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Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower
May 4, 1:32 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
May 4, 1:25 PM
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Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation
Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation
May 4, 1:25 PM
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May 4, 1:27 PM
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Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
May 4, 1:26 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
May 4, 1:25 PM
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milhoboy Jun 13, 4:45 AM
Felizmente isso acontecer vai ser bem difícil mesmo, a não ser que dê alguma merda lá e eles resolvam tacar o foda-se pra tudo, dando prêmio pra um monte de merda kkkkkkkk
Mano, seria épico se acontecesse.
Pelo que deu pra perceber, Berserk deve ser o mangá com mais hiato que existe, não é possível kkkkk, mano o bagulho tá em publicação desde os anos 80 e fica dando essas paradas, cara como a revista que publica ainda não ficou pistola com o autor? Ou eles gostam tanto do mangá que querem ir até o fim, ou então o público gosta então eles não desistem. Deve ser o segundo caso.
Esse segundo caso se aplica a Hunter x Hunter, já que o Togashi é bem famoso e o mangá dele vende kk
O Roger continua um mistério, capaz do anime acabar e a gente não descobrir o que esse merda era de fato pqp
Pode rolar uma pista, agora em agosto vai lançar um filme novo, e o vilão vai ser um ex integrante da tripulação dele, provavelmente pode rolar alguma pista concreta sobre ele.

Tem umas duas semanas que eu não vejo OPM, é que sei lá, não tô empolgado não, mesmo que eu ache que não tá tão ruim, vou aproveitar que esses dias tô de folga e tentar por em dia. Cara SNK tá muito incrível, nossa, esses três últimos episódios que lançaram foram muito bons. No início eu achei um pouco exagero o pessoal dando 10 e talz, mas acho que agra até eu vou dar 10 pqp. FINALMENTE CHEGARAM NAQUELE MALDITO PORÃO, PQP ESPERO ISSO DESDE 2013.

Bunille May 4, 1:49 PM
Yeah, I plan to. It'll be interesting to find out.
Bunille May 4, 1:37 PM
No problem! ^^
I see that you like Jun Mochizuki
Krysaia Apr 23, 8:57 PM
I meant to send this sooner, but I've been mostly inactive on MAL. Anyway here is my long reply finally.
We still occasionally talk on Discord as well, so...

Ah okay. Well hopefully you’ll enjoy the new location.

True, very true. It just loops back to “it doesn’t matter” in the end lol. Yeah, the longer you keep things held in, the more it will just eat away at you. Oh, do the mods just give you different types of songs?

She is super cute and the fact that she’s a rabbit makes her cuter. Glad you think so too. Oh haha, Remilia too strong. Hm, maybe that’s why I am not familiar with Kirin.. that’s cool though. Osu has a lot of Touhou songs, so it’s one of the best ways to learn about Touhou imo, at least song wise. Songs like those are nostalgic. That means you’re the same as me with his new music.. idk, I feel like a lot of artists/bands are changing up their sound nowadays, which I guess is good, but sometimes it can also leave me missing some of their older sounds and the newer stuff doesn’t always sounds good. Oh you don’t like screamo? I thought you liked BMTH though? For me, it really depends. I usually prefer a mixture of screaming/soft vocals or just entirely soft vocals, like listening to a bunch of screaming songs one after another can be overwhelming, so it’s not a genre I could spam all day, but I still like it. Some songs that are mixed I actually feel conflicted on cause I usually don’t care for the heavy screaming parts, but then the softer vocals sound so nice.. Eh well if you’re capable of holding a conversation this long, I don’t really see how one could consider you boring. Yeah too bad your music taste has changed now. I’m in the process of checking out more bands or some missed albums from bands I already listen to just to discover some hidden gems and get more songs in my music library. I feel like I could be missing out on some stuff, so just trying to find new music. I made a list of bands/artists to check out, so I have quite a lot to get to. Oh, tattoos are cool, and that would’ve been a very simple one. Ah Escape the Fate is one of the bands I was actually going to check out since I haven’t listened to them much. Got into Set It Off a while ago. I really like their songs and they aren’t too heavy, so… oh you own a MCR shirt? Lol that’s cool.. I don’t own any band merch, though if I were to buy any, it would be for top bands/bands that I like a lot. I’ve seen some bands with really nice merch, but it can be pretty expensive, so I have held back on buying anything. I’ll check out more Foreground Eclipse at some point. Haha yeah indeed I did add it to my music library. With a title like Bullet, I’d hate to imagine what the lyrics are like.

