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Tonari no Youkai-san
Tonari no Youkai-san