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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: Kurenai Densetsu
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: Kurenai Densetsu
Feb 6, 9:39 PM
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Urðr Hunt
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Urðr Hunt
Jan 30, 3:20 PM
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Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny
Jan 19, 8:13 AM
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Jan 13, 2:24 PM
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No Game No Life
No Game No Life
Jan 3, 3:52 AM
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Dead Tube
Dead Tube
Oct 7, 2018 3:54 PM
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Geshtinanna Aug 1, 7:51 PM
Come back Kae - the anime world needs you more than ever :D
Geshtinanna Feb 19, 6:25 PM
I can't believe you hadn't heard of him before! VIC MIG - the man, the legend, the reason I got into anime in the first place - actually scrub the last part LOL. Well, it was terribly sad for me to hear that he's been dropped by Funimation and Rooster Teeth (because I watch the American series RWBY as well). He was THE BEST male English dub VA IMO and although there are many other great names still out there in the wonderful world of dub, I doubt that any will ever match up to good ol' Vic. He had such a unique and brilliant voice that stood apart from any other, he was instantly recognisable and completely immersed himself in any role he was cast in. He could literary make a good series great, and even a mediocre series good by the magnificent splendour of his talent. So..........I was really saddened to hear some crazy things about him, like impromptu Bible study-sessions in hotel lobby's LOL and I think perhaps it is true - that he behaved inappropriately and unprofessionally in certain situations, as there are many accounts and testaments of this. He has subsequently written and made public quite a moving and sincere letter of apology so we will see what happens next.

Yeah the third season was confirmed on Halloween last year and I've heard speculation that it might start airing somewhere around Halloween this year - how apt eh?! I'm glad that you enjoyed the English language version, I though it might be to your 'refined' taste LOL. Yeah there might be some new characters introduced as some have been killed off like Godbrand and Dracula himself of course. I really liked Alucard so I hope he will have at least some part to play in next season's proceedings. Although season two was more violent, it was also honed and improved in any every way - the dialogue, the artwork, the character and story development etc. As I said last time, I have high expectations for the next instalment.

I sometimes let episodes accumulate from a series that I like, and it's a nice reward to be able to have a little session of back-to-back episodes sometimes. Are you happy with watching an episode a week or would you rather marathon a series over a few days or over a week or two? I think one or two episode a day would be ideal for me. I suppose the one episode a week format is a bit like the bad old days of worshipping the TV gods LOL, but for a new series it is nice to watch the very latest episodes as soon as you can because you feel involved with the spirit of the moment and you can communicate with other fans or on forums. I sometimes like to use the forums on MAL to talk about my views and experiences of certain episodes.

Re:Zero, dang I was so disappointed with the second half of that series. The songs were great (I like all the Myth and Roid songs I've heard btw) and I loved the first half of the series (the romantic stuff with Emilia, the shenanigans with Puck, the misunderstandings with Beatrice in The Forbidden Library etc) but I thought it really lost its way in the second half. I didn't like it when they were hurting the White Whale and I found the distressed whale sounds it was making upsetting. Whales are not monsters - the only true monsters in this Universe are mankind. Also some of the violence and gore in the second half, and the so called 'horror' elements were a bit tacky and distasteful IMO and let the series down as a whole. After the first half I scored it 9 but I've now dropped that to 7 and there are still 2 episodes left so we will see how it goes. Something I must add though is that I'm watching it dubbed and perhaps the subbed version is much better for this series and maybe I'm missing out on it's true worth - it is possible. But either way, I have been disappointed by this series and it's even worse because it's been praised and hyped up by many. There's no way that Petelguese Romanée-Conti is a better/cooler villain than Orochimaru, Pain and Madara from Naruto (I purposely chose a maligned mainstream Shonen series) - heck, even the Bleach antagonists have more dimensions and finer aesthetics than him. LURID is the most suitable adjective that springs to mind. Not good :(

I thought the first Kabaneri season was good clean fun and had a lot of entertainment value, OK it was a little bit insubstantial and style over substance but it was easy to get into and I watched the 12 episodes over a couple of days. I think I even gave it a 9 score in the end and I'm quite excited about this follow-up. It made me laugh when I saw someone compare it to Attack on Titan 'on trains' LOL. I think studio WIT did a really good job of the animation and artwork btw. Why were you SOOOO looking forward to it? Maybe if you see this new film it will help change your opinions in a favourable way. You shouldn't watch it with too much serious intent. It's not an art-house film, it's more like the anime equivalent of a once in a while fast food treat, and not that I have many of those kind of things anyway can't hurt on rare occasion. Try to lighten-up a little :D

I'm surprised you've dropped the 'Fate' series as everything I've seen up to this point has been high quality - even Fate/Extra, IMO anyway! Hey even Emiya-san (Today's Menu for the Emiya Family) the cookery spin-off was a real treat - you should give it a go as you might learn some ways to improve your diet LOL. Joking aside, it really was a surprisingly accomplished little slice of life series and a refreshing change of pace from the usual. What are these 'flaws' that started piling up for you? I think it's quite an intriguing concept - the summoning of Historical, Literary and Mythological figures and think the artwork and animation quality has been sublime. You should try that first Lord El-Melloi 'taster' episode and tell me what you think of it, it's available to download here:

You don't have to though, there no pressure or anything LOL. I thought it was quite dark and atmospheric and I already love what I've heard of the OST by Yuki Kajiura. The tone and mood of this one is quite different from the other 'Fate' series you've seen so far so I think you might be pleasantly surprised by it.

