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Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
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Shinsekai yori
Shinsekai yori
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JK Haru wa Isekai de Shoufu ni Natta
Apr 18, 3:44 AM
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Yomisuki Aug 15, 2021 6:00 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed that SuperEyepatchWolf (YouTube guy) Ganz video. It was quite interesting even for me, a complete stranger to the franchise.

I thought the first half of Re:Zero season 2 was alright and liked the parts with Betty in it, I suppose. I'm still deciding on whether I should give the second half a shot or not though because as usual, there are so many other things competing for my time and attention!

P.S. I hope you don't mind me using a fanart from BNHA as a greeting. It made me laugh because it reminded me of that 'Happy New Heroes Year' thing I sent you before. Plus Ultra!!!
Yomisuki Oct 15, 2020 3:59 PM
It's a funny coincidence that I just happened to stumble on a YouTube video about Gantz. It was a really interesting video but the series itself looks a little bit too grim and depressing for me. I can understand why you might like it, though. I remember you telling me how you enjoyed cruelty lol. I actually had two dreams about you last night lol. In one of them, you were saying that you think I don't like Re:Zero because I have an 'iron heart'. That's exactly the expression that you used lol. Also, you said that you thought you were one of my best MAL friends, or in the elite group, so you were wondering why the delay in the reply. Well, you took a very long time to reply to one of my replies, and I thought it was maybe because you were angry about it. After hearing about what type of series Gantz is, it wouldn't surprise me. It seems a very SERIOUS kinda manga/anime to me. Also, I've had like 200 comments from other friends to reply to since your comment, and because a lot of them were shorter, or easier to reply to, I replied to them first. I wouldn't say you were a particular fave friend, or in the top tier or anything, just a regular run-of-the-mill MAL acquaintance. I think part of this is because of a vast divergence in tastes and connections, English language female VA hating, red meat grilling, old skool manga/anime dude! I try to make it a policy of mine to reply to everyone though, as long as they are civil and bloody, bastard, bitch ;)

Haha, that YouTube video made me laugh. As long as you say 'have a nice day' at the end of all the swearing and insults, that's OK. Hey, I hope you don't use that as an English language learning model and do NOT show that to the school kids if you end up as a teacher, otherwise, your only alternative will be to transport yourself to an Isekai world ;)

I have quite a few Brazillian MAL friends and one guy from Bahia was telling me how it's a terrible country to live in because the politicians have ruined everything. Is it really as bad as that? He was making out as if it was a third world country. Perhaps he lived in one of the poorer areas. Which part of Brazil do you live in, and what kinda neighborhood is it? A lot of the Latin American politicians seem to be unpopular, but the same is true in Europe and the US. I mean, are politicians ever popular? Perhaps only when things are going incredibly well in all departments.

Mm...Knights and Magic. I will give the first episode a go if there's an English dub lol. Isekai is all the rage these days, but sadly not all of them are the best quality or something which catches my interest. I think there is quality behind the production of Re:Zero and I think it's quite a big franchise in Japan and around the world. For me though, Subaru as an MC is a major stumbling block. I just can't relate to him, and I don't like him or empathize with him either. Emila is OK but doesn't seem complex and developed enough, from what I've seen so far of her in season 1, anyway. REM is WAY overrated I think, and I don't find her cute or adorable either lol. I like Beatrice, but unfortunately, she doesn't get enough screen time. I watched the first episode of the new season and enjoyed the scene featuring Beatrice, but that was about it. I think there are about 8 dubbed episodes released so far. Dunno if I'll check any more of them out, though.

For me, there are two new seasons that I'm following but because there was a delay in the dub releases they were from what was last season in Japan. I'm about halfway through them now and will be waiting every week for each new episode, until the end. They are The God of Highschool and Deca-Dance. The God of Highschool is enjoyable trash, but it's been fun so far and is easy to get into. It's a bit reminiscent of Samurai Champloo and is the first fighting tournament anime I've seen. Deca-Dance is a bit like SAO but a more complex and intelligent version. It's quite a unique twist on that format and even though I've only seen 3 episodes, I definitely want to continue. Anyway, nice talking to you, and I'll leave a link to that Gantz video. The guy that does it has lots of charisma and an engaging personality so I think you'll like it if you've not seen it before. It's about half an hour long.