Indeed we do. Yeah that would take some sort of miracle lol. You say that’s worth? Geez, you are really hardcore then. That would be too much for me. Good thing you don’t play that much anymore. I think it would only mess up your wrist even more. Ah yeah, that must not be good when you are coding.. all the more reason to play osu less. Alright, if you wanna put it that way. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Hopefully that is the case. I hardly ever believe anyone would be able to talk to me forever. Eventually at some point, people do get tired of me and talk to me less, or just stop completely. We do have a lot of topics here though, so I guess our comment won’t die out anytime soon. Understandable lol. Yeah, but the new one still definitely has slight improvements. My only complaint for it is the fights went by too fast and sometimes felt anticlimactic. I don’t think SAO is as bad as a lot of people make it out to be, but everyone has their own opinions on it. I’m sure if I took the time to really analyze the series, I would see all of that as well. Not just MAL either. Everyone just randomly disappears in general. Oh Cowboy Bebop lol.. taking life lessons from anime, the more you know. And yeah, no use spending that time wondering and wondering. Yeah it can be nice every once in a while to be in your own world. I guess it happened because we have a lot of similarities and topics to discuss, so it led to us expanding more and more. Makes sense. Just shows you’d be willing to take responsibility when it’s needed, but if you have the choice not to, then that’s the way you’d rather go. Good on you for choosing the library. I support that decision 100%. I’m sure there are some entry level jobs for your field though, but yeah usually employers want someone experienced, which is dumb considering not everyone has the chance to get experience, or will have a lack of it, so everyone should get a fair chance. Ah yeah, you’d probably rather work in something that isn’t support related. The experience should help though.

Yeah it can get pretty costly, so that’s understandable. Nah I gotta think carefully about this since it is something permanent on my body. I want to at least make sure it’s something worth getting, or it’s a complete waste of money and it’s not like I can take it back once it has been done. Ooo cool! I’ve been playing Witcher 3 every now and then… and hahah yeah, no wonder some people get their bodies covered in tatoos.
Oh that’s a pretty long hair length for a guy lol. It’s good to know you’re comfortable around me!
Yeah some countries just make the world much harder to live in.

Well I live under a rock, so there’s a lot I don’t know about. Oh, 2016 is only a couple years though, but damn, rip I guess. To be able to learn on your own is a very helpful skill to have.. I just like it better when I have some sort of guidance and know what I am doing right/wrong. Both of those languages seem difficult, but I’m sure if you’re motivated enough, then you can do it. Wow that is a lot of times to retry a song lol. I could only retry a song so many times before I got frustrated with it. Yes, Fate is a great series. I hate those hentai puzzle games… they are always in my discovery queue and I put them all on my ignore list. Oh geez, I don’t like tentacles at all… it’s always so overboard and gross. Yeah same here, but guidelines I guess. Yes, Eden is really amazing. Glad you think so too.

I trust your opinion on that then.

Ahaha, I see what you did there. One of a kind yu-gi-oh card that you can’t get anywhere else. Mhm, I am trying to be more appreciative of things though, despite my negative view.. I don’t think it’s as bad these days. It just sits there in the back of my mind. I won’t forget you, don’t worry! That is such a true sentence. This is why you just gotta stop and think about things for a moment, otherwise you end up missing those small things. The days go by so fast though that everything starts to become a blur. It is sad, but it also has some truth to it. I think I understand what you mean, but hmm.. perhaps it’s just something that’s hard for you to see right now and it will pay off somehow in the future. I like to think that to at least keep me going a little bit and so the things I do don’t feel completely useless to me. Yeah it is pretty scary knowing we are capable of doing such things even if it’s not to an extreme. There are just certain things we may never think we would do, but then we end up doing them. At least you know though? Then you are more aware of it and can actually do something to better yourself as a person. I think that’s the good thing about it. That is hard to do, especially when you can’t gather your thoughts together and/or just don’t understand yourself or the decisions you have made. I think so as well. It’s always nice to see how friendships grow and develop just from a simple conversation starter. It’s hard for me to believe in that as well mostly because there’s always that feeling of “it’s too good to be true” or I feel like it could be taken away from me at any moment once I get comfortable with it, so it’s almost as if I am unable to make myself fully comfortable and accepting of happy endings or any good feeling. Crazy how that works out. Makes for good discussion though. Yeah I think so as well. There’s a difference between being egoistic and simply doing things for yourself to make your life better. I think when you’re with someone who has dreams and goals in life, and is getting somewhere, that makes them more attractive to you cause they have something going on in their life. I couldn’t see myself being with someone who is not ambitious or doesn’t even attempt to do anything because then it’d be a completely one sided relationship. Well sometimes thinking about the fantasy stuff can be a good escape from the harsh realities of life. If your special power has said so, then I guess I should believe in that. It has never failed you after all. I think everyone has to pretend in some sort of way, like we have to always keep up an appearance when interacting with the public in a work setting, even if someone rubs you the wrong way. Oh haha really? Well it just shows we have similar thinking to things like this.