I've heard about this controversy with Goblin Slayer but I can't say I feel inclined to watch the show - it just doesn't appeal to me in any way. Why does it 'obviously' not bother you? I don't have a strong opinion either way but such things have been portrayed many times in film and TV so I guess it's just a part of the creative medium as it's something that happens in the real world every day. I think the thing that bothers me the most in anime is cruelty to animals - like that poor whale in RE:Zero (points).

One last thing Kaebaru.........I just want to thank you for being who you are. The sparkle in your beautiful eyes LOL and every sentence, every word that you write means so much to me. All our conversations have a special place in my heart and I re-read them many times. All I want is for you to be being true to yourself :D
Geshtinanna Feb 10, 9:57 AM
Objectively speaking I'd say the majority of VA's have a pleasant voice - especially the female ones. Obviously they've been chosen by the production company for a reason and receive payment for their work. Sinon hasn't been in Alicization that much but I wouldn't say Miyuki Sawashiro was bad in any discernible way. I think you'd have to hear a particular VA in a few different roles before you'd be able to accurately gauge or asses their talents. Also subjective bias plays a large part in these things - whatever tone of voice and pronunciation sounds good to you personally is the key criteria for these things I guess.

Castlevania has been dubbed into a multitude of different languages - German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Turkish, and reading from the Wikipedia entry: It was also one of the year's top 20 most in-demand digital original series in the United Kingdom (20th), Japan (4th), Brazil (10th), Mexico (11th), France (13th), Canada (14th), Germany (19th) and Australia (20th). I'm surprised about how popular it was in Japan, but I suppose they really know their stuff when it comes to animation - whereas people over here don't have a flipping clue!

You surmised correctly - I usually stream from sites nowadays (but free ones - oh the shame!) but to compensate I buy and have bought DVDs of most of my favourite series. I've found gogoanime and to be wide-ranging and reliable streaming sites, and I saw on a forum that masteranime is popular with MAL users.

Yeah it was pretty tense when Phos was trapped in that golden cube and it begun to envelop her. It made me laugh when all the other gems wanted to touch, probe, examine, and experiment on her. I must say I quite enjoyed the CGI graphics and thought that in regard to visuals it stood apart from it's peers. Also it was relatively popular and universally acclaimed so I think there's a fair chance of a continuation.

I'm not sure if you have started Castlevania season 2 yet but from what I remember it gets darker with violent intensity as it progresses, so your friend might like it if he sticks with it through to it's conclusion. It's continuation is one of the things I'm most looking forward to in the animation calendar. I might even re-watch the first two seasons before then to reacquaint myself with the characters and the story so far. It was really sweet when Sypha and Trevor got together at the end and I'm sure the two of them are going to have a final showdown with Carmilla next season.

You don't eat much health stuff? Is that really something you should be smiling about at your age?! I'm the opposite - a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy spirit. It all starts with diet and then exercise! Perhaps malnutrition is the reason you've become so hell bent on vengeance and violent retribution :D

All my MAL friends seem to be watching Slime and the majority are rating it around the 9 mark so there must be something appealing about it. I'd say for me the comedy and lightheartedness are what I like most, and I've mentioned before that one of my favourite female VA's plays the lead role. Yeah I do seem to juggle up to 10 anime at any given time because I like having a range of options for when I'm in different moods. I'm watching the second half of Re:Zero at the moment because I've been waiting over 6 months for the second half of the dubbed version. I've noticed that it's been getting quite cruel and violent with a horror vibe lately which is in complete contrast to some of the happier, 'cute' episodes earlier on. The pain, the distress and the despair is really starting to show on poor Subaru's face now. The last episode I watched (18) has been the series highlight for me - where Subaru was telling REM about his failings, his powerlessness and worthlessness and REM responded by detailing all of the reasons why she loves him unconditionally - wow it was SO beautiful and romantic. Maybe you will say something similar to me one day - haha :D

That makes two of us looking forward in anticipation to the Kono Suba movie. It is a LOT of fun and I even recently added it to my favourites list as well. Kono Suba is one of those series that take a long time to get dubbed so I will probably watch it subbed as I quite enjoyed season 1 and the OVA that way, and I'm even watching season 2 at the moment. Maybe we will even be able to watch it at similar times to each other! There's some great things to look forwards to later in this year for sure. In addition to the MiA and Kono Suba movies there's also the Kabaneri movie (I love Mumei btw) as well as AOT season 3 part 2 in April. There's a new 'Fate' series called The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi (with Waver Velvet from Fate/Zero as the protagonist) due in the summer, and last but not least there's Doug and Kirill: Extra - 'Let me be your Double Decker, Boo-ya!'