What did you think of the Made in Abyss movie (without revealing any spoilers)? I rewatched the first series but the child cruelty was too much for me. I didn't enjoy any of that stuff. Also, Riku and Reg didn't engage me as lead protagonists. I didn't feel emotionally connected to either of them. The artwork, music, and production values were really good, but a lot of the content was not to my taste. I doubt if I will watch the movie because it's supposed to be worse (for shocking cruelty) than the series. Is that true?
Yomisuki Sep 23, 2020 7:05 AM
I might have said this before but your MAL profile setup and your avatar kinda have a serious air about them. You avatar is in black and white, and this combined with how you right, gives me the impression you take yourself quite seriously. I suppose I might be wrong about that. That hentai image on your list section is very colorful, though. I haven't looked in a while. I wonder if you still have that!

Ah, well, at least you responded in the end. I thought maybe you were in a bad mood about something I had written. I'm glad to see that's not the case, though. Getting a new job somewhere a distance away is like something out of a slice of life anime. It's like what happens at the end of Welcome to the NHK lol. Have you ever seen that anime? Yeah, you've been procrastinating about finishing/updating your MAL profile for ages. For the couple of years I've known you in fact. This Christmas will e two years since we first started talking lol.

I'm doing OK thanks for asking but it's quite worrying that the rates are as high as they are in the UK. I think the proportional death rate (number of infections against number of mortalities) is the highest in Europe. It was one in six the last time I looked. So if you catch it, it's like playing Russian Roulette with a bullet in one chamber of a six barrel gun. That's not a nice gamble to make, when your life is on the line like that. You gotta where a mask wherever you go, of course. When will this end? Next year maybe? How have you been doing? I heard things were quite in Brazil at one point.

Each to their own regarding voices and subs and dubs. I think I'm the opposite to you in many ways because while I don't mind some of the Japanese male Seiyuus, I find the high pitched tones of some of the young females OTT and off putting. It spoiled A Place Further Than The Universe for me. I strongly tend to favour English for female VA's playing young female and young male roles. I'm not too bothered about authenticity - this is a Japanese production so it has to sound Japanese because if it's in animated form because (to my eyes at least) the light skin characters could be any light skin race like Northern/Eastern/Southern Europe, Middle Eastern, Hispanic/Latino, Far Eastern, or North American - who can speak English, and all the aforementioned ethnicities do in fact live in multicultural English language speaking countries like the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Also, a lot of Japanese anime combine the aforementioned with non-Japanese settings like Hunter x Hunter, AOT, FMAB, Arslan Senki, One Piece, The Promised Neverland, Vinland Saga, 91 Days, etc. If I were watching a Japanese movie, of course I would watch in subs, like I do with all foreign language movies, be they in Cantonese, Korean, French, or Turkish.

I'm sorry if it seemed like I was hating on you for putting Marcelo de Campos there. I didn't realize he did movies and US cartoons, as well. I just thought you were a strict authenticity guy who never watched dubs and just watched 100% of creative material in it's original language. I see now however, that you do watch some dubs. I'm glad that you genuinely enjoy some of them. When they are done exceptionally well they are almost like a piece of art in their own right.

From what I've seen of your written English, you seem capable. Let me know how you get on with your language teacher ambitions. It would be cool if you changed your career to that. It kinda reminds me of the anime Assassination Classroom lol, if you've ever seen that.
Yomisuki Aug 15, 2020 4:11 PM
Happy Birthday, Mr. Serious!
epyslone Feb 8, 2020 11:08 AM
Omedetou, I had to link a notification to the thread =P

"I really think most of Kaede's OPness is a very specific case in that game and the devs didn't thought players would get like that."
Well, being a tank is one thing, but having access to such strong attacks don't make any sense. She easily maxed out her poison resistance with only a couple of potions despite her low level, but apparently others barely have any. Usually bosses get some strong resistances from ailments too ;-;
And the worst is that shield skill! She is still using it to one shot any monster or target. That daily limit rate is barely a nerf at all, after all the damage she's done during that first event xD

Oh I am only a dev, not a game one. It didn't seem worth it, at least in France. I have done some game projects and got some friends in Ubisoft or other game companies, but their work condition is bad, so I don't think that will change anytime soon... I am very interested in AI though, so if I get a good opportunity in that, I might still give it a go...

