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StyleF1re Aug 2, 3:00 AM
Interesting. Maybe I'll think about it when I get around to acquiring a Daytona. I say that because that's the only bike that's on my mind right now. I know the SV's a no-go with the Chinese stuff because I'm not trying to spend any money on visual/performance upgrades and rather just basic maintenance and fixes. Plus I hear the fairings don't line up in general and I've nothing even close to fabrication skills.

Yup. It's funny how I really didn't take in what happened in that moment, though I take more caution to how I approach some areas of the island because of their bumpy transitions or protrusions. Wind can be hair-raising as well, since I remember catching strong gusts or whatnot while traveling 70-80+ mph on highways and having to back off to avoid veering out of lane or off the road.

I didn't know until I looked up the Panigale either. The 959 would eat my bike alive, so no idea how badly the 1299 would decimate mine. I've seen some of that Youtuber's videos, since I think he rode Daytonas and had something fast himself. My favorites are Schaaf and Superbike Racer, since those two have essentially laid out the blueprint for how I want to ride and record videos. And damn, I looked at all those and wow. Good stuff! I think I'm going to keep my list of bikes I'd want to ride real simple. Basically, it goes Daytona, crossplane R1 or current-gen Fireblade, and a H-D or Indian cruiser. A wild-card pick would be an FZ-09/MT-09 or some modern Ducati Panigale. Once I learn my older bikes then maybe I can have a more vast and concise list.

I guess that makes sense. The styling leaves much to desired when compared to other rivals. Still, it's a sportbike and faster than most vehicles on the road!

I'll be going to another one real soon if the weather holds up. But a few storms welling up nearby leave a cause for concern. Hopefully I find a few other random bikes to shoot if I'm there! And yes, the yellow Ducati is a 996 and owned by one of the admins for the Bikes & Coffee club. He's the main photographer for the group and gets shots of everyone as they roll on in to the lot or sometimes at spots along the route. He also owns other old Ducati models and now a random KTM, though I don't know which one. Works on his own bikes and tows vehicles for a living. He even towed my bike to that shop when I first got it and I didn't learn of him and the B&C page until five months later! Anyway, thanks for the look and the compliments. Full-face is the only helmet I'll rock, along with full-gear. I have tried riding 80+mph with boardshorts and Vans slip-on shoes though, mainly to dry out my bike after a wash and polish. Baffles me how people can ride without full-gear on the daily, since wind and rain can be rough to exposed skin.

Lucky! I take back what I said about us not having a track. The joke I saw online was our track opening at 2AM and known as the freeway! There's some truth to that, I suppose. But freakin' TX is mega-nuts with their highways AND vehicles. It's good that you're taking advantage of your opportunity though, since tracks are a much better environment for finding and enhancing one's capabilities than public roads. But yes, racing in any form ain't cheap! Plus I'm sure insurance, if there is such a thing, would be a pain to deal with. Not even sure there is track gear available for someone like me who needs XS-size for pants. One day I'll learn how to properly drop the knee down!
StyleF1re Jul 9, 10:58 AM
The Chinese ones could serve a few purposes actually, considering they fit and are made well enough to not melt onto or damage the motorcycle in any way. I caught a comment somewhere on YT that a person bought a new ride and immediately swapped out the OEM fairings for the Chinese ones to retain the value and quality of the OEM ones. And when I went to the latest Bikes & Coffee ride (first Sat of each month here), I saw someone with a ZX-14 with airbrushed graphics on it. I'll post Dropbox links shortly in this reply of my last few visits. Nice turnouts to say the least, and these meetups have me sick with a massive Ducati fever. Mainly with the latest twin-engined Panigale, although the V4 still looks rather clean too. I only saw one particular red second-gen Daytona 675 both times, but there were a few other Triumph bikes including a Street Triple.

Tucking feels fine on my SV, though it would be fun to compare it to a proper supersport. I just like the SV because it's fairly low-maintenance and robust. In the seven months I've had it I only had to fill up on engine oil. Nothing with the other fluids and no scares mechanically. I did experience a maybe 3+ second speed wobble as I was getting on the freeway many months ago. Thought I might crash then, but the bike straightened itself out and I rode on as I normally would without any worry.

Sweet! Is there a reason why older versions (late 00s) of that bike are significantly cheaper than their rival brand counterparts? The only thing I remember reading about was the demanding riding position and lack of comfort, if that was the problem. I saw a few on Craigslist and I think on average they were $500 to a grand cheaper. Still, that's badass that you have a 600 sport! And wow. So many options for that 636 compared to my old-school ride! And haha at least you may have a track near you? We don't have any of the sort on this particular island. It was brought up for discussion earlier this year, but I don't think it gained any traction from that hearing/meeting. Still, I hope you get the opportunity to do that because you'll learn a lot more about your bike and its limits there than on the street.