Mm, I guess sometimes in works of fiction there are actions and behaviour that defy logic and even self-preservation, and I'm sure in real life someone wouldn't take the risk of letting their mortal enemy of the hook so easily. Don't take it to heart so much - my advice would be to enjoy these series as they are, as it's just a little break from the sadness and the suffering of the real world isn't it? Yeah, there's no way I'd ever condone being merciful to your enemies though - MUST EXTERMINATE, MUST EXTERMINATE!
Geshtinanna Feb 2, 3:06 PM
If the Japanese VA of Sinon is the most popular there must be something endearing about her, but I've not heard that much of her as Sinon's only been in a few scenes of Alicization. Also Michelle Ruff is my favourite dubbed actress, and as you said yourself - I sure love my anime dubbed LOL.

Castlevania isn't dubbed - English is it's first language! If you can't download it then it's easy to stream it - there are many sites available. I say this to you because you should try to watch it in it's original language, and you don't seem to watch much English language anime, or do you? There have been a couple of good ones through the years IMO! If Castlevania were on MAL I'd put season 2 in my top 10 list. It's one of the series I'm most hyped about and looking forward to seeing continuing - season 3 was confirmed on Halloween 2018 if you didn't know already. You can stream the English version (both seasons) for free here:

I don't know if you know this but I finished Land of the Lustrous dubbed - haha! I think it helped to ingratiate it to me and I could concentrate better and fully absorb all the beautiful artwork. I would like to see it continue because it was quite unlike anything else. Phos really did develop as a character as time went on and my favourite part when Shiro that giant dog appeared and all the gems struggled against him but Sensei just made him heel with a wave of his hand. There was a bit of a conspiracy concerning Sensei's relationship with the Lunarians and Phos wanted to find out more - I think the way it ended unresolved leaves way for a sequel.

Your friend seems a bit macho with his tastes but that's the way with some people, while with others it's the reverse - I know someone who hates violence and focuses solely on romance, and someone else who prefers comedy. Have you recommended Castlevania to him? it is pretty 'dark' and violent and it would give him a taste of a serious western animation if he hasn't watched one before.

I'm not sure what British stereotypes (in other countries) are, but it does rain quite a lot and a large proportion of the people seem miserable and disappointed for some reason. Korean people eat dogs but they're quite intelligent so perhaps it's good for the brain haha! I try to avoid red meat (other mammals) and would rather have fish or chicken - health is always my priority :)

I'm glad you decided to watch Slime lol - I just hope you'll like it! I only know it dubbed but it has been entertaining throughout. I just started a new anime called Gamers! a few nights ago. It's kinda a romantic comedy but the first two episodes had me laughing more than I have in a long time. I will keep you updated to how it progresses. Also I just stumbled upon something called Recovery of an MMO Junkie and I like the Synopsis so I might give it a try.

I heard about that MiA OVA somewhere on MAL, maybe in a forum or something. They said there's a chance that it might concern Marulk - Ozen's assistant, but it might even be that the rumoured OVA became the sequel movie in the end. I'm not entirely sure but I'm sorry to get your hopes up for no reason if that's the case.

I think you've got too much of a thirst for revenge and violence - I bet you were really disappointed when The Shield Hero dropped the revenge plot LOL. I wouldn't say I prefer 'children friendly' characters as such but I don't like anything too over the top either - it's a fine line between action and barbarism, between retribution and torture. I think when Kirito killed the first guy it was justified because they had been in a one-on-one dual to redress the attempted rape, but the other 'nobleman' had already been seriously injured so I think just killing him in cold blood when he was helpless would have been too much. I think the writer made the right call - it isn't Death Wish after all! Also remember that Kirito has killed three members of Laughing Coffin IRL (in Aincrad) so it's not like the series hasn't dealt with that kind of thing before. Also Death Gun killed 2 people IRL in the GGO arc, Sinon killed that bank robber IRL when she was a young girl, and so far in Alicization Kirito is still in a coma after being injected with something nasty. With all that violence I'm surprised that you don't like SAO more than you do already :)
Geshtinanna Jan 19, 11:27 PM
I've just been watching Kona Suba dubbed and OMG it's out of this world funny! If I gave it a 9 rating subbed I think it's definitely on course for a 10 in it's dubbed incarnation! Wow comedy anime is so much more suited to dub IMO - even with that Prison School OVA, I think the 6 score is largely because I watched it subbed, whereas the series proper was worthy of a 9 in it's dubbed version. I really liked some of the more serious shows subbed though - 'gaming' type anime like Akagi Mai Jong Legend and Kaiji (seasons 1 and 2) were enigmatic and riveting, Emiya-san culinary delights was down to earth and refreshing, Tonegawa was a charming change of pace, and so far Yakusoku no Neverland has been a gripping slow burner. I even prefer the Japanese VA as Kirito, but I think I preferred Sinon in her dubbed voice though. I think the gist of what I'm saying is different horses for courses - sometimes a show is perfect in or best suited to sub, and sometimes the dub (IMO) is a lot of fun and something you can relax and let your hair down with - especially for someone who's first language and mother tongue is English. Do you read the subtitles in Portuguese? I'm not sure because your English is at such a capable level - I suppose you could read either set of subtitles.

