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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
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kyoneko2216 Nov 19, 8:31 PM
oh Thats great , what breed are they ?
i dont have any pet as of now , but i wanna get a cat ( i cant till now as am in my parents as they don't like having pets at home:(
Btw how are you doing these days ?
( also sorry for the late reply , i have been preparing for my exams next week so i am not able to have much time to reply on mal
and also the next reply may also be a little late )
Kingofglory77 Nov 19, 7:55 PM
Whats ur fav anime ever
Kingofglory77 Nov 15, 6:55 PM
Yea we completely changed it tho to the point where we needed a carpenter
Kingofglory77 Nov 14, 7:55 AM
Been busy and rearranging my room to get space
kyoneko2216 Nov 8, 11:42 AM
oh i see, well then guess it fine, time does heal the wounds :)
well what can i say i am made of sugar LOL haha :) AWW thanks ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ
oh me too , ya thats true but i like dogs too , but the small fluffy ones , do you have any pet ?
oh great choice, it will also have some Halloween vibes lmao
ya ofc i would be kyo no doubt there, and also maybe i can have luffy ( from one piece ) as choice too xD
Kingofglory77 Nov 7, 4:52 PM
Im doing okay as well. What did you do today?
Kingofglory77 Nov 7, 7:14 AM
Your welcome! How are you?
kyoneko2216 Nov 6, 10:43 PM
OHH ... i am so sorry , its must be really hard ... I am gone just tear up T^T , its terrifies me to think about my life without my father .. it must be really hard thing to deal with but i am real proud of you that you are able to talk about it , i hope you are holding up good , i am sorry i reminded you of your hard past :(
he does sound like a very awesome dad, i am happy that you were able to have good memories while he was there , i am happy you are able to cherish those moments <33
oh thats just so hard , well i am not actually a family of yours , but if you ever need a friend or well if i am not going tooo far , a brother to talk to , i am always there
:) ( plus i would love to have a sister like you , who loves fruits basket too LOL )
oh its just one or two shows , plus they actually dont have much interest in it though :/
oh i see , well thats the sad part of anime , many people think that anime = hentai too among my friend , which btw is so wrong , makes me kind of sad :(
Oh never be sorry if you talk about yourself , its actually a very humane thing to do plus its rare for people to open up , so opening up is very good thing and be proud that you can do it :)
oh , that i understand , yeah seeing parents disappoint in us is very hard , its kind of feels like we are disappointed by us , plus its must be really hard to deal with as she is the parent left T^T , i just cant stop myself from thinking how hard it maybe , dealing with all this , life is one unfair bastard :((
oh really , are you also by chance a cat person :D
oh , well me too , plus they are just super expensive here , btw if you ever had chance to cosplay , who would you cosplay ?
oh i see . i don't have a little brother as i am one , but it sure sounds a lot of fun . HAHA i know that , from the lot of Hollywood movies and tv series i have seen . oh well , at least they can give candies to each other lol
AWW thanks, oh that's sounds great , maybe one day when i come to US :)
kyoneko2216 Nov 5, 12:42 PM
Ya its quite hard to get parents into anime or even make them understand it T^T , like mine also took sometimes to let me watch it ,but they always come around now i can also tell them about some anime stories :) i hope you will be able to show her how beautiful anime is (✿◡‿◡) , btw thanks for sharing it with me , i know it must be hard to keep all these things to yourself ><
also one of the way to tell her how popular anime is ( even among parents ) could be that you take her to japan one day , and show her ( plus we all know most of the mangaka , are old as parents age lol )
oh i see , Ya i know ryt , i too wanna travel so badly xDD
oh great , so did you also had to dress up , if yes what did you dress up as?
oh we don't celebrate halloween , as its not very popular here, but i would like to celebrate it one day , as it seems lot of fun , plus you get to wear costume , so thats a plus point ( i am actually a big fan of cosplay too )
kyoneko2216 Nov 2, 7:27 PM
I bet it was , you guys literally travelled from east America to west , i actually have seen a few clips of the people who do this trip on youtube , and oh boi its beautiful , the road, the environment and the places you come across , just amazing
Oh that's sounds frustrating , i mean anime is such a good thing , it teaches you so much about life and also japanese culture
I can understand that , maybe one day you will be for sure
Ya ikr , but sooner or later i am gone Move out , then i would but a lot of them , but now all i can do is wait :/

:D ( dw about late reply i can understand , irl definitely sucks up time , but its necessary , so its totally something you have to do )
Oh i am glad you liked it , so did you do anything fun on Halloween?
kyoneko2216 Oct 31, 7:19 PM
kyoneko2216 Oct 28, 7:26 PM
Ahh i see , well its for our own safety so i guess we we will have to bear it , yt a that's true
OMG REALLY!!!!!!! a trip from new York to cal , that must have been AMAZING and really long but still worth it , ' (*V*) ' i hope someday i get to do that too :))
I haven't done such long road trip but mine was from city in my country called "kochi" to the the end point of my country called "Rameshwar" , it was like a 2 day road trip
Oh i see , so she doesn't know you watch anime , or are obsessed with japan culture , that must be hard to keep secret xDD
well that sad , but atleast you can buy them , my parents are strict no to merch , plus they are bit expensive and since i live with my parent's still , i have to show my father all my financial spending and he doesn't like me spending money on stuff like merch
Ayato-Hiragi Oct 25, 10:53 AM
Thank you so much!!!!!!!
kyoneko2216 Oct 25, 12:15 AM
Ya , its same here . I mean why is that even necessary , like choose one ryt and stop confusing people . But here if you are vaccinated , many of the rules are not applicable to you which is relief
Btw is there any COVID restrictions still in us , cuz here we keep hearing that mist of covid restrictions in America are already lifted
Oh same i too love going on road trip and traveling ( i usually don't go out of the house these cuz COVID is still big issue here , but whenever its road trips i just go ) , btw what is your longest road trip ?
ya i too dream of living in japan one day , cuz like you i also a total weeb , and very close to being a otaku too Lol
kyoneko2216 Oct 23, 10:29 PM
Oh , well many people don't , so i just say in case
Well its good , but after staying in your country from birth , does get boring at some point lol

Oh US , that's awesome , how is US btw ?