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Nya_chan5623 Dec 2, 1:36 PM
Hahaha thank you so much! I am glad you accepted my fr and its nice to meet you :D
Meixiu Nov 27, 7:33 PM
so i just checked and it was indeed the easier version of toeic exam for beginner-lower intermediate english level. there's also the advance toeic exam with the highest score around 900 points, i guess. >w<

okay can i recommend this miyavi song. >w< it's the very first song i've heard from him that had me immediately becoming a fan. that song holds a special place in my heart lmao but yes his maleficent character is just.... *chef's kiss* now i feel like watching maleficent again, and bleach too. (≧▽≦) LA/London/Paris are the trinity of every japanese bands when touring hahaha. so far the only japanese band that had performed here was ONE OK ROCK, and i'm pretty sure i've read somewhere that radwimps is going to have a concert in philippines too. or maybe it was a petition, i don't remember orz.

ohohoho i hope you don't mind me following your tumblr!! >w> omg a fellow filipino!! eyyy!! honestly my tagalog is shit too lmao. also at least you know the proper use of "rin" and "din" meanwhile i... i've only recently learned how to correctly use those.... and i still get confused when to use "ng" and "nang" too. T^T i wasn't paying attention to my pilipino subject when i was a kid orz. lemme guess from trying to draw character sheets suddenly you'll get inspo to make a bl manga? hahaha i understand tho i get so many ideas that i never actually get the chance to finish them too. :'))
FriedVibes Nov 27, 8:20 AM
Ahhh m8 I saw a film when I was like 8, crazyy anime with a bunch of gore and stuff that I'm pretty sure was set in the future... Years later still have no idea what it was. Have asked people for help and none of the suggestions were it so idk if I was just smoking the pipe-weed as a kid or what.

Eyyy I'm glad to hear zoloft is having a positive effect :) Unfortunately side effects are pretty much guaranteed with any drug you take. They might wear off tho, I used to feel really edged up like a fucken rubix cube or... something with edges. Anyways some months passed and I no longer feel like that. Best way I can describe it was being on too much pre-workout or injecting caffiene straight into the brain (which I don't recommend ofc)

So ye see how it goes you might find the sleepiness eases off, or you may find a way to counteract it like idk oranges or something. Each step forward is a nice win tho

As interesting as that pc is it'd be sooo loud, especially with the glass desk. Bossman wanted cloud storage at home lololol
Araberu Nov 24, 6:49 PM
yatta i will call you red then and feel free to call me cat, too btw! since i dropped mina long time ago fffff tbh tbh i think chokeme is a pretty good username heheh 〈(⁎→‿ฺ←)ノ・:*☆ LMAOO CURSED FOREVER THO PLS ITS A GOOD USER !! omg yes i actually do kinda wanna know if thats okay. (✧ω✧) its probably far from dumb smh red-san >:C HEHE YES YOURE RIGHT I AM A HUMBLE PENGUINO!! uhh- but the second part uh... i am not sure if i agree... i mean yes penguins do deserve to be complimented BUT this penguin here is actually a potatoguin !! Σ(゜゜) i don't think such criteria still applies- AW I AM GLAD IT DID THEN .... I TRIED TO DO HARUKA-CHAN JUSTICE ORZ tho tho i do wish i could do the same for my enhypen bois /sweats/ AJKSHANS STOPPUUU YOURE GONNA MAKE ME BLUSH Σヽ(゚Д゚; )ノ アッ NO MORE COMPLIMENTS... WE SHOULD ONLY COMPLIMENT YOUR LAYOUT, OKAY?? hahah YES FR I AM SO EMBARRASSED WHEN I THINK OF SAID WACKY THINGS AGAIN.. if only i could go back in time and apologize for my behavior ffff but surely even the bad happens for a reason. /sweats/ aww thats so goddamn sweet though... thank you FOR TELLING ME THIS 1! ( ;∀;) I AM GLAD I WAS ABLE TO HELP YOU DEVELOP AN INTEREST AGAIN IN CARD MAKING AND HELPING YOU JUMPSTART YOUR MAL ADVENTURE AGAIN AWHHHHHH (。ノω\。) and same here!! ive actually been meaning to reconnect with you for awhile however i was worried you disliked me since we didnt exactly leave off on the best terms which i am terribly sorry about >< ORZ
FriedVibes Nov 22, 7:15 AM
Ohhhh that's too bad, ADHD gives you some amazing powers sometimes.... Like the power to forget what those powers were... What was it, wuae,. HUH?

[a momentary pause in the message occurred whilst I check on the bolognese]

Yea not feeling that bolognese tbh.. Anyways... Yea how do you find zoloft? I've heard of it before but never been prescribed anything like that, drs first thought I had depression cos the whole inability to get motivated thingy but antidepressants didn't do anything... Tho idk if anti anxiety meds would help either since I get anxious due to the way my brain works and relates to the world, also most of the time I'm not feeling it, the real struggle for me is trying not to get stupid bored. Daily struggle that is. Walks can be useful tho deffo a good plan, tho I get bored of those too c: C: C:

My room isn't that big so it only takes a couple plates to make it untidy, as for cables I have a pc/speakers (two cables each), sub woofer (two cables plus two coming from each speaker), pc, two monitors, 6 or so usbs JUST from the computer, a couple lights and some random chargers... Idk how to manage it without taping everything together into one big super chunk of noodly goodness. I do like noodles but...