SJW - never heard that one before! Social Justice Warriors? Well, I've never got that vibe from it myself but I've only watched 4 out of the 8 total seasons so far. It's just really fine, well executed all round entertainment for me - funny characters, witty repartee and good quality artwork and animation throughout. Another key reason for choosing Allura as my new profile mascot is that I feel inspired by her elocution and eloquence - it's a very fine calibre timbre indeed! I think the series is generally held in quite high regard amongst the general internet 'entertainment seeking' populous. I didn't know you were so open-minded regarding mecha, Voltron could be right up your street in that case - just don't be put off by that critical (SJW) nonsense! You should get around to watching Castlevania season 2 in English (it's first language) - you should uphold the same source material integrity that you do when it's the other way around!

I find it difficult to fathom how people can spend hundreds and even thousands of ours of their leisure time watching something they hate and end up giving 1, 2 and 3 scores for time and time again. Really you would think that they might consider it better to get a new hobby! Everything I give a 10 to means a lot to me and represents something I truly love, hold on a pedestal to cherish, and would sincerely treasure forever. I would re-watch them not just once, but twice, thrice - and however many times I choose, when appropriate, in the time that I have left as a human being! Also my high score ratings represent my inclination towards cherry-picking popular and/or highly rated series that I already like the synopsis for! I want to bask in unadulterated splendour and brilliance all of the time :)

I think you'll like the light savoury snack that is Doug and Kirill - plus there's an additional seasoning packet (an extra three episodes). There's this cool phrase that Kirill uses: 'Don't think, feel so good - boo-ya!' Ah, it's probably best that you don't know much about the British people - as everything you need to know can be learnt through me! We will have cream tea and scones with raspberry jam on the Queens lawn my dear :)

Ah The Rising of the Shield Hero, it does sound intriguing and almost puts me in mind of The Count of Monte Cristo novel, which is itself a verifiable classic. I really hope it gets a good dubbing because I think I can find room to squeeze in one more Isekai - it is one of my favourite genres after all. Reincarnated as a Slime has been a real breath of fresh air for me this season and I feel I made a good choice bringing it into the fold - I think there's enough uniqueness in the characters and world-building to keep you stimulated, although I was watching for fun and giggles and that's certainly what the dubbed version provides! Brittney Karbowski playing the MC Rinmaru is one of the reasons the show first caught my attention - I think it's because she also voices Nanachi, a character that I recently developed a deep affection for. It's like Nanachi being reborn in a really jolly rose-tinted Isekai paradise! Talking about Mia, have you heard about the OVA that is planned to be released before the sequel movie? Anything MiA related is something I look forward to with open arms plus I'm genuinely optimistic about the new movie as there's bound to be some grandiose, intensely emotional, earth-shattering drama wherever Bondrewd is concerned.

Alice to you started magnificently when the three of them were first in Underworld together and then when Kirito re-appeared and he and Eugeo were trying to cut down that life-sapping tree. However, I feel it dipped slightly with the levelling-up and acquiring new sword skills part but then the pseudo-rape and that obnoxious lord getting his arms cut off - whoa that's as graphic as SAO has ever got IMO, I think my heart was pounding with adrenaline. I've enjoyed listening to the soundtrack underscoring everything - KAJI can do no wrong!
Geshtinanna Jan 15, 7:52 PM
Hey there I was just reading about the Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari source material (a web-novel) and it sounds like it could be interesting, but I think I will wait for the dub rather than biting off more than I can chew subbed-wise. I've added Reincarnated as a Slime to my list after the second episode was really entertaining :)
Geshtinanna Jan 15, 5:16 PM
The internet has become an indispensable part of daily life and is necessary for happiness and well-being - if you worship the anime gods that is lol. I changed my profile picture to Allura from the Voltron reboot because I love that show, or I am loving it to be precise as I've just started season 3! I wouldn't have thought that robots would be 'my thing' but the character interactions/humour is just great and always makes me laugh or smile. We talked about Castlevania before but Voltron is another US series that exhibits high quality use of the English language - you might like it too :)

Everyone has their own criteria, tastes, preferences and disposition for scoring - if you gave the NGNL movie a higher rating than the series (the MAL rating is higher too) then I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out. I've said it before but my ratings seem a bit more generous than yours across the board, and I've given a higher percentage of my completed anime 10 scores as compared to you, but it's completely a unique individual pattern - I think with MAL friends having some similar tastes and favourites in common is the key to having polite, respectful interactions like we do! I started watching Land of the Lustrous BTW and thought the first episode was really promising and I liked the artwork but the second episode seemed a bit vague and I was getting confused (to which character was which and what was actually going on lol) - although I was a bit tired/stressed and having to read subtitles wasn't helping either. I will try to give it a fair opportunity and watch maybe one episode a day - so as not to overdo the subtitles thing. I'm 'reading' Alicization subs BTW - if you didn't know already!

