Nov 9, 2019
Hitoribotchan (All reviews)
Until now, there were 5 romcom anime that i have seen with the words of "ore"
Ore Monogatari
Ore no nounai blabla (Noucome)

Those five are worth to watching. I don't have any particular problem with those. Then, now i watching this too, Oresuki. Is Oresuki worth to watch? Lets read my review.

Story: 3/10
What the fuck is going on?! (turn on some sfx meme)

The author seems to mixing this show with drama and comedy. The fuck is the author fail to mix that.
How can those drama easily resolved with only a single minutes? MC lucky?
How can such a bastard character who against the MC suddenly came to friendly with MC without any awkward feeling?
How can this school have a tradition that a guy dancing with 3 girls? any acceptable reason for this?
I just think this story is written by a masturbating boy.

Art: 9/10
Looks decent for me, just expected for Connect. I always love their pretty art.

Sound: 5/10
Those sfx doesn't really suit. It's too overly dramatic to me. But, still i love Tomatsu Haruka doing her role as Sanshokuin Sumireko (Pansy). I love her sadistic sound, very suit to her and Pansy.

Pathetic! and bit confusing.
How can the MC curse his childhood friend as bitch but in a single minutes they wants to befriend again without any awkward moment later?
How can such a bastard character then suddenly have a good term with MC without any acceptable reason?
Am I the only one who confuse here? please click "I found this review helpful" button if you agree with me.

Enjoyment: (5/10)
For its 3 first episode i found this really amusing for me. But later, i didn't get any idea how to react this show. Will i laugh? Will i cry? Will i angry?
FYI, I write this review while doing facepalm. So, am i really enjoy watching this show?

Overall: 5/10
Fuck that score. (7.85 at 2019/11/9) Even this show can't beat those previous "ore". Better watching those previous "ore" than this one.