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Jul 30, 2017
Major (Manga) add
The story of Major follows the life of Goro Honda, from kindergarten to being a professional baseball player, seeking and overcoming tremendous challenges.
As far as i know this might probably be the only or one of the very few manga that you can actually follow a character from 5 years old to high school to adulthood to the Major League(as you could see by the manga name) he becomes in the end a man with his own family and children, the way we follow Goro was truly a one of a kind experience, in the end it feels like you gained friends someone you will ...
Apr 25, 2017
Mixed Feelings
this really has 9.32 MAL Score wtf? i feel like doing a review just to express and let out the disappointment. THIS HAS MAJOR SPOILERS .

this made no sense at all the more i was thinking the less sense the movie made, the visuals are great sure, and there were fun moments but the plot just made no fucking sense, basically the meteor was predicted to fall, so that family could dream and exchange bodies with others just so that one day they could use that to save the town people, those 2 kids did it in 3 year time difference, time traveling their ...
Jun 15, 2016
Jie Mo Ren (Anime) add
Preliminary (7/14 eps)
Jie Mo Ren, is a chinese animation, now is made in China good? well the answer in this case in my opinion is No.

The story is dull, plot wise doesn't really make much sense (i think because it based on a game which i have not played), the voice acting sounds like a cheap dub at moments and animation is average at best although some scenes were well animated but they had censorship on some gore/violent parts, the Opening is good , the characters have the classic personalities you can find in most anime so not much to say here.

Overall the anime is average to ...
Apr 25, 2016
Yes Lolita but Father? or My Father is a Loli, is a strange yet funny manga, about a Father scientist who turns himself into a Loli, and since that day a lot of funny, strange and dangerous things happen.

Characters- 7/10

The father scientist who turns into a Loli, the assistant with big boobs, the Lolicon son, the girl who is the childhood best friend that is also in love with the MC, the girl's other friend, the MC other friend, the the genius transfer student, and a very special cockroach(yes that's right) etc.. we have the classic characters for a school/comedy and some ...
Apr 14, 2016
Preliminary (155/155 chp)
Dolly Kill Kill, i knew that something with that name had to be good and i was right, this manga has it all, good story with huge potential, cool characters, great amount of violence and gore and all done/draw very well.

Both Story and Art authors, this is their first Manga and it's a really good one, so moving on:

Story- 8/10

The story is an apocalypse kind of theme with a flair of creepiness known as Dollies that style of Aliens or Monster that invade Earth wiping almost all humans but some survive and now it's on them to take back Earth and win the war ...
Apr 14, 2016
Mitsudomoe Season 2!!!! As i said in my review of the first season this anime was so great i don't really know how to express it, well it made me a fanboy that's for sure, this is exactly what i want from Comedy anime, i laugh so much i had to pause to breath, the only flaw is that this season only has 8 episodes Q_Q why!!! i wanted so much more >.> well dispite that we get a very original first episode and an awesome other 7 that just made my jaw hurt so much from laughing

Art- 9/10

The Art is great, it ...
Apr 13, 2016
Mitsudomoe (Anime) add
Mitsudomoe!!!! This anime was so great i don't really know how to express it, well it made me a fanboy that's for sure, this is exactly what i want from Comedy anime, i laugh so much i had to pause to breath XD

Art- 9/10

The Art is great, it does not rely on the more realistic design approach, instead opting for the super cute, funny and scary, Hitoha scary scenes are so well done, then you have Futaba destruction scenes and rampage style witch was done so well.

Characters- 9/10

The Triplet Sisters are just AWESOME!!!! The youngest is dark and scary, socially awkward but cute and soft ...
Apr 10, 2016
Brave Story (Anime) add
Brave Story is a movie about tragedies, wanting to change history and destiny, how far will you go for that and what are you willing to sacrifice for it. The movie as some flaws like it was to short, it should have had more character development but it did have a good happy ending.

Story- 8/10

Do you like adventure?
If the anwser is yes then this movie is made for you, a story about 2 kids who go into a new world to try to achieve their dreams/wishes, fans of old-school fantasy and RPGs may find Brave Story to their liking. It also addresses the ...
Apr 10, 2016
Shisha no Teikoku (The Empire of Corpses) a movie from the Project Itoh, so this entire movie was some how confusing, I enjoyed it, but I had problems understanding part of it maybe with a re-watch in the future I will understand more, part of the reason it's hard to understand is the characters since they are from different novels/books and without reading them you may not understand some characters decisions so moving on:

Story- 6/10

On the paper, Empire of Corpses looks like the coolest thing ever. Seriously, a movie about zombies who become part of society and are used in our daily lives in a ...
Apr 8, 2016
Shinsekai Yori can resemble the stories we used to tell each other around campfires or sleepovers, mystery, horror and suspense around a group of psychic kids in a specialized school and as the days pass they realize that more things lurk in their school and their lives, learning the past can not always be a good thing.

Story 8/10

the first 5-6 episodes can be boring, but they are a poor indicator of what's to come, one problem doe is the tendency to get distracted, from one entire episode of psychic football just to make a small point at the end, to chunks of kid's drama ...

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