I think I mentioned before that UK television is totally US dominated and the rest are homegrown shows. There might be some foreign films and even Japanese films like The Ring but anime is extremely rare - I think only Akira was shown in the 1980s but either I wasn't born yet or was too young to remember! Here's a quote from The Guardian Newspaper in 2009:
'Why is anime invisible on British TV?
Cultural differences and limited niche appeal have virtually killed off Japanese animation on our screens. Time to head online to get your Neon Genesis Evangelion fix.'

Ahhhhhh, I was banking on a second season of Made in Abyss - but I suppose I'll accept the consolation prize of a Movie. Looking on the bright-side a duration of two hour would be equivalent to six anime episodes - sort of like a half season. I've heard the story arc that's being adapted concerns Bondrewd - that despicably evil bar-steward (a little UK joke/pun for a bastard) synonyms: scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, brute, wretch, devil, good-for-nothing, reprobate, wrongdoer, evil-doer - without doubt he typifies all those characteristics, god-damn S.O.B :)

Ahmm moving on! Yeah Doug and Kirill is light-heated 'cop spoof' fun, it's easy to digest and there's a few good lol moments along the way. I've heard it exists in the same 'Universe' as Tiger and Bunny and there's an additional three episodes to come in February. For the 13 episodes I've seen (and just completed actually) I'd say the 8 score was quite generous, if I was being more discerning and critical I'd say it's probably more like a 7, it's not bad or unenjoyable in any way it's just lacking in serious nutritional value - like a bag of Cheetos or Doritos or something haha, but if you like your snacks (and Tiger and Bunny!) maybe you should check it out. The ending by Vickeblanca called Buntline Special is a pretty cool tune.

Ah Yuusha no Nariagari, I watched the first episode but wasn't that impressed - it seemed like a poor mans version of SAO and Log Horizon and I have quite a few other Isekai in my brain already like Overlord, Kono Suba and Re: Zero - maybe there's only so much space in my imagination for transported to/trapped inside another world characters and adventures. What about it captured your attention? If the reviews are really good half-way through it's run and there's a dubbed version I might check it out - I mean how much can you tell from a first episode! Are you not interested by Reincarnated as a Slime - that's Isekai too and has good reviews and ratings? I watched the first episode and quite enjoyed it but there was a long-winded pseudo-rambling conversation with a Dragon at the end that kinda spoilt it for me - but hay it might be worth continuing with it, if lots of people like it/rate it then there must be some merit to it! Something new this season that I'm already intrigued by is Yakusoku no Neverland. Whoa that first episode had me captivated throughout, and the way it ended - it was like super menacing and foreboding!
Geshtinanna Jan 9, 12:55 AM
I noticed you dropped Zombieland Saga on episode 3 the same as me - coincidence! What are your opinions on it?

I thought the opening was well done and it seemed to promise much, but by episode 3 the novelty had already started to wear thin - to be honest I probably made a mistake adding it to my list in the first place! I have a reasonable hope that Black Clover (my only other dropped series) can be rehabilitated (that I can continue on with it again) but I think that's unlikely for Zombieland. I wonder what score I would give if I watched it all the way to the end? Even by episode 3 I wasn't relating or empathising with any of the characters - the 'wannabe' zombie-idols just seemed very shallow and one dimensional to me. Also the 'humour' had begun to get a little bit obnoxious for my refined and cultured taste :)
Geshtinanna Jan 4, 4:57 PM
Happy New Year to you too Kae! I've seen Blue Planet season 1 and 2, and Planet Earth season 1 - I still have the second one to watch. Sir David Attenborough is akin to a national treasure here in the UK :)

You never get too old for admiring beautiful things - you sound like you have the eye of a connoisseur or an artist lol, do you draw or paint yourself? I don't but in my dreams/fantasy I would like to work with a gifted artist to help realise creations from my own imagination. However old you get ALWAYS stay interested in women's bodies - that's definitely the way to go :)

I've just finished No Game No Life and it really blew my mind with how amazing (and bright, sparkly and colourful) it was! I'd love to watch it again in the near future, and luckily there's the movie NGNL: Zero to watch as well! I bet there's so much complexity, detail and clever stuff in the novels that aren't in the anime. Where the anime ended at episode 12, just feels like the beginning or great things to come - like the battle against the Elves and the challenge against the god Tet. I'm surprised that you only scored the anime a 7, but overall my scoring seems higher than yours for the shows that we've both watched. I'm tempted by the NGNL novel myself, I'd like to get round to it sometime.