As for SAO, probably not something that advanced since I find medical progress to be kind of slow, so working with the brain is still a bit too early. But once they got their VR main issues working, it should still be good (like how to play at home more easily despite the small space, how to walk in game while not having nausea etc)
Yomisuki Feb 2, 2020 9:54 PM
It was funny how you kept reiterating just how much you had a problem with the English language female VA's LOL. Why the females and not the men I wonder? It's a very strange situation. It's just their voices you have a problem with and not them as people I hope! And the story of the sorceress in the Final Fantasy game - that was a very powerful reaction. At the same time you're biased in favour of your boy Campos - even though you told me before you only believe in watching things in it's original language. You should write gags for the Gintama franchise because it seems like you have a real talent for the comedic!

Maybe you got carried away with the Happy New Hero's Year - and started believing you were the Seiyuu Hero fighting against the League of English language female Villains LOL.
epyslone Jan 27, 2020 2:39 PM
Yeah, I have got a better grasp of the world since the day I posted. It also seems like the reward she got from 3rd place isn't that big, since the second event can give way more.
But as a dev myself, I really find it irritating that such obvious cases (at least to me, I guess xD) might be neglected. You really need to be wary of anything that gets multiplied! Having balance issues is totally normal, but that is totally a rookie mistake!

I cannot wait for good VR games too. I hope I can live to try that xD
Even more if I get to taste sweet stuff for cheap <3

The game surprised me too, but I think it could entertain me for a little while and it seemed cute. Too bad there is only a japanese version ><
Yomisuki Jan 26, 2020 7:15 PM
Yeah, I've been changing my profile a few times recently, and this latest one has been really popular - with loads of friend requests and profiles views and comments. I've been struggling to keep up with it all, to be honest, so sorry for the slight delay with this reply! I really love the English females VA's in particular because they make good role-models and you can learn, or pick up many things just from how they use their voice. Your voice on the outside (spoken word) is connected to your inner voice, and even to your written voice - so ha, in your face Weeb! These females dubbed VA's have really inspired me and given me extra confidence and sklls for dealing with the real/outside world, and some of the jokers here on MAL LOL. As for what I like reading, well things like - top ten list sites, health and nutrition sites (greasy fried meat guy - yuck!), history (from modern to ancient), the occult and the paranormal, astrology, tarot cards, anime news and reviews, plus a whole lot of general interest things I come across. Speaking about profiles - yours seems a little monochrome, bland, and lifeless. You should try giving yourself a profile makeover - to rejuvenate yourself. It might attract some new and interesting people for you to have fun or meaningful conversations with. You have quite a good (and colorful) sense of humor (on the inside) but I just don't feel that your profile conveys that very well. Ah, well, it's all up to you of course - I'm just trying to be helpful at the end of the day! I hope you continue to have fun with your Chuunibyou and your Weebing Kae Campos :D
epyslone Jan 19, 2020 5:22 AM
Apparently, most of my points are talked about in a thread (, so you don't need to answer any of them, just consider my thanks on your answers :D
epyslone Jan 19, 2020 5:12 AM
Thank you. You have officially joined my friends list, and thus, joined the ranks of the Battle Royale participants.

Choose your weapon of choice.

Your Servant will be summoned accordingly in your quest to retrieve the Holy Grail.

You will be teleported soon.

Yorokobe, shounen! Your wish will finally come true.

Chuunibyou aside, thank you for your work on Bofuri, it saved me quite a lot of googling.
(Since we cannot like posts, I decided to send a friend request for illogical reasons. But we never know, you might be motivated enough to explain other animes, so it is a nice way to stalk your forum posts, tee-hee (•̤̀ᗜ•̤́๑))

It became less painful to watch, since it seems the author at least spends some time coming up with excuses for her OPness.
(But if he released so many skills for shielders, there is no way he never did so for other classes as well, so as soon as other people start seeing achievements with random requirements, they would have started doing everything until finding some other OP combinations...
Why was she even the first one to solo the dragon? If it is well-known that there are first time rewards, then anyone would have done so by then...
I have so many friends who are illogically stubborn in their character building, and I am one of them, so it is weird no one made a full build shielder...)