I can’t think easily about logical things or about myself hahah. I can relate to having a hard time getting your feelings in order or trying to express yourself correctly. It’s almost as if there are never the right words to describe exactly the clutter of mess that fills your head (at least that’s how I see it). Truer words have never been said. Everything is tiring indeed and when you are naturally tired all the time, everything else feels tiring as well, like it just takes all your energy. Gotta strive for something in order to survive though. It’s not an easy thing to deal with. Being tired all the time is tiring as well lol. Well that’s a different view on religion, but I can see some sense in that. It’s just something else to make us question life tbh. Well sometimes we have to be hurt really hard in order to actually learn. Seems the be the same case for you as well then. It just lessens the pain the more we are prepared for it, so it’s kinda good actually. It’s sad, but that’s what happens. Yup, exactly.. nothing good ever comes out of that.

Lol yeah, it seems to be the best time for you anyway. That stress will probably only go up as the days go by, so good luck with that.. so you make a plan, but then expect it not to work anyway cause that’s what you expect. Yes, makes complete sense lol. Actually being serious about that too. Ah I see.. well that can be good in some ways too since you can just focus on doing your own thing. You just gotta do what works best for you. I know many people choose to finish college at a later time, rather than all at once. There’s always different circumstances to consider. Yeah well at least you’re getting the experience, but it’s definitely something you should make a change since you don’t wanna be stuck doing something you hate forever. You’d probably be much happier with an active programming job. Good thing is you are getting some experience now even if you hate it. It’s only temporary. Pretending is the way to life lol. That just means you are great at pretending! Yeah I hope so. It’s quite stressful.

It’s funny you call them customers cause in a library setting it is more fitting to call them patrons and it’s hard to give an exact number, but it’s not that many honestly. I see a lot of regulars there though. Oh that’s really nice! It helps to have a background in different stuff. It opens up your options to a lot of different things.
Oo I see. A lot of people are looking forward to it and are enjoying that arc, so guess this is a good point in AoT for most people.

If I find something that is really cute and I like it, then I tend to stick with it for a while too.
milhoboy Apr 23, 9:05 AM
Isso é quase impossível de acontecer, acho que eles não seriam tão tapados de fazer isso, mas seria bem loko se acontecesse, imagina só? Kkskkskakkdjkjkjdja Daqui a pouco eles invetam um prêmio de melhor anime com mais de 100 episódios, aí possa ser que DBS ganhasse alguma coisa só na zuera.
Sim, 80%. Eu sinceramente não consigo imaginar One Piece sem ser esse anime gigante que é. Acho que por ser enorme dá uma sensação melhor de aventura dos personagens, não é uma coisa 'simples" com só uns 200 ou 300. Acho que é por isso que ainda dá certo.
Esse mangá de Bersek é velho hein, nossa deve ter uns 25 hiato aí, começou em 89 e ainda nem tem 400 capítulos, pô depois querem reclamar dos hiatos de Hunter x Hunter.

Nah eu não vi problema na segunda temporada de OPM, pra mim tá tudo de boa, não tem praticamente nada de tão ruim comparado a MadHouse. Acho que a rejeição da maioria das pessoas é porque assi que anunciaram a troca de estúdio e diretor começaram a problematizar isso demais, daí tem gente que acha defeito onde não tem. Poderia er ido pra Bones? Poderia, mas a J.C. nem é ruim eles só não são habituados a fazer shonem nesse estilo. SNK é um problema na minha vida kkkkkksksks tipo, eu assisti a primeira temporada achei muito foda e talz, mas por alguma razão nunca fiquei ansioso com nada em relação a isso, nem pra ler mangá e nem pra ver temporada nova, com essa aí nem é diferente vou ver só por ver mesmo, empolgação 0.
Kimetsu no Yaiba tá muito bom mesmo, assisti esses episódios e já considero um dos melhores do ano, nossa vai ser be bom, diferente de SNK esse sim tõ com vontade de ler o mangá.
LainShinikami Apr 14, 4:38 PM
"Embora tivesse um nome agora, não havia ninguém mais para chama-lo pelo nome. Johan. É um nome maravilhoso"
milhoboy Apr 11, 3:43 PM
Provavelmente eles usam esse sistema mesmo. é uma pena, já que animes que realmente merecem não ganham nada, enquanto Boku no Hero sai ganhando a maioria dos prêmios.
Sim kjkjksksjkjjkaj se for pegar por ordem de popularidade, capaz deles começarem a dar prêmio pra animes antigos, tipo Dragon Ball mesmo.

