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Feb 7, 2021
I never watched chibi animes before. Expected it to be somewhat dumb but funny, but apparently, expectations weren't low enough.

- This show is VERY dumb and it feels like a mockery of original
- Where original Assasination Classroom was funny - this show mostly was just retarded
- Where original Assasination Classroom was dramatic or epic - this show tried to convert that into positive\comedic moments and that appeared to be as horrible mess
- Characters in original all had more or less depth, i liked that show trait. Here they are mostly turned into "crowd", and only some stand out a bit - mostly repeating same stupid read more
Dec 21, 2020
One of the best specials i've seen (i didn't see much, though). The other one would be Steins;Gate one.

It's interesting, it's fun, it's compact. It also has good music, like an original show. Yes, it doesn't add much to the series, but then, how many specials do?

It's actually not that bad to watch on its own, without series, because of how story is served

I absolutely recommend this concentrated fun package. It won't take a lot of your time anyway. Also, you can use it as the show ad to agitate friends! If that even possible

...I don't know what else to type without spoilers about non-serious read more
Dec 2, 2020

+ Interesting, fresh setting
+ Nice, diverce characters. While main hero is in focus, most of others receive development too and don't feel useless
+ Non-standart artstyle. 3D! It has minuses, such as having low-fps, and somewhat empty backgrounds. But characters look great, many action scenes too and it feels so unique, i will put it at 9 just for that
+ Weird, non-predictable, intriguing story
+ Interesting to watch
+ I feel like it's the best shounen anime i saw


- I disliked development of the Phos (MH) near the end. Without spoilers, she "lost her spark". Also, her power level changed kinda drastically without much justification. I can suspect read more
Nov 22, 2020
As said by many, film gives more questuins and almost to no answers.
It is the single most confusing anime I watched yet. Watching this film after series, I almost didn't undestand anything. New confusing world, some new characters, that act like they always were here...

Keeping it short:
- Confusing story, which twisted almost everything you knew from the series
- Weak characters (Homura is the only one semi-developed, and i didn't like her at all)
- Outstanding art
- Great orchestral music
- Ending clarified things a little, then made them even weirder.

Film is pleasing to watch and its atmosphere is darkly attracting, but both characters and story weren't actually read more
Nov 8, 2020
There gonna be spoilers! Though, you will know most those things from episode one, so that doesn't matter much...

I came to this show from Kaguya's recommendations.

Expected it to be funny, easy-going show, without many dropped cliffhangers, which i would watch and enjoy slowly (it never happens, but nevertheless, i hoped). And romantic, maybe a bit

Instead... Well, i am jumping on a hate train. I probably won't say much that other people hadn't said. So, short theses:

- Supersmart mature girl
- Ultrastupid childish guy
- That's while they both are ~12 years old
- Girl constantly makes fun of a guy, bullies him, sometimes in pretty hard read more
Nov 3, 2020
Gotcha! (Anime) add (All reviews)
It flashes way too much to understand anything. There is no plot. I was curious, why this is so high in rankings and... pokemon nostalgia, they say?

The only thing that deserves high score there is art. Technically, it's pretty nice done. If you're into art, then you will like this video.

Sound is ok, but nothing outstanding there

I like AMV videos in general, collected a fair bunch of them, but this one, while being official, is not on the bright side. Again: it flashes too much, and it shows nothing particulary interesting. People faces, that dash around for like 0.5 second, aren't very appealing (i mean, read more
Sep 3, 2020
Pretty weird show. Sometimes was nice and sometimes was pretty dumb. (Ahead are some pretty minor spoilers)

I liked it first part, where:
1) Main story wasn't really present and characters were loafing around, doing different staff.
2) Characters felt actually diverse and nice
3) There was a lot of jokes here and there
4) If somewhere i felt "magical atmosphere" (like in Harry Potter) - it was in some episodes of the first half.
First part is 8 out of 10

Second part is "story" part. It wasn't funny, but i can't say it's seriousness is justified. Miss Ursula, who kinda had the biggest lever to turn the things around - read more
May 30, 2020
My small review for this very nice suspence anime

STORY 8\10

Anime is slow in pacing - a lot of dialogues, not so much action. Heroes were searching answers for many questiong and trying to find the way out of their situation - almost whole anime was about that.
It does feel like story could be deeper-more broad. It also feels like the ending is weird and leaves open many questions (tho they say there will be second season). That being said, I still consider it nice

ART 9\10

I'm not that perfection-hungry with art, and for me art was really great. A plus\minus point is that characters faces were read more
Feb 24, 2020
Definitely a masterpiece, Steins;Gate became my starting point to compare any other anime with (must say, i haven't watched many yet). I just have to write a review about it!
There might be minor spoilers ahead, depending on what you consider a spoiler, but none of them are linked with the story, though.

All main characters felt relevant, interesting and thoroughly developed. Okabe and Kurisu are the best, of course. Side characters appeared to be quite nice and deep too. I will describe them a little bit:

Okabe - fun-yet-kind, "chaotic-good" character. Mad scientist! He often says nonsense and makes jokes out of nothing, although on the inside read more
Jan 5, 2020
Animation, art and sound in this anime are outstanding.
Same can't be said about story or characters.

Talking about characters:

1) Tanjirou - the main hero - the ultimate case of "Mary Sue". Increadibly perfect and boring character: brave, strong, good. Speaks in generic style, easily triggers by any kind of evil (his mind turnes off). Has no real weaknesses (outside from "being too good")
He trains for about two years (almost nothing from his training gots actually shown) and from zero becomes powerfull swordsman. He bravely charges into every battle while knowing nothing about his enemies, magically survives and then always pulls some sort of read more