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Days: 773.6
Mean Score: 2.87
  • Total Entries5,368
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  • Episodes51,281
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Mars Red
Mars Red
May 2, 9:12 AM
Watching 4/13 · Scored -
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
May 2, 9:12 AM
Watching 5/13 · Scored 5
Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers
May 2, 9:12 AM
Watching 4/? · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 412.8
Mean Score: 3.58
  • Total Entries2,393
  • Reread0
  • Chapters55,832
  • Volumes7,775
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KitsuneeFoxx Yesterday, 7:52 AM

Ascendance of a Bookworm Edition — May 06th - 10th
Ship a Couple Weekly Edition Wek #6 — May 06th - 13th
Girls Love — May 07th - 10th
Weekly Singer — May 07th - 10th (Weekly Edition)
Food Friday (Week 21) — May 07th - 11th
Megumin Edition — May 08th - 12th
Pirate Edition — May 08th - 12th
Fate Weekly (Week 9) — May 08th - 12th
Husbando Saturday, Week #11 — May 08th - 12th
Camera of the Week #12 — May 09th - 12th
Character of The Week — May 09th - 12th
Weekly 2021 Animes Edition Week #10 — May 09th - 13th
Grandblue Fantasy Character #10 — May 09th - 13th

Waifu Monday: Alice Zuberg Till May 06th
Ao no Exorcist Edition Till May 06th
Happy Birthday Diluc Till May 06th
Ship A Couple Weekly Edition #5 Till May 06th
Grandblue Fantasy Character (Week 9) Till May 06th
Weekly 2021 Animes Edition (Week 9) Till May 06th
Song of The Week (Week 6) Till May 07th
Happy Birthday Gon Till May 08th
Happy Birthday Satsuki Momoi Till May 08th
Weekly Polaroid (Week 6) Till May 16th
Vocaloid Monthly (May) Till May 25th
Kannei May 3, 6:44 AM
Luminisce May 2, 1:32 PM
Luminisce May 2, 1:05 PM
Thanks for letting me know, just recently changed it to a requested ed
Kempiniukas_Esu May 2, 11:41 AM
Hi Kannei, you win active staff months Third place its mean you get Card and +1 in Request Editions pls tell me what character you want in your card full name i try to make best card :3
Zeadrick Apr 25, 1:38 PM
Good afternoon Sis
Zeadrick Apr 25, 2:43 AM
well i think im off for tonight. ill talk to you more tomorrow

we should find away to have fun like that again
Zeadrick Apr 25, 2:28 AM
So ya that was just a little bit of what you have missed and that is a big part on way iv had such a hard time getting back on my feet

well that's a real big shame no isn't. there was a lot of fun memory's with some of the old clubs/rps. Mal was a great place for nerds like us to have fun haha
Zeadrick Apr 25, 2:12 AM
ya i guess you're right about that.

Marriage really is a great thing unless something like after 9 years of marriage and two kids you find out that your wife was cheating on you with a 21 year old kid from her work *sad sigh* but i digress. It will be real good to go see them and drink my ass off

so is there any fun things left her on MAL? Any good RPs still live?
Zeadrick Apr 25, 1:37 AM
ya but sadly iv been holding off the last few weeks because off some bad crap that has happened and i just havent been able to fully get over it yet and because of it i haven't been all that motivated to get it done and now i have to wait til after the 10th to start looking again. one of my more or less brothers is getting married and im driving out of state for a week for it.

a little less hours to keep your job and have money coming in is always the best way to go
Oh come on that doesn't sound like the sis i knew. the sis i knew would have had no problem finding some way to have fun or was it just cuz back then you had me to make it fun haha
Zeadrick Apr 25, 1:19 AM
Thanks i need all the luck i can get. i really don't want to dip into my saving to much more lol

I thought it was one of the two. Im glad im not losing it in my old age haha
What you mean by short-time? is it kinda like part-time work?

Do you guys have the shots over there yet? Well at least from what you're saying you are only having to wait a few more weeks
So what do you do with all your free time right now? haha
Zeadrick Apr 25, 12:18 AM
well dang i know we were like that for some time as well. We just really started opening up stuff around here at the beginning of the year. myself am one of the unlucky ones that got let go about a month ago because of all this crap. so i know the pain there but at least you still have a job to go back to. Construction/carpentry is hard to find with all that's going on but hopefully with the shots going around that it will pick back up soon. Are you still working as a bartender or was it a Waitress? if im not mistaken it was something like that
Zeadrick Apr 24, 11:31 PM
ya ill have to tell you about it sometime
they haven't let you go back to work yet? it must be a lot worse there then over here. well hopefully i can try to help with the boredom a little bit now that im back. it looks like MAL has become a little dead since my absence lol. Most my clubs/ RPs are all dead lol
Zeadrick Apr 24, 10:08 PM
Thanks wasn't to sure if you even remembered me or not haha.
It's not at 100% yet but it's definitely getting better. How have you been?
Zeadrick Apr 24, 9:28 PM
not sure if you remember your lil bro or not or even if you still want me to be. iv had a real rough year and a half is why i haven't been but things are finally starting to look up a bit. so i'm trying to get back and going again. I just wanted to say guess whos back

I would love to catch up with you and talk about what's new and maybe get back to the good old days lol