Sim, na verdade tõ falando das pates antes da luta do Kuma, mas pode se encaixar aí também. Sabe aquele arco Thriller Bark? Então, foi entre essa e os antecessores. Cara, nessa época tava tudo muito bom, sério, o enredo tava andando, os acontecimentos tinham real relevância o tempo todo, as lutas eram legais e bem feitas...dava pra ver que os cara tava dando o sangue pra fazer aquilo. Hoje tá tudo meio morno mesmo. Tem lutas legais mas não são tão interessantes. Mas então, pelo que já foi informado, One Piece já tá 80% completo, então acho que dura mais uns 5 anos de mangá ainda.
As ultimas sagas estão servindo mais pra desenvolver as habilidades do Luffy no uso do haki, tipo, na luta dele com o Doflamingo ele desenvolveu o haki do armamento, e na luta que teve dias atrás ele desenvolveu o haki da observação, daí aos poucos ele tá evoluindo e quando ele ficar mais forte provavelmente o anime já vai estar no final.

Ah, im! Eu conheço esse anime aí Sazae-san, ele tem uns 7000 eisódios kkskskkajjasj e tem gente achando One Piece logo. Essa merda tá passando na TV desde 1969, mano, é mais velho que maus pais kskskska
Pelo que deu pra ver são só curtas, acho que deve ter uns 0 minutos cada episódio.

Cara, eu na verdade nem planejei nada pra assistir nessa temporada kskksa Meu tempo livre tá tão escasso que nem isso eu consigo fazer. Na verdade só planejei ver a segunda temporada de One Punch Man e a segunda parte de SNK, de resto, até agora só vi Fruit Basket dessa temporada. Com o tempo vejo outros pra assistir.
E você?
milhoboy Apr 5, 10:30 AM
A verdade é que o CR dá preferência pra os animes que eles tem e já que Boku no Hero é um dos mais assistidos da plataforma eles dão algum tipo de preferência pra ele nas premiações. Bom, pelo menos eu penso assim. Acho que eles deram o prêmio de melhor filme pra Kimi no na wa porque era unânime que tinha sido o melhor filme do ano kkkkk
Continuo achando que o problema dele foi se autoproclamar "Deus" e começar a fazer merda. O pensamento dele no começo era até interessante; punir criminosos para fazer do mundo um lugar melhor é muito tentador, mas daí ele começa a matar pessoas inocentes e ficar fazendo burrices...pra mim mereceu o fim que teve.

Como eu disse, One Piece tem seus altos e baixos. Uma coisa que eu percebi é que depois do time skip, sabe, la´pelo episódio 500 o anime teve uma queda considerável na qualidade de produção, sério, ficou terrível. Acho que o ápice do anime mesmo foi lá pelos episódios 200 a 350, nooooooosss o que era aquilo?! O anime tava mito bonito em muitos aspectos, a história tava d++ meu arco favorito é skypiea, sério achei aquilo muito foda, os piratas irem até literalmente o céu onde deus Enel estava, cara aquilo não tem preço. Assisto ainda hoje e aquela empolgação ainda permanece. CP9 foi a mesma coisa.

Esses animes com tantos episódios assim são obrigatórias serem bons, porque se não forem...Cara, tem um mangá que ficou sendo publicado por 40 anos, sério, o negócio começou nos anos 70 e só terminou em 2016. Cara esse mangá tinha que ser muito bom pra ter durado tanto kk.

Ah, sim. Os balões kkkkkkskks

Dublagem de YuYu é muito boa mesmo, acho que a única que compete é a de One Punch Man que é na mesma pegada kkk
Krysaia Apr 5, 9:23 AM
Ahh gotcha.
Seems like the typical one to start with anyway. I only needed the class as a part of a math credit, so there was no reason for me to keep continuing it after. It's not one of my interests.
I know the feeling all too well, plus I also have an endless backlog.

You've already changed it a few times lol. That's a lot of times to change it.
Krysaia Mar 23, 12:14 AM
There's some unfamiliar names to me haha
I'm sure you do :>
Dang that sounds pretty frustrating to deal with it. Nah, math is not for me. It's one of my weaker subjects. Yeah I guess C is like the beginner class where all the basics are covered and wow that sounds pretty advanced to start off with that. It's good though that you were prepared for it.
Noo don't say that! I wouldn't want you to get hit by a truck.
That's good to know.

I haven't seen you change your Discord pic that often, so that's interesting. It's kind hard not to change pictures frequently though.. everyday is something else. I have friends that change their avatar multiple times a day.
Yay! Good thing it's not too long lol.
milhoboy Mar 21, 7:03 PM
Prova de que o anime não é ruim, são as pessoas que não leram o mangá e acham incrível. Sinceramente, esse possivelmente vai ganhar uma premiação no anime awards esse ano, já que não vai ter Boku no Hero mesmo (eu acho) daí a CR vai dar chances pra outros. Das 18 premiações, Boku no Hero ganhou a maioria pqp. Os ultimos episódios foram muito bons, principalmente esse 11, que deixou um gancho foda no final. Mesmo sabendo o que vai acontecer quero ver esse ultimo logo.
Uma coisa não dá pra negar; mesmo o Light sendo um cocô, ele ainda é um personagem carismático, já que o senso de justiça dele (mesmo não sendo o adequado pro politicamente correto) é o mesmo de muitas pessoas. Na real, muita gente pensa e faria que nem ele se tivesse um Death Note. Na real, ele meio que acaba ficando maluco mesmo, se autoproclamando um deus e talz. O erro dele no final é ter pensado que o jogo tava ganho e confiar nos outros, a não ser em si mesmo. Basicamente fez merda.
Drama chato, acho que gostaria mais se esquecessem essa garota e botassem os personagens pra só jogar badminton.

