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Dec 31, 2019
Ah, i remember the famous song which can perfectly describes this manga.
Do you know First Love by Nikka Costa? Lets read my review while listening that song!

Remember when you fall in love? Have you fall in love in your childhood? What will you do to get attention for your lover?

One of the answer is trying to be an adult. Trying to be an adult will make your love target thinks that you are a cool and reliable person. Am i right? In fact, girls always get mature quickly than boys.

Here is our adorable MC, Himeno chan. She suddenly falling in love with her chairmate. Seems read more
Dec 30, 2019

This is me, when i see the poster and that long title.
First, lets see the title: Shinchou Yuusha or Cautious Hero. Doesn't this title like your generic isekai title, right?
Second, lets see the poster: A Kirito guy with his sword and those female who showing her boobs (partly). Hmmm seems like SAO with fanservice scene, right?

BUT?! why the hell i give 9 for this show?!! Am i trash taste weeb or just trolling you? Now, Are you ready perfectly to see my review? okay let's go!

Story: 9/10
Great story ever! EH?! WHY?
I was wrong dude! This is not your generic Isekai.

Adventure with a read more
Nov 9, 2019
Until now, there were 5 romcom anime that i have seen with the words of "ore"
Ore Monogatari
Ore no nounai blabla (Noucome)

Those five are worth to watching. I don't have any particular problem with those. Then, now i watching this too, Oresuki. Is Oresuki worth to watch? Lets read my review.

Story: 3/10
What the fuck is going on?! (turn on some sfx meme)

The author seems to mixing this show with drama and comedy but fail to mix that.
How can those drama easily resolved with only a single minutes? MC lucky?
How can such a bastard character who against the MC suddenly came to friendly with MC without any read more
Oct 28, 2019
Doga Kobo (Studio that producing this anime) seems to says like this: "Hey my fans! I am so tired always producing cute girl anime. Now its time some bulks guys to teach you how to workout! you damn weebs!"

What a surprise for me that the queen of moe studio producing this anime. But since its from Doga Kobo i tried watching this anime. Aaand heeeeere we gooooo!

Story: 8/10

Is it just like my usual diet program TV in my weekend? NO!! You are wrong guys!

Each episode have different story and different setting. One is in Gym Hall, another one in beach, another one at mountain, read more
Oct 28, 2019
Ohayou Sekai Good Morning World!

That first OP really good as hell. If someone make a video "You Sing You Lose Anime Version" at Youtube and inserted that song. Of Course, I will lose the challenge.

I have know this anime from its manga. when I read the manga at first, I finish it 60 chapters at once. The plot really innovative to me and also amusing me!
Sadly, there are many negative reviews from this site. So, I am afraid this anime will not to be your watching list despite this anime have a very amusing story. So, please read my review and I hope your read more
Oct 28, 2019
Kore de katta to omou na yo!
(Don't think you have won!)

The only one Manga Time Kirara Anime in this year. Of course, this is will be one of my anticipated anime. Whats make me more happy again is my favorite VA, Akari Kito and Konomi Kohara are the cast staff of MC. I know Konomi Kohara always doing her best effort when she have major role, such as Chika in Kaguya Sama. And Yeah! Konomi Kohara is very good doing her role as Shamiko. Shamiko is now my favorite character of the year because its her cuteness noise.

Story: 9/10
I think it was another boring magical read more