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WeeabooColin 2 hours ago
I can see how it is contrived but I don't think it was a bad decision.
_Ophelia 9 hours ago
There is no romance in Shokugeki, apart from the classic battle shounen "romance". There was a chapter during the autumn elections preparation where Megumin realizes she's faling for Souma, but it wasn't adapted in the anime and has never been referenced since.

To properly describe it would be a huge spoiler. The basics are that a new mysterious character is introduced, then it is revealed who it is.
That person then beats the person that has been established to be one of the strongest people in the series even though there is literally no way he should be able to do that because of spoiler reasons, which is way less of a problem than the actual reveal of who that person is.
Krysaia 9 hours ago
Ahh yeah its been okay I guess, nothing that has stood out to me too much though. I completely understand that. That happens to me quite often. It's good to switch up activities when one starts leaving you feeling burned out. I will say it's a pain to always keep up with seasonal and I am watching more than I usually do this season, so I have a feeling it's gonna burn me out after a while.
space_boi 11 hours ago
Got a film recommendation I recently saw if you wanna get mind-fucked. 'Mullholland Dr.' I'd highly advise you to go in blind. Don't read any reviews, they always spoil it whether they mean to or not. Btw, I saw Birdman and I can't say I loved it as you did. Still good tho.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 8:56 PM
Normies are the worst, so I can agree with that sentiment.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 7:41 PM
That is actually not what makes a lot of cons bad, in reality, it is all the normies that think they are in the know.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 7:23 PM
Yes, and both times I contemplated suicide. It is so bad, you just feel lost and alone in a unfamiliar world where everything is wrong.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 7:10 PM
I could believe it, conventions are the worst if you go alone!
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 7:03 PM
A little bit, but I also thought there was a reason why I saw his mask everywhere back in the day when I went to conventions. So I knew there was more to Tobi than what lied on the surface.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 6:59 PM
Yeah, he comes out from the shadows and is like "Yo pain, you gotta capture Naruto. We need to show the world the power of Madara Uchiha."
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 6:54 PM
Well he says that he is Madara Uchiha earlier in the series, and when it was revealed that they are the same, it wasn't that surprising.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 6:09 PM
Yeah, Deku is a huge gaylord, he brings everything he is in down.
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 5:44 PM
Very good, very good, are any of Hatsume's doujins good btw?
WeeabooColin Yesterday, 5:09 PM
That is true, Eva has a lot, but it is also much older.
Arimias Yesterday, 5:06 PM
That's true. Sisters not related by blood is a huge fantasy for most guys anyway surprisingly enough... Doujin material x100?

I'm pretty sure it's actually illegal to go that fast here, but gotta live on the dangerous side once in a while, especially on vacation like this. The food is also dynamite, finally eating real ass food instead of microwavable ones at my dads lmao. And yeye thanks bro. I need a break once in a while from 2D sometimes, "even though I know they'll never betray me and will provide good satisfaction whenever I want" - what a weaboo would legit say IRL. But yeah, I haven't got super drunk or anything like that for this vacation. In August though when she's there I'll probably be doing all that stuff lmao.