; but only because my block list is already full. You are in a bit more of a protected position though, in that everyone is locked out already without your permission, so you kinda just have a different sort of ongoing block in action to me :P

Well, I was speculating that maybe you could post in private message; if I wanted to debate personally, I would do that. But even if he had opted for profile comments, most people still wouldn't be able to see it since it's friend locked.
But you're totally right; he had no argument and he preferred to do it publicly to play the victim and visibly try to slander you to discredit. Doesn't work in private.

Remember, he never even took an invite from me to write to me because he has no points. Remember, NPCs have a grand total of 5 lines they repeat ad nauseum.

Man, that was summed up really well! It's not just haste though; you just have to be very articulate with your points and that is not a strength of mine. My mind races at a mile a minute and I know all this inside, but trying to get it all out succinctly and patiently is a true struggle for me. And that just makes me frustrated that I can't be slow and analytical due to that impatience, which leads to emotions coming out far easier, if that makes sense.
I am both timid AND adamant, so you can imagine that struggle. >_<

But hey, that is a great strategy actually! Hmm, I'll definitely have to remember that! I'm not giving up on improving myself, but it's a slow start! Honestly, you're a really cool friend and I admire you a lot, actually! I'm highly interested in the posts you make (a lot of which will give ME good practice on top of everything) and you're just a really interesting person to talk with. Definitely would like to talk more about your favorite animes (KLK is definitely discussion worthy in more ways than one), dealing with the empty void, and other such things.

But seriously, I love reading your posts; I always feel like they're also topics I would join in too if I could find them. Unlike some of my other friends, who only post in the most controversial cancerous topics, you find a nice balance of interesting and approachable topics, but also create conversations worth having in them too! Big fan! Thank you! I'm definitely going to get a lot of practice and get pretty toned with a friend like you! :D

I'm really glad we got to meet!
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