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Kageki Shoujo!!
Nov 8, 2021 4:49 PM
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen
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Ezekiel_01 Nov 19, 2020 7:42 PM
Hello there. How are you?

sayami Oct 27, 2016 7:53 AM
Hey, it's okay. I understand that you're busy and that's how it should be. :D But just so you know, I'll be here to chat with you whenever the time comes for you to return here :D
Nachteule Sep 26, 2016 4:47 PM
Stumbled across your profile and wanted to let you know you have nice taste and I hope you're doing alright :) !
sayami Jun 10, 2016 1:54 PM
Awww, I should have contacted you sooner then. =)

I've started reading The Well of Ascension on Sunday and as I'm writing this, I'm 90% through it and I really like it. I can definitely see why you or other people would find it less interesting. It's really slow, especially at the beginning and it has much less action than the first book, even though it's around 100 pages longer. x) Even I had a hard time getting back into this world. I also found Vin very frustrating at some points, especially when she was hanging out with Zane (who was a pretty interesting character btw, despite being a psychopath). Just the very fact that she was so easily manipulated into doing stuff that were really out of character for her made me very irritated and anxious.
But anyways, I love Elend's perspectives so much. He is always a breath of fresh air to me when things go crazy around Vin. His character is very consistent, and he has a really nice character arc. I literally jumped out of my seat when he
I didn't see that coming at all, especially from Elend of all people. o.o I'm also really enjoying Sazed's perspectives and whenever we get around seeing the other crew members' POVs. I don't really mind the lack of action because I'm enjoying myself so much just reading about these characters, their interactions, their thoughts and the political intrigue. For me, it's really easy to pick it up day by day to read a couple of chapters.
I'm planning on finishing it up this weekend. I just hope nothing bad happens to Elend or Sazed, because if it does, I don't know what I'm going to do. xD

Hahaha, The Way of Kings is massive indeed, The Alloy of Law is very short compared to that. :D Ah... I can't wait to get to Brandon Sanderson's other works. I'm even thinking about starting Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series just because Sanderson wrote the last 3 books.

Wow, you're coming to Europe! That's so nice. Which countires are you going to visit? Too bad you won't be able to come to Hungary, but maybe another time xD

Yeah, I agree. I'm fine with some of the changes here, but there are things which are pretty useless to me. Like the streaming services. I don't even understand why was that necessary. They also pissed off the users recently by asking them to turn off AdBlock on MAL because nobody is clicking on the ads which means less money for MAL's developers. I'm just waiting for the moment when this site stops being completely free and I'm off to Anilist. Some of my friends have already moved their lists there and nowdays I'm also using it more than MAL. :)
sayami Jun 1, 2016 5:05 AM
Oh, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I know you've been busy and I can totally understad why you don't use MAL as frequently as before. I hope everything is going well for you :D

That sounds like a massive anime slump, which I can relate to since I've been trying to get over one myself for like months now. I think I'm getting there though. I'm inclined to watch more anime these days and rewatching a couple of favourites also helped me a lot.

Things have been hectic for me too this year, I've been helping out my family a lot, while looking for a fulltime job. Hopefully by the end of this month, I manage to get the one I'm aiming for.
No, I haven't read the second one yet, but I have the whole trilogy now, so I can binge read them whenever I feel like it. I've read Warbreaker though, which was yet again amazing. I hope the second book comes fast ><
sayami May 29, 2016 1:21 PM
Kurini.... I miss our discussions so much T___T
sayami Nov 25, 2015 4:08 AM
Oh yes! I never expected that my heart would race so much for Tsukishima. I really hope the match ends in the next chapter because I seriously can't take the suspense anymore xD
sayami Nov 23, 2015 6:01 AM
So I took the opportunity to let my thoughts and feelings out on The Final Empire. You don't even have to reply. Really! I just had to write it out of me. xD

sayami Nov 20, 2015 9:01 AM
OMG! Yes! I've just finished reading The Final Empire yesterday and I absolutely loved it! :D Have you read it too? I've been on this reading streak recently and read quite a lot of books, mostly YA fantasy, but Brandon Sanderson blew my mind. I have no idea where the story goes next or even what to expect but I'm really exited to continue this series. It's amazing.