Resumindo, Bleach é muito ruim, esqueça Bleach, apague Bleach de sua memória. Ninguém que eu conheça pessoalmente parou pra assistir One Piece, uma amiga minha tentou mas desistiu, sei lá. só sei que até agora ela não viu. Eu já ouvi falar disso aí, dizem mesmo que OP fica bom só do 300 em diante, mas eu nem acho, na real, fica legal mesmo MESMO só lá pro episódio 40, que começa a acontecer umas coisa interessantes. Tem seus altos e baixos, mas ainda é muito bom.
Tem um anime com mais quantidade de episódio que OP chamado Detective Conan, você provavelmente conhece. Esse eu não assisto por preguiça mesmo kskksksk Eu já vi alguns dos 100000 filmes que tem e achei legal, mas não tomei iniciativa pra ver o anime ainda kskskks

Ainda não terminei até dei uma parada, vou votar a ler kk

Exatamente, muito, muito, MUITO, zoado mesmo ksksakakka Pô, eu tenho 17 e ano passado eu esqueci a data do meu aniversário, tipo, do nada o povo me dando parabéns, só depois que eu fui lembrar KSKSKKS

Hater de dublagem kkskskak
Krysaia Mar 18, 9:50 PM
No worries. What do you mean they moved you to a new school to work on? Do you change locations where you work pretty often?

True, she's just beyond this universe. Anyone who does not like her just has bad taste. Jkjk, everyone has their reasons for disliking a character. I'm sure Holo would love being spoiled with hugs and apples. I mean if we really think about it, nothing we do ever really matters. I see everything that I do simply as a way to occupy my time. Anyway, I should probably stop there before I end up going into a long negative tangent. I don't even remember which one I played, but wow I did not know Guitar Hero even has mods.

Oo so you like rabbit girl and magician girl best. I do agree it is a hard choice though. Mine is probably the most obvious choice, but I would say Reimu is my #1 and Remilia would come next. I'm actually not too familiar with Kirin and Fujiwara, but they both look cute. I noticed some of Letodie's songs have Spanish(?) titles, so it seems like it's rap in another language. Not giving him a listen right now, since I'm listening to some other stuff atm. I used to listen to a lot of Eminem, but I kind of grew out of him, plus his newer songs don't really vibe with me. No, I get what you mean. It's exactly why I don't like mumble rap, like I can't even understand why some people like that and some of the most popular rappers do music like that and I'm just like "what is the appeal to this and why is this so popular??" It just sounds extremely awful to me.. I'm sure we all have a weird side to us. Without being weird, we are just plain and boring janes. Oh damn yeah "The Black" is really good. Looks like you have good taste in music too. BMTH is one of my favorite bands actually. Did you listen to their really old albums, like the first two, or did you listen to some of their later stuff? I know their sound has changed, but I never really got into their heavier stuff since some of it sounds unclean and not good to me. I started listening to them from Sempiternal and onwards. Ooo that Foreground Eclipse song is really good. That one will for sure be added to my playlist. Oh really? Well thanks for saying that. Really nice to see you like them as well. I actually never listened to Bullet, but wow that sounds much different from their other stuff I have heard though, like it has a much more upbeat vibe to it. That's cool btw that you got to know them over a facecam. Must've been a live thing.

Well I might end up sounding like a broken record here, but I completely understand that, because I am very hard on myself as well. Oh damn, really? Just imagine taking a year off from Osu and you come back stronger than ever. Well that's good. Once you get up to the really fast songs, you have to go into hardcore mode and you can easily mess up your wrist.. hell, I don't know how the pro players manage that. I will never understand it. Aaaah that's sad to hear, but anyway don't feel rushed to respond back. I know you won't always be able to respond fast anyway and I end up replying quite late as well. Oh well our conversation is all over the place with different topics haha, but I feel like our discussions could go on for a long time. Are you watching the new SAO btw? I never really thought of SAO as bad, though I didn't really like GGO, but anyway my point here is the new SAO is a lot better than the previous ones (at least imo). Ah yeah that is always a sad thing to hear.. I really hate when I don't get closure on something and when someone close to me disappears or never responds to me. I end up worrying a lot and look over past convos. But ah well life moves on eh and you end up meeting new people. That's how I would like to go through my whole life. Actually sometimes I feel like a ghost anyway. Not sure if you ever get that feeling, but for me it can be the strongest in a group setting, like just being that person whose left out and doesn't know how to contribute. Aww, thanks for including me in that 99%! I still can't believe how fast our comments grew actually. Definitely didn't expect that from such a simple conversation starter. Ahh okay and yeah but then even if you started back in hs, you'd be in the same situation now with not having much time for it. As much as I always say I rather stay at home doing my own thing, there is a part of me that likes to stay productive. I just don't like having to go outside and deal with people and real world stuff, especially since I still feel like a child. Yep and that's the thing.. the later you start on in life, the more difficult it gets cause then you have to explain to employers the huge time gap with doing absolutely nothing.

