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S-quare22 Yesterday, 9:55 AM
thanks :)
S-quare22 Jun 22, 4:45 PM
nice to see you active again!

not sure if you celebrate eid but..eid mubarak!
ChrisTheWeeb May 26, 4:05 PM
Yeah ikr, Mitsuru and Kokoro's relationship had no buildup at all. It just kinda randomly happened out of nowhere and made no sense. Mitsuru's character did a complete 180 when nothing really happened to him to develop his character. It was weird.
Yep, Zero Two feels like a completely different person. Not to mention that she and Hiro have been in a relationship for AGES now, and Mitsuru and Kokoro have sex, yet Zero Two and Hiro haven't yet? It makes no sense.

Glad to hear you're doing well, I'm pretty good myself. I went to a convention today and bought a bunch of stuff, also met the YouTuber "Lost Pause" briefly :)
(there was lots of Emilia cosplay too)

Don't worry about the late reply, enjoy your final 3 days lol

And nope, haven't got any crushes at the moment. Tbh I'm not even interested in a relationship at the moment either. I don't get much free time so having a girlfriend would mean even less free time which would suck :/
I have exams in a week too, so I'm gonna have to study a bunch and shit. RIP me
Noboru May 26, 2:31 PM
I've had the impression that you didn't like F/SN that much, since you were stuck at the Fate route for a very long time.

In my opinion, F/SN started to pick up with Unlimited Blade Works.

Heaven Feels started quite anticlimactic at first, but it picks up soon after that, though there's so much info dump around the end.

To be fair, neither of the two pairings, "ShirouxSaber" and "ShirouxRin" were anywhere special for me. But even so, I think that ShirouxRin makes for the more natural option.
Noboru May 26, 1:33 PM
Not a problem, hope you've been doing well ^^

How do you find F/SN so far? Has your impression improved?
Valaskjalf May 22, 5:46 PM
Emilia should have gotten more screentime
Hanako_San1992 May 20, 9:04 PM
Know been long time.

I clean out my profile comments from time to time same as my Mail folder to clean up stuff.
ChrisTheWeeb May 20, 7:42 AM
Yeah, I'm still loving it but I just don't think it deserves a 10 YET. I might change my score later though.
As things are going, it'll probably get a 10/10 by the end of the series.
I see you also changed it from a 10/10 to an 8/10. Why?
The show is a lot different now though. Less action and mecha fighting, it's almost like an entirely different series. Now it's more of a slice of life anime.

My opinion of Zero Two has changed, yes. Now we know more about her and her motivations, and I feel like I can trust her now because she's being honest with everyone.

Anyway man, how've you been? Long time no talk. Is college any better than it was before?
Ardanaz May 17, 8:05 AM
Good boy >:I
Ardanaz May 17, 7:50 AM

You've been a good boi lately, don't switch back to the dark side >:(
Ardanaz May 17, 7:46 AM
Bad swirly...

Emilia_Subaru May 16, 8:14 PM
Emilia was and still my Salvation after ending
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu🔥🔥🔥
(Salvation from all that Shocking,Breathtaking,Brain Trembling events).

And I Believe that Emilia will be my Salvation
Even in the future,
Specially Emilia from the Last Scenes😍❤️🔥.
Emilia_Subaru May 16, 10:26 AM
Emilia-tan Maji Fairy

Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi

Emilia-tan Maji Megami
Swagernator May 13, 2:27 PM