Yeah it was relatively late that I started anime, I literally cannot remember ANY Japanese anime on the regular terrestrial British TV EVER! I think the large majority of TV programmes shown here (in the past and present) are from the USA. There's a little joke where they call Britain the 51st State and it sure seems like it for the most part. 'The real God is the internet God', I've never heard that expression before - it sounds like it could be something straight out of an anime, but I agree that the TV Gods were definitely disappointing. It's so much better when you get to choose what you watch for yourself - it was totally like a dictatorship before.

Some peoples personal rating system is highly complex indeed, perhaps even unfathomable lol. I even have one friend who has given up scoring completely as it was ruining his enjoyment of the animations themselves haha! I've done something new with my list where each of my 10 favourites series has a corresponding character (from that series) positioned adjacent to it - I had 7 characters from my top 10 anime in the list already so I thought I would go all the way. I like the geometrical shape my list is, how to synchronise my top 10 people list - haha :)

I have a feeling there will be more Made in Abyss anime after this forthcoming second season. I think they might even end up adapting the entire Manga. My reasoning being that 'they' must have spent a lot of money on the visuals and OST (both of which are incredible IMO) and with something so highly rated I'm guessing that it would be in their interests to continue it. That Land of the Lustrous sounds really tempting, I watch a few things subbed so I'm willing to give this a go.

I AM watching three ongoing anime - you just haven't noticed because I'm watching them dubbed lol. I'm waiting for a new episode every week of Doug and Kirill, Golden Kamuy and Hunter x Hunter 2011. I just finished Emiya-San and Tonegawa (in the last week) and they were both ongoing subtitled anime - you should have done your research better!

And last but not least, yes I did watch the second season specials of Fate/Kaleid first (before starting season 1) came up by coincidence on the streaming site I was using and I was intrigued because the episodes were really short. To be honest, it served as a pretty good introduction to the characters and premise of the show and made me want to continue with the series in full. Do you ever do anything spontaneous that defies logic and reason when it comes to anime? What is the craziest thing you've done?

Geshtinanna Dec 30, 2018 3:56 PM
I love nature documentaries and top 10 animal lists. There was this amazing documentary called 'Blue Planet' about sea creatures - I would recommend it if you haven't seen it. Yeah there's enough anime out there already, plus new ones coming along every season, to keep us busy for the rest of our lives. I would have thought you were getting a bit old for that Hentai stuff on your Anime List background, that's more teenagers stuff - ha ha! I guess with all these animations you like to stay young at heart! I am a little bit tempted by these light novels - there's quite a few for shows that I already like, things like Re:Zero, Kono Suba, SAO, Log Horizon and No Game no Life. If I ever read fiction again........most probably it will be something like one of these aforementioned titles.

Stereotypes are difficult and you can never generalise, some people try to do this to me and they are always wrong so I can understand what you mean. I will send you a personal message about my age - but you must promise to keep it to yourself! I guess if you liked the Castlevania games and animation you might find the novel interesting as it's one of the major sources of the Dracula mythology in popular culture, it has been a while since I last read it though.

SAO is good clean fun for the most part - there are a few scares along the way though, but it's just an entertaining way to escape some of the crap of the so-called real world. I wish I could immerse myself in the ALO Universe and be a Cait Sith or something! The first time I watched it I wasn't sure if the Mothers Rosario arc was that good myself - but on the second viewing I digested it a lot better and upgraded season two from an 8 score to a 10. The GGO arc is still my favourite from that season though - and I have Sinon on my list :)

I'm really sorry for offending you about Mai's position on your list, I can understand because I take my list quite seriously too! You can never second guess what someones true order might be underneath the facade of an ascending/descending psuedo-hierarchical structure! Some people might even have their favourite at the bottom, and then work their way up one by one. When I started MAL I was doing something similar to this LOL.