Bokuto - Kuroo dynamics are pure gold. I can't wait to see Tsukki turning to them for advice <3

It's not just you, I forgot a lot of things from the manga as well. Just recently they announced the voice actor for Terushima Yuuji, and I had absolutely no idea who that was. I looked at his picture and I was able to recall a faint memory but nothing else xD I'm so ashamed as a fan ><

Yeah, I've read about Sakurai's case several months ago myself. If I remember correctly he got himself involved in some kind of plagiarism. I don't know the details, but he was blamed for everything and his career suffered a great deal of damage. People were saying that it was over for him then. But he proved them wrong. He returned and he's even more successful than ever. :D He'll play one of the main characters in the Jojo Part 4 anime next year too. :D (Unfortunatelly Kaji Yuki as well :/)

I'd love to fangirl with you over 7 Seeds xD The next chapter comes out on the 28th but it's always 10+ days until someone scans it >< This means constant abuse of the refresh button on otakumole for me. ><
sayami Nov 15, 2015 12:33 PM
Yes, Yachi is so adorable in the anime and I really like how her presence is shown and wasn't forgotten. And her voice actress is perfect. So young yet so natural. I loved that scene too, when she teared up. So precious <3
I must be overly conscious about Ennoshita then. xD I always notice him, even if he's just somewhere in the background x)

Tsukki's development is my most anticipated thing in this whole season I think, I'm really exited about the next episode. Finally Akiteru is showing up and his voice is going to be Sakurai Takahiro!!! I'm so happy about that, especially because he's going to appear frequently during the later matches :D

Highly agree, we need more Yui and Sawamura!! I loved how she just jumped out of the classroom like a ballerina when Daichi went to her class. xD Honestly the girls in this show are all so likeable. xD
I really hope we get to see some girl volleyball action in the manga too after this ongoing game ends. And I hope it ends soon because I can't handle the suspense for much longer xD

Well, I'm not really surprised, it's the 2nd season syndrome. Less people watch it but they're mostly fans who give it a higher score so the rating goes up. I'm totally okay with it though xD

I'm pretty sure Tamura said it sometime ago that this is the last arc in 7 Seeds and the story is nearing to the end. But since it is a monthly manga, it takes time. It's started to wrap up already but there are still lives to be saved, conflicts to be solved so I give it another year or so until it really gets a conclusion. I don't want it to end though T___T I really came to love all the characters and I'll miss them greatly. D:
sayami Nov 2, 2015 7:24 AM
Btw, I find it really cute how the anime puts such an emphasis on Yamaguchi's crush on Yachi. Of course his remarks were also present in the manga, but it's much more obvious in the anime, at least for me xD This makes me even more of a Yamaguchi x Yachi shipper which is madness! She's so very adorable together with Hinata too! ><

Also, have you noticed Ennoshita's growing presence in the second season? They call his name so often and we see him more and more. I love how they're creating some groundwork for him as a future pivotal member of the team. :D

Btw, I was so surprised that tumblr didn't explode when that little Kiyoko x Suga thing happened in the manga a few weeks ago. Everyone was so quiet and only a few people made posts about it. Hetero pairings are really unpopular in this manga, lol xD

Yeah, I was following Raff's blog and I was hoping that her big surprise was a comeback. And it was! :D I have faith that next time she won't go down so easily. Nowdays I'm only reading 7 Seeds on the site (seriously you have to read it for the ships' sake), but it reassures me that she's updating the raws regularly :D
DreamingLily Oct 28, 2015 10:05 PM
A break is always nice~ I'm so ready for thanksgiving already.
Right?? It's crazy how much effort they put into it. The animation, voice acting and music was all <3. Nothing really felt repetitive even though I knew everything that was coming up. In fact, it was so exciting to imagine ahead to how they would adapt certain parts :)

I'm up to chapter 20 now and you're right~~
The art is really nice and it's definitely a good read so far.
And yeah, I liked the anime, but I know many people didn't :|
Lord_Byron Oct 28, 2015 5:32 PM

Shut up. This is my place now.

DreamingLily Oct 24, 2015 12:07 AM
Haha, I feel like I've been watching too much as of late even as work is piling up on my desk T^T
And yeah, was totally crossing my fingers and hoping that the animation quality would continue to be amazing this season, and I.G. doesn't disappoint :)
This is probably among the(or THE) best sports animation that I've seen~ ^^

I've been holding myself back from revisiting old haikyuu chapters. Trying to keep if feeling more fresh after a long time hehe.

And no problem, I totally understand~~
Since it's only 16 chapters in, I think I'll start from the start ^__^
It's a shame they didn't adapt the entire manga into anime though..
sayami Oct 20, 2015 2:46 AM
I really like the new statistics design and you can even extend each of your favourite categories to 10 which is great :D

You still haven't watched episode 3?? What are you doing, girl!!???

I'm usually fine with the translations by CR, they tend to be really vague anyways (simplifying complicated sentences and vica versa) but I recently noticed in some other shows as well that their quality is just getting worse. Seeing on tumblr how fans are just riding on something that a character said in an episode, these characters end up getting misunderstood really easily or just give off different impressions. :/
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