Sorry, I really had to rant somewhere xD
I still enjoy the feelings of the anime, but I cannot totally switch off my brain either. The worst part is the Battle Royale which made it clear that only a handful of people managed to get as lucky with their skills. And her friend (although supposedly a very good player in general) is going to end up being as lucky I feel like...
I don't know when the game was released, if it is a new one then it might explain some things...

Talking of games, apparently a mobile game was released too, have you tried it?
(That was the longest post of my life apparently, I am sorry for that, I have no one else to talk about this about ( ゚ヮ゚))
Yomisuki Jan 15, 2020 2:59 AM
I watched your video The Whispering Woman. It's quite strange and dark, but quite interesting at the same time :D
Yomisuki Jan 15, 2020 2:22 AM
I noticed Campos, Marcelo in your top 5 people LOL. Do you just like him because of his face? It says he's a voice actor. Care to explain?

I read a lot of factual literature so I don't have so much time for reading fiction anymore, but I used to when I was younger. I get my hit of fiction solely from anime's and US animations these days, but there are so many interesting factual things to read out there! I watch anime subbed when there is no dub available though, and I really enjoyed Vinland Saga and Beastars subbed. I enjoyed SAO War of Underworld subbed a little less though LOL.
Yomisuki Jan 15, 2020 1:28 AM
Ah, I think I'm starting to understand what you're saying now, and I think you've said similar things to me in the past. You believe in watching a Japanese show in the Japanese language and a show from the USA or Britain (not that that would happen much!) in English, a hypothetical French show in French, a Brazilian show in Portuguese, etc. I can understand why you want to stay true to the source of origin, as it were, because of certain tropes - be they cultural, racial, gender, environmental, etc and how they impact characters, personalities, dialogues, interactions, etc. You're looking for the most faithful rendering of that particular piece of creative imagining - be it a light novel, a manga, a visual novel, a computer game (like with Final Fantasy), etc. That's fair enough, I can make sense of that point of view! For me, it's quite the opposite as I'm just looking for entertainment. It could be serious entertainment or lighthearted entertainment. It could be thought-provoking entertainment or frivolous entertainment. It could be beautiful entertainment or realistic entertainment. Why is entertainment so important? It's the best way to learn and absorb new ideas IMO. The law of reversed effect. When you're not trying too hard, when you're in a state of calmness and serenity - that's when the deeper layers of memory and intelligence work best - for me anyway. You can get inspired by new ideas that way, in my experience. English is kinda my first language so I can understand more of the subtext from how the words or dialogue are 'acted' or articulated (with nuances, tone, and pronunciation) than from reading English subs in my own voice. From reading all the characters words in my own voice LOL. The drama and performance elements are really important to me. Chunibyo was really fun and easy to get into dubbed - no effort at all, just an easy pleasure. Perhaps laboring with subs would've decreased my enjoyment - as they sometimes do with me in my personal experience. I think we should both just enjoy anime in our own way, whatever works best is the way it goes at the end of the day :D
Yomisuki Jan 4, 2020 5:52 AM
Of course it counts for something, and it's funny that you liked the song from the series you didn't like so much, and didn't like the song from the series you like more! You're a real enigma Kae but I wonder if you're secretly joking sometimes! For all I know you might really love Fate/Stay UBW (the Ufotable version) and you're just saying what you did to confuse me. I'm not 100% sure if you're being genuine or not LOL. How could any two people on the other side of the world from each other really know if the other was being honest and sincere, or being sarcastic - even if it was in a humorous or playful way! Either way I see you're quite big into the creed and doctrine of The Hero. You said yourself that you gave the first Hero Academia 10, and that you're looking forward to seeing Deku kick some ass. Now you're enjoying The Hero is Overpowered, but Overly Cautious LOL. Maybe I should play the Villain or the Antagonist as a counter to your Hero. Maybe that would make for a more interesting story :D

I have a very nice little musical treat for you so check it out:

I will look back over your last longer message and reply to that one soon. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten :D

PS, Even Rascal dreams of a Dreaming Girl is beguiling. Are you the Hero or are you secretly the Rascal! Maybe time will tell LOL.
Yomisuki Jan 2, 2020 6:04 PM
Hey, I see you've just finished Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious! I really like the OP song Tit for Tat LOL.