I'm glad that you're on board The Made in Abyss train - I think I can confidently predict an interesting journey ahead. From what I've seen so far of this series it can literary do no wrong IMO so my expectations are pretty high. 8 is still a good score though, and you got through it really fast as well. I just read about that show with the gems you recommended 'Land of the Lustrous' - it sounds really unique and intriguing. If it gets a dubbed version I will definitely give it a go - and I might even try it subbed as some of the good reviews have whetted my appetite. Thanks for the heads up :)
Geshtinanna Dec 28, 2018 7:31 PM
Funny I was just watching No Game No Life and Shirou says something similar - 'There’s no way to know the rules or the goal, yet there are 7 billion people making whatever moves they want. If you lose too much, or win too much, there are penalties. You can’t pass your turn, and if you talk too much, you’ll be ostracised. There are no parameters and no way to even know the genre. This world is just a crappy game'. The world of imagination is the only real escape for me - which gets me on to your last question, don't you like to read? I used to read a lot of classical literature and European 19th Century Novels but about 5 years ago I totally changed when I got into anime. Now I have animations to provide me with my FICTION-FIX lol and I much prefer to read non-fiction works like History (I was reading about Taiwan the other day, about how it was Japans first foreign colony and how it became modernised and had changed hands back and forth between China and Japan), Psychology, Health and Nutrition - I also have a keen interest in the Supernatural and Paranormal, but I approach the later from a rational, scientific perspective! I like reading all the stuff on MAL and also Listverse (a top 10 list site) is also really good - top 10 killer vegetables, top 10 reasons to believe that Adolf Hitler escaped to South America (Patagonia!), 10 of the strangest aspects of Japans sex culture - you might find some of the lists interesting LOL. I did give the Made in Abyss Manga a try (a few days ago) because I loved the anime series so much - but I felt a little uninspired by the black and white illustrations - I know it probably sounds like a heretical thing to say on this site but sorry, that's just how I felt about it. Ah, I'm quite surprised you say Brazil, I guess according to stereotypes I should have expected a colourful sexy profile picture ha ha - but you seem quite serious which of course has it's merits, especially as I am a little like that myself. I feel I can have a grown up, meaningful conversation with you! I have a very good MAL friend from Portugal and another nice friend from Columbia and I have noticed a lot of South American users on this site. I have a friend called Ada who is from Peru originally and she speaks Portuguese as a third language after Spanish and English. A few years ago when I was round at her place she had this Brazilian Soap Opera on - some of the situations made me laugh, like a good looking older woman having an affair with her son-in-law, ha ha! I only have total command of English (IMAO), it's all I really need to get by in life so I've been lazy in acquiring any other - this 'lazy' attitude is quite typical of the inhabitants of the British Isles so I've heard. I am half Middle-Eastern though, but I've lived in the UK since I was two and a half years old. The country where my Dad is originally from is having some political and economic difficulties right now so I don't imagine going there anytime soon.

Castlevania's great and season 2 is quite a bit better and more developed than the first - I know you like to watch everything in Japanese lol but it's definitely worth giving this a go in English, in the Queens English no less! I've read Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' novel like three times because it's so darn gripping - I'd definitely recommend it if you're ever looking for a novel to read.

Giving someone a 'heads up' is a very English thing to say, you really do know your vernacular - so well done for that! Accel World is starting to sound intriguing - I thought it was just a wimpy fat kid wish-fulfilment fantasy, but it sounds like it could be a whole lot more than that. I have nothing against overweight people BTW - it's just something I gleaned from a negative review on MAL a while ago. The first SAO series is really magical and in a few years time I'd love to watch it again (for the third time) - it's so well executed and the dialogue and repartee in the dub is just right IMO. In the meantime I have the Alicization and GGO dub to look forward to! Also, I want to re-watch Ordinal Scale sometime soon, as I have the option of a larger screen now compared to when I watched it last time (only 6 months ago)......I'm sure I'll enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful visuals even more. I like how you said 'I noticed you have SAO in your favourites' but didn't say that I had it as my FAVOURITE or number 1 anime, because when I first joined MAL I didn't have a clue how to do anything and when it came to adding my favourites (one by one) SAO just happened to be the last one that I added - and when I later realised that some people have their number 1 at the top and rank the titles in descending order, and that some people might think I have SAO number 1, it made me laugh because I know it can be a bit of a divisive franchise - but what the hell, lets wind up some gullible reactionary snobs I thought to myself. In all honesty SAO is probably like number 7 or 8 in my REAL top 10 - the order is completely jumbled up from what you see, it's just a random list of some of my favourite series!

I see from your list that you gave Made in Abyss an 8 - whereas for me it was the best series I've seen all year (I watched it dubbed and that didn't come out until this year BTW).........I wonder if you would prefer this series dubbed into English? Either way, are you looking forward to it's continuation? Nanachi is going to be one of the main characters (from the start) along with Riko and Reg - and that Bondrewd, he's like one of the most EVIL villains EVER IMO! I can't wait to see how things develop in the incredible, unexpected and unique environment of The Abyss. Coincidentally I'm listening to the OST right now while typing this :)
Geshtinanna Dec 26, 2018 12:32 PM
Yeah it was alright for me - I hope your Xmas was enjoyable BTW. Mmm, the sort of 'Everyday English' regular people speak here is bullshit - stuff like how's the weather and a bit of gossip about other peoples business Lol - it's not interesting and spectacular like an exciting anime or something. There's a US animation called RWBY that I follow and I really like the voices and how they speak in that - the accents. nuances and timbre, as well as the witty repartee are way cool :)

You write very good English - I was totally fooled ha ha. Now I'm thinking maybe South America, or Continental Europe. I'm quite a hard-core dubbed viewer but I understand the merits of subbed, maybe in the future I'll be exposed to more of it! Do you know about, or have you watched the US animation Castlevania? It's totally amazing - the art and animation is done in South Korea, and the voices sound like classically trained Shakespearean actors/actresses. I totally recommend it too you - it's the English language at a particularly high calibre :)

If KAJI does the music for Hack Sign that alone is enough to make me interested in watching it. Also it's a precursor to all the MMORPG and Isekai themed anime that came after - and there's been quite a lot of that to be fair. I might give Accel World a go sometime in the future too, I love that trapped in a virtual reality parallel universe thing!