I need to learn my H-D bikes. I do see a lot of the Sportster and Street Glide here. Maybe Softail too. Followed a Harley or two in the last group ride and damn does it vibrate! One of these days I'll probably do it, especially to compare the riding position and smoothness (or lack there of) with my bike. I'm surprised to can get one of those Sportsters to 110 to begin with, but I guess they do have pretty big and capable motors. Speaking of H-D have you seen video of their electric bike running at Goodwood? That's just ridiculous to think about because I always associated the brand with those loud, rumbling V-twins!

Anyway, nice to hear from you again and have a look at these!
StyleF1re Mar 2, 10:15 PM
Same. I've come to the point where I'm usually just waiting on subbed files for current anime movies and TV series. Kind of put off by all the trash I consumed in those six years, but you live and you learn!

I didn't like the white at first because of how easily they get (visibly) dirty. But damn does it look clean in photos! I was thinking of getting new fairings for this bike, but the OEM parts are expensive and rare as heck and the Chinese stuff I don't want to deal with. Plus, I'm trying to stay disciplined and only buy things necessary for functional use (with the exception of stickers). And yes, it's certainly got enough power to be fun, but maybe not on the H-3 freeway here. It's about as slow as any regular car once you breach triple-digits! haha

Damn! What is it like riding one of those Sportsters? I remember looking at the cruiser types initially, but was put off by the lack of top-end performance and by the weight of higher-displacement versions. Maybe there will be a time though that one of those types finds me. You a thoroughbred Kawasaki guy in and out, eh? I was actually looking at a Ninja 650 as well, but they weren't much cheaper than most 00s Japanese sportbikes I came across. The Yamaha FZ-09 (or MT-09) needs no introduction. It's pretty much a bike for hooligans because of the sensitive throttle, riding position, and stupid amounts of power and torque. I only want it because of the three-cylinder configuration, since the MT-07 and MT-10 run two and four cylinders respectively. As for the Daytona, I'm sad that one popped up on Craigslist months before I came across the SV650 and before i had the money to buy it. It was a red 2007 model for $4600. Had it been available at the same time as the SV650 I would've probably got that instead, but maybe the whole ordeal was a blessing in disguise. I just hope the ride/seat height is not as problematic as I've heard and that I could lower it if so without too much compromise!

As I mentioned, don't want to get too ahead of myself. The 1000s seem like a pain for insurance and need some finesse to push out of corners. A GSX-R 750 is more of what I'm looking for actually, being in the same insurance class and comparable to the Daytona 675 for displacement. Too bad there aren't 750s for the other sportbikes! If you do get that 636 I'd like to hear about it. My knowledge of that bike is limited, though it sounds like a blast from this video alone. Must be quite a shift with the riding position! I'll need to see this for myself if I ever get on a different type of bike.

IoM is probably one of the few events that's just as dangerous as it's been from day one. I'd like to go see one of those races, if not ride the Nurburgring or any of those European mountain passes. California probably has a lot to exploit as well!
StyleF1re Feb 26, 9:37 PM
Wait up! We had a conversation over SIX years ago?

That aside, I appreciate the compliment! White and red is a sweet color combo. How long did he have it for? And yeah, the SV650 has such a unique sound note compared to most of what I hear out here, which are usually Harley V-Twins or Japanese I4s. And for SVs, I've seen a few around, but only the naked-style types with the round headlight and without the fairings. Even on Craigslist they can be somewhat hard to come by. Had to scour the site for months before this one popped up, and I actually got lucky that I missed out on a previous SV that was posted earlier. Although it was cheap to start at $2200, I did take a bit of a loss from shop visits and repairs. Same goes for gear and stands. That said, I can't think of a better bike to have started out with in order to gain experience with ownership and also riding skill. I'm already itching for something more capable, but I'd hate to let go of this bike. Although it's not plausible at the moment, I'm thinking of taking on a second motorcycle, preferably one with three-cylinders such as 06-08 Triumph Daytona 675 or a newer Yamaha FZ-09. If not, then maybe 1000cc sportbike could work although I don't want to get too ahead of myself just yet.

Do you ride as well? And who's your MotoGP team (or rider)? I haven't been following it too closely because of time difference and need for a subscription, but I do back Ducati and Dovizioso. Not sure if I'll ever buy one of their bikes though. Marquez is just too damn good, and I'm bummed that I missed out on watching Rossi in his prime. Or even that one Stoner guy that won on a Ducati! Also, it looks like the Isle of Man TT is only a few months away once again. Now THOSE guys are nuts!