Kempiniukas_Esu Nov 22, 2:28 AM
Meixiu Nov 18, 10:52 PM
hiya!! i'm back!! how's your weekend? i just had my toeic exam yesterday... and yeah.... it was... surprisingly easy.... lol. but then again we were only required to take toeic bridge so maybe it's the easier version?? idk ehe. (//▽//)

btw do you listen to miyavi??? he's in THE LAST ROCKSTARS with yoshiki/hyde (l'arc-en-ciel)/sugizo. i don't follow him much except when releasing music so i was surprised when i watched maleficent years ago and i saw him. (╥_╥) i spent watching the remaining of the film praying his character won't die lmao

hahahaha i tried doing his hair once.... and failed. i don't even know what i was doing wrong, i've been following youtube tutorials but my hair just won't stand... u_u lolol if you spend an unhealthy unmount of time on pinterest i could only imagine the amount of time you spend on tumblr... wait, do you use tumblr too?? i wanna see your oc soon once you've got enough inspo!! >w< ohohoho are they the spicy stuff? (𓁹󠁘◡𓁹)
Erooo_Jemi Nov 15, 5:17 AM
Im doing great . Wbu? 😁i found u in evil club
Suou-san Nov 14, 11:18 AM
that's a perfect comparison lmao tho in my case i can't call MAL my ex cause i'm always here lurking around ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°) it seems your imagination knows no bounds bruuuh ... or maybe .... WHAT HAS ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY DONE TO YOU ?!? there are two types of people— those who like Akira or those who absolutely hate it ~ i haven't read manga but i liked movie quite a lot actually i've heard manga is completely different from anime ( ? ) yeah, i don't see them and yeah, you don't have to tell me the dark secrets of your profile ha ha ᕕ( Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°)ᕗ AAAAAAA SO IT WAS WORTH IT ??? DUUUUDE !! BUT I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU IF IT'S FOR MONEY KUKUKUUU I WOULD SELL MY SOUL TOO NOT BODY THO /NODS but unfortunately my burnout was totally for free smh

no, no i wouldn't call it flawless ( this one section kept bugging the shitz out of me but i kinda learned to accept it by now ) so i'm not 100% content with it 90% maybe ?? but i'm still happy with the end result /nods/ and i got a boost of confidence hearing encouragement from friends too ( including you ofc ) <33
FriedVibes Nov 14, 1:57 AM
Anti Dopamine Horror Dysfunction/ADHD can vary from person to person, I am the combined type which means I get all the fun! Can't sit still but also can't ... Oh now I'm eating an apple apparently okay.

... Where was I? Oh right, yea sometimes I struggle to keep my attention on stuff. ADHD can deffo cause some anxiety just cos the world isn't designed with us in mind. I'm the same as you I'm worried I'll accidentally space out and fucken annihilate a whole damn family accidentally. Tho I'm on medication (methylphenidate, commonly known as ritalin) and that helps a bit.

Yea I know the pain of a messy room, I have a lot of cables with my stuff and everything always ends up tangled, It's not terrible rn (thanks to ritalin powers) but it's never where I want it to be.

Did you literally just get diagnosed? That's mad! I hope you can get proper support, honestly life gets a whole bunch easier after diagnosis but I would say you always gotta push yourself a bit, things will never be as ezpz as you'd want but just aiming to do a little each day can make a huge difference :) Also all the generic advice about diet and exercise... Gl tho fellow derpywonk brain! xD
Wxcked Nov 13, 1:12 PM
I'm doing really good, thanks for asking :)

IsaBelle33 Nov 13, 11:26 AM
Thank you for the cards!!

It's nice to have you back! Don't even worry about the late response, I am slow enough as it is myself.

Nooooo unfortunately I'm SOOOO SO swamped with work/personal life. It just got worse because I am at a conference for work AND I just bought a house so I will have to fix it up soon.... Super excited for that though, it'll be my first house :D
And I will have to study for two tests next month. Also going to be starting up my second job again at the bar. lol The ring never stops but it's just a part of life. At least I wont be bored!

I am not from Texas, I am actually from Illinois. I live in the cornfield area haha, there is practically nothing where I live but I get to travel quite a bit now with work :) What are you up to now? Anything fun?
Don't get burnt out again. It's very easy to do :(
I'm glad you've been doing good!!! I hope that continues and you have a wonderful week/weekend/month haha

Araberu Nov 13, 10:09 AM
no problem at all red-san!! hope its okay i call you that /sweats LOLLL- can we just talk about how unique your name is btw bc i am blown away orz AUSIAJHSIUKAJS WDYM COMING FROM ME THOUGH?? i am just a humble penguin who is floating about admiring peoples pretty layouts!! ( like yours ! ) Ù©(*•Íˆ ꇴ •Íˆ*)و ̑̑❀ BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH THOUGH ; w; you're too sweet!! AYUSJGUHAS WASHED ALL YOUR SINS AWAY THOUGH LOLL help i wish pastels were able to do that... stares at all the bl i've read and may or may not have enjoyed /coughs BRB SOBBING BC OF YOUR SWEETNESS... girl you should have a warning on your profile for how sweet you and your spirits are im ngl ❀ܓ(。◠ ê‡´ ◠。 ) ( ps. its been a number of years since we've last spoke /sweats/ i hope you have been well :D )
mshehana Nov 13, 9:03 AM
no u
Araberu Nov 13, 6:16 AM
plus red, black and white color combo is chefs kiss orz orz /bows/
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