The Kill la Kill ending song is brilliant, it's so tuneful and emotive I want to download it. Lull in the Sea can help you relax if you're stressed out about life in general or something in particular. It has it's own purpose I'm sure - it's just finding out what that purpose is exactly Lol. It's highly rated though so I will try to press on with it sometime soon - see how the story progresses. Ah, the late friend acceptance - what you said makes sense, so I guess I will let you of the hook this time!
Geshtinanna Dec 22, 2018 11:40 AM
I just noticed that it's spelt Ryuuko Lol

I think I'm picking up these learning difficulties from Mako :)
Geshtinanna Dec 22, 2018 11:31 AM
Hey there Kae! Mmm some things I watch subbed - usually when there's no dubbed option available, like Akagi Mai Jong Legend, both Kaiji series, the new Tonegawa Middle-Management (Kaiji spin-off), Kona Suba and even Future Diary! It seems to suit some things (like all the previous titles) but something a bit different like RE: Creators I struggled with - trying to follow the high-octane roller-coaster action scenes with my eyes and absorb all of the written text at a fast pace. Another thing (and I've spoken about this with a North American MAL friend) is that living in the UK and hearing a different new type of 'English' in the US dub sounds sort of edgy and cool (to me) - totally unlike the the local and regional accents here! Also I don't watch much regular British Telly (TV) so those dub voices have probably become my number one source of hearing the English language full stop (period) Lol. Now I'm only guessing that you live in North America, and for you maybe those dubbed voice might sound a bit cheesy (my friend Daniel said this) because it's similar to everything else you hear on like 200 cable channels - and what everyone else sounds like in school, college, work, the Mall etc - I can understand how subtitles offer a nice escape to something totally different, exotic and fresh! I have my favourite American dub voice actors of course, like Vic Mignogna and Michelle Ruff - those guys have taught me so much over the past few years :)

I think Liminality the song was in Hack Sign (the anime) - I've heard it's a pre-curser to SAO and is supposed to be pretty good. I definitely want to get round to watching it one day. Yeah Kill la Kill is wacky alright - Nudist Beach.......and croquettes made from miscellaneous ingredients ha ha! I liked the episode when Ryouku's foster family (Mako's family) got SUPER RICH because Mako got a 2 star uniform and was the club president for the 'Anyone willing to fight Ryouku club' - and they kept winning and going up in the rankings.......that was hilarious!

Yeah Lull in the Sea is slow going alright, it's so slow that I didn't even notice your spelling mistake! Even I've been struggling with it, but there was one time that I watched it in bed just before falling asleep - and wow it was like so relaxing, like a cup of warm milk or cocoa or something! If you're buzzing with energy I can understand how it can seem more like A Lull in the Brain Cells ha ha......but seriously try watching it just before bed time :)

Even with Black Clover I feel kinda bad for dropping it, it started out with much promise but seemed to go downhill after episode 20 - although it could be that I just wasn't concentrating as much as I should have been. I have an urge to pick up from where I left off and give it a second chance. A few of my MAL friends seem to enjoy (and rate) Black Clover so that's a bit of an incentive for me as well. My advice would be when starting something new, not to put it onto MAL straight away but to wait a couple of episodes - or even several, to see if you like it or not. If you do then add it to your list, and if not just drop it and forget about it without recording it on MAL......I'll confess that I've done this a few times at least! It was nice hearing from you Kae :)
Geshtinanna Dec 19, 2018 11:00 PM
Yeah that KAJI (my little nickname) song is from her first 'songbook' solo album - it's not anime related (gasp!)........I'm glad you like it and of course I like Fiction Junction and Kalfina :)

About SAO, I'm holding out for the dubbed version - I love hearing the familiar gang of voice actors! I know it's not exactly hard-core but that's the way I appreciate it most. Thanks for your concern though!

That song from Pandora Hearts that you linked to, BRILLIANT - just my style of pop music, and that's the first time I've heard it! I have something similar from Fiction Junction for you, it's a little more sombre but conveys such a beautiful yearning. The vocal harmonies are really impressive:

Kill la Kill,'s kind of wacky and irreverent but it can be good fun when you're in the mood. I really like Mako and some of the zany visual gags she employs when describing things, I'd say she's my highlight so far! Ah, Lull in the's quite slow paced but has a nice vibe with the characters and their little underwater universe :)