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Sep 16, 2023
One Piece (Anime) add
Preliminary (101/? eps)
One Piece was a surprise for me, i always thought it was overated or pure hype, and boy i was dead wrong, the anime is great and definitely deserves to be in a list of best shounens of all time.
But with that said, the anime has a big problem with fillers and the quality of the animation overall, it is nothing that will ruin the experience but i will tell you, go for the manga to really feel the real experience of One Piece.
The characters are the best part of the anime(in my opinion) all of them are so memorable ...
Sep 16, 2023
I highly recommend that manga, every Baki fan will love this spin off ! It gives us more depth into the lore and into the family of Kozue Matsumoto and also, we get to know Momo who is Katsumi's brother. Another cool thing is that finally Itagaki confirmed how the Garouden series shares a universe with Baki, so yeah, the cameos that happened in Baki are actually canon and not just an easter egg.
The best characters are for sure Momo and Juumei Kuga, Juumei was my favorite by far as i already liked him from the Garouden manga and after seeing more of him, ...
Sep 16, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Weird song, i see it was a attempt to follow the JPOP Hype train but it kinda fails, the song is not catchy in a good way but ends up being annoying and forgettable, for an example i had to listen to it twice cause i forgot to write this review before XD.
There is not really "story" or "plot" to go on, it is just a average hot anime chic with a song going along.
And when i say it does not have anything besides that i really mean it, it is just a image with a song in the back, there is a ...
Sep 11, 2023
As a Baki fan that was dream come true moment, i still remember the first time i watch de 2001 anime and hope for YEARS that Baki got a new one and since 2018 we are finally getting it.
The new season adapts the "Son of Ogre", so we have Prison Arc, Pickle and the Father vs Son match, i will review each one in a minute, but first let me say what improved overall:
Animation: The weird CGI is completely gone(Thankfully) and since the Raitai tournament the animation only improved, so it is a major point.
Soundtracking and Voice acting: I watched both the Japanese and ...
Jun 13, 2021
I could go on and on here, but i will straight to the point, this is one of the BEST anime i've watched, not because it is super complex like Ergo Proxy, no because it is deep like Berserk and neither because of how revolutionary it was, but because this anime captivates you, this anime makes you feel like you are hanging out with a couple of friends, you feel connected to the story and it is so much FUN, this anime is light on you, easy going, if you want to watch something that is enjoyable and beautiful, WATCH THIS !
Jun 3, 2020
Hello everyone! This is the first review of this VERY underated horror anime, and sadly so, because this is a great horror show, it has a great atmosphere and that feel of danger in each episode, you connect really well with the characters. I have watched a good amount of horror anime and i can say this is a very good one, especially for its time, in the 80´s and 90´s it was really hard to stand out, because great animes of that genre were coming, and if something stood out, it is because it was good, sadly it was overshadowed by bigger releases here ...
May 16, 2020
Hey everyone, since the last review posted was from almost 12 years ago, and the movie was released 15 years ago i felt that a new review would be cool, i won´t say much different from the later review, but, i will pull my points of view and my opinion on it :
First of all and most importantly is to reinforce some points :
1) This movie is a tribute to the japanese kaijuu movies (godzilla and etc) and also the metal heroes and tokusatsu series, so the premise and the main idea was never to change the genre or to shock, but, ...
May 8, 2020
Hello everyone ! well, this time is the time to review a classical yet quite obscure anime (for the right reasons), but, before starting this no spoiler review i want to clear some stuff up, first of all, it is not as bad as people say sometimes, calling it absolute trash or the worst horror anime ever, and another thing is that this is not a adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel, but actually an adaptation of the Marvel comics story of a same name that is a adaptation of the novel, so this is kinda of the adaptation of a adaptation (yeah quite ...
May 6, 2020
Tough Guy! (Anime) add
As no one has written a review yet, i thought i should give it a shot as it´s been a while since a last wrtoe something. Well let´s begin, this is an indie short anime film, so that would be unfair to use regular standsarts to judge this one, but even with that, we can´t really save much from it.
"Tough Guy!" Tells the story of a praying Mants (that is just called tough guy) that is passionated by martial arts adn wants to become strong, and basically every "act" or episode is based on his journey to do it, yes it is a movie ...
Apr 8, 2020
001 (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Well, as this is a short animation, it is gonna be a cool short review too ! This animation is very misunderstood by some sort of bullsh1t dark humor short when its not it, if you pay enough attention you will see that what the car "runs over" actually falls into it, and if you look frame by frame or just pay a bit more attention, you will realize it falls like a baby and ends up "aging" as the animation goes on. So with that in mind, the meaning to this is probably show that life passes to everyone like a car in ...

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