It could always be possible. There are a lot of girls who are into the geeky/nerdy type of guys. Oo, not a lot of tattoos and piercings though I'm guessing? What do you have tattoos of? I don't really care for piercings, but I've always wanted to at least get one tattoo. I'm just not creative enough to think of what I would want.. is your hair dark or light? short or long? Sorry if these questions are too personal or weird. I'm just trying to get a better visual, but you answer whatever is comfortable for you. It always makes for an interesting experience when you get that one weird teacher.
And wow, that's just terrible.. Just goes to show the type of world that we live in.

Oh I see. Never heard of that osu player. And oh wow, so you got into VNs (guessing you meant VNs and not LNs) from an Osu player. Well you made the right choice diving into VNs! And nah I don't have a favorite player. Yeah I guess so and I can see why people would give up so early on. It's great to see tbh since it gives more exposure to the VN. OSTs alone can be enough motivation to start a VN. Oh yeah forcing yourself to do anything is never really a pleasant experience. I enjoy learning new languages, but self teaching myself it doesn't work well. I like having them in a class format, especially since there's someone that can teach me what's right or wrong. I discovered a lot of songs from Osu as well hahaa. Tia - Glory Days is is a good example of a song I fell in love with on Osu. Never really found too much songs outside of anime ones. Is Imperial Circus like extreme screamo or something? I played this one And mhm, Fate is one of the bigger titles and one of my favorites. Really glad that someone convinced me enough to play it. I remember being so reluctant about starting it because the length of it. Emotional stories usually give that kind of feeling, but those are usually what tend to grab my attention the most. The emotional and dark stories. Not quite sure why I have a thing for those, but can't help what I like. Huh? Did I say that? I know Senjou Maou, just never finished it. I played it when I was first getting into VNs, but ended up losing interest and put it on hold. I'm sure I could get into it now though since I'm more passionate about VNs compared to back then lol. I'm pretty iffy when it comes to purchasing VNs on Steam, especially since they end up taking visual novels off the store page for no reason, but shooting games and those hentai puzzles are completely fine. It just irks me to no end that visual novels get this unfair treatment. I know they did release something a while ago about that, but I know some developers still have problems with Steam review and their game ends up being delayed. I like getting the full experience with visual novels (h-scenes included, even if they are completely terrible at times). As for a short VN, hmm.. well by short, I am guessing you mean like 2-10 hours, though those ones are hardly ever any good. There's this one, this, this and Those are the most enjoyable short ones I have played.

Sure I'll let you know and I'm gonna hold you to that, so if I end up disappointed, I will know who to blame. Just kidding.

W H O A are you a magician!? Yeah I doubt you'd want to read that stuff in your spare time when I'm sure you already read it enough for studying haha. It can be nice to give yourself a breather from that at times. You're a magician and logician! A magical logician! Oo that explains why. That manga sounds really bizarre. I'm not someone that would forget happy memories, but I feel like I don't have very many of them, or my mind has gone so far down that negatives end up standing out more for me these days, plus I usually form the strongest bonds with people over more personal stuff. But yeah you can never forget people that have helped you in a bad time and if you do, well that's just saddening. What do you mean being born broken? Was there actually something physical/mentally wrong with you when you were born? I think I get what you mean. It's something along the lines of your own thoughts scaring you and how far they go, how far you're willing to go or to even reach a point where it starts to become a thing of questioning everything and everyone. I get how you feel too. I actually have a lot of conflicting inner thoughts about this, like how sometimes I end up thinking what's the point of doing anything or feeling like I'll never be fully satisfied, and just doing things to get by, but at the same time I want to find some sort of purpose to my life so I don't feel as if it's all a waste and I don't want my purpose to be for another person either. I want my purpose to be for myself. I'm basically just in a constant game of tug of war with my own thoughts and no matter how many times I remind myself of the small steps and progress I have made in life, I always end up back at square one. Honestly I feel like I always have to put up a mask when I'm outside dealing with the general public, like just pretend to be happy and your life is swell when it's really not. You tell everyone you're good or okay when really it's not true, but who really wants to get into the details of how things really are, especially in a formal setting. I guess there's just some part in us that still fights for a better life despite knowing the reality of things and how we truly feel cause truth be told, things would be worse if we didn't at least try to work or get an education.. If I ended up on the street with nothing, then that would be the point where I would just not even want to live anymore. That's probably the only thing that keeps me going these days. I don't want to end up like that, so need to at least do something for myself. Yes I understand, but feel free to correct me if I am misinterpreting what you're saying. That's good to know. Talks like this can be relieving as well even if the topic itself is not pleasant. It's just a mutual understanding and something we feel similar about.

Thanks for that. I'm all over the place though when I start getting into specific reasons as to why I feel the way I do. Wow, the impact of seinen. Do you have a favorite seinen series? Mhm. I get thoughts like that when I get into my extreme lows. Good thing is my extreme lows do quickly pass over these days. I think I am so exhausted by everything these days that it's too exhausting to even stay in a slump for that long. Don't know if that makes any sense, but usually just end up at my default state of "okay, not really okay, but managing." Damn that's kind of poetic sounding, but also so sad and true at the same time. Everything loses meaning over time. People actually say that to you? That almost sounds like enforcing religion lol. Don't even get me started on the topic of religion.. I actually used to be kind of religious, but it didn't get me anywhere, so I threw that out the window. Looks like we will have a long journey of long replies then. Oh good, so then you understand my thinking completely and yep that's the way to go. It just hurts more when you expect a lot and it doesn't go how you want it to. Yes, EXACTLY THAT. Stupid and naive young me learned the hard way, but ah well, I just take it as a life learning experience. At least now I can just expect things will most likely not turn out well the majority of time. It becomes a thing where you just laugh it off and you can just say to yourself "well I expected that to happen anyway." Well hopefully we find meaning in something one day, lol. I guess in a way being broken has done us good cause then at least we don't go our whole life being dumb and always expecting a lot.

I like how you always tell me when you get home or you're gonna be sleeping soon, haha. It's like giving me an outline of your day. The point of presentations is just to make everyone suffer and make us do things that we really don't want to do. Well, the more "real" reason for it I guess is to give more knowledge to the class, maybe, I'm not sure. I always found presentations just nerve-inducing and pointless, like let me go up to the front of the classroom and make a fool out of myself. What was the presentation for? Do you have any close friends from college? I'm someone that stresses out a lot, like I just hate when things are so uncertain and I don't have a clear picture of what to do. It makes my life feel disorganized in a way.. I didn't really have a set plan after I finished university. It was basically along the lines of finding some sort of job. Hell, I got lucky getting a job that suits me. If not for that, I'd probably be stuck doing something I would absolutely hate due to not having any type of experience. I want to do some type of office work, like filing.. not exactly receptionist cause I don't like doing phone stuff, but I would probably have to settle for that. Also wanted to do counseling or something at one point, but I started thinking about how terrible my social skills are and doubting myself with that, plus I'd have to do more university and I don't even know what I would study at a graduate level and on top that, don't really want to do a dissertation since I had a practice course like that and mine ended up turning out like complete crap.. either those things or finding another position within the library, though I'm sure I wouldn't like those as much as my current one. The problem with my current one is it wouldn't be enough to support me on my own, so it's not something I can keep permanently unfortunately.. okay end of that lol.

I find working in a library is pretty relaxing though and you don't have to deal with people too much compared to some other jobs, though maybe it's not really for you since your interests are more with coding and math. But wow, they just threw it on you?

It's just a series you don't care for huh? I have many like that lol. ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING. And yeah, I get pretty excited when I see new songs from them. Damn, I actually haven't listened to Madoka Magica's OST in a while.
I agree! And wow, those episodes are pretty long, so I imagine it's not often you go back and rewatch them. Some AMVS are pretty damn good, though I don't watch many of them. Right.. when you don't have a lot of time, you sure as hell don't want to spend that on shit series. It's like at this point I have to dig really deep to find the gems. I just can't predict anymore what will be good cause it's hard to find stuff that stays good and consistent from start to finish. Sora yori is a series I actually missed out on orz. Ah yeah cept now AoT is going into the arc I don't really care for, so I'm not all that hyped for it anymore. A lot of people seem to like the current arc though and I'm one of the few that doesn't care for it.

Wow, really? That's pretty surprising if so lol
Ooo one year ahead? That's impressive! Sounds like it would just increase your workload though. Noo, don't give up! Keep working hard so it will pay off for you in the future! :<
The new place seems more strict.. I guess no more responding to people while at work.

Nah really, don't worry. Just reply at your own pace. I'm totally fine with late replies.
Glad to hear that cause here's another one haha

And yes as you can see, I change it frequently.
Krysaia Mar 18, 8:05 PM
Yeah too bad my mind is completely blank right now and I can't think of the term.. mhm, no problem!
Lol maybe you could be Ishigami from Kaguya-sama. Wow, you don't even know. That's funny.
Of course you'll say that cause that's what you do. You're quite the procrastinator aren't you?
That sounds pretty complicated to me, but I guess it's mainly the program itself that's causing you problems, and not the project itself. I took a C programming class once in high school and it was a pain for me. I mean I had a book that gave me steps, but that was also incorporated with math, so it made the class 10x worse. Anyway, kinda irrelevant, but I can understand the frustration of a complicated program.
Sounds like a good way to spend the day lol.. and oh you have Discord. If you ever want to add each other on there, let me know. We can still keep our essays comments. It could just be an alternative way to talk while waiting for the other person to respond.
That's okay. I won't be finishing it any time soon anyway. Still got quite a left to respond to, just hope I don't end up making it any longer.. will try my best not to turn it into like a five page essay.

Sorry about that. I got the urge to change my profile again, shame on me tbh.. thank you though.
Krysaia Mar 18, 7:11 PM
If you're talking about like a scientific reason, then I don't remember the term for it.. but it simply just goes well with every color just like how white goes with every color. Yes you do.
Laziness is just something that you have to fight, but yeah I know that feeling.. oh a list design? Are you using it now? Tbh I get more lazy with list designs cause it's way more coding and I can't deal with that.
Oh right, the actual coding is probably a pain to do. Is it a complicated game? Yeah I get you.. too much stuff going on for you. I never really want to go outside either. I'd rather just stay at home and do other stuff. Also, I'm gonna respond to the longer comment now.
milhoboy Mar 18, 11:52 AM
Eu nem gosto de conversar sobre o anime, principalmente com as pessoas que leram o mangá. Todas elas dizem a mesma coisa "o mangá é melhor", "cortaram muito diálogo", "que merda estão fazendo", "tá muito rushado", nooossa é muito chato. Pra mim é tudo frescura mesmo, já que as pessoas que nem leram o mangá estão gostando. O problema é que querem tudo igual e não é possível fazer, imagina se todo o livro de Harry Potter fosse adaptado pra filme, umas 4 horas de filme no mínimo pra cada.
Depois da morte do L, Ligth achou que o jogo tava ganho e começou a fazer merda, antes ele não confiaa em ninguém, daí começou a fazer parceria com aquele maluco do Mikami que não sabia fazer nada direito. Beyond Birthday? Nem kkk é bom?
SIIIIIM, esse é o problema. Eu achei que deram muito destaque pra drama de personagem que pra o badminton. Acho que foi uma decepção pra maioria que assistiu. Seria melhor se dessem destaque pra Aragaki, sabe, aquela garota dos peitos grandes, pqp ela era tão legal, mas aquela garota prodígio sem graça, mas né, o primeiro episódio foi bom demais, mas é o que dizem; tudo que é bom dura pouco.

Mano, acredita que ainda chamam Bleach de incompreendido? Eu tava conversando com um amigo de classe uma vez e ele disse isso KSKKSKSKS. Ele usou o argumento de que o começo é realmente ruim mas do meio pro final o anime desenvolve mais, tem lutas legais e o melhor traço dos animes, e mais bosta lá que nem me lembro. Eu disse essas mesma coisa pra ele e provei como 2+2 que Bleach é incoerente.
No primeiro episódio a gente vê; a Rukia lá que era boladona, era Shinigami a mais de 40000000000 anos, treinada e talz, perdeu pra um hollow ridiculo que o Ichigo matou com um corte só, mesmo não sendo capacitado pra isso, ALIÁS A RUKIA TINHA UMA SHIKAI E NÃO USOU!!!!! NA REAL NEM PRECISAVA JÁ QUE AQUELE BIXO ERA MERO MEME E ELA PERDEU!!!!!!!! Mano é muito fudido isso véi, quando você não planeja as coisa sai tudo errado.

Sem querer partiu do principio base de Naruto né? Um menino rejeitado que tem um demonio no crpo, mas mesmo assim conegue ser bem original, eu também tô gostando. O visual do protagonista é muito bonito, me leembrei do Black Jack, aquele médico foda que o Osamu Tezuka criou kkkkkk

Ah, eu já vi isso KKKKKKKKKKK A dublagem de dbz de portugal é muito meme kskskskks. Eu tenho um amigo português, segundo ele, a dublagem era pra ser zuada mesmo, ele disse que fazia referencias a portugal o tempo todo e que çá ninguém acha tão estranho. Aqui no Brasil umas cagada também acontece de vez em quando, tipo, já teve anime que foi dublado em Miami, com americano fazendo voz em ptbr ksksklkskskskkakalksjj saiu um lixo, acho que foi Blue Dragon e Gintama, fora outros aí.

Falando em dublagem ruim, você viu a de Megalobox? Pqp aquilo é pra chorar no banho véi, que dublagem lixo. Os cara quer trazer o anime pra o Brasil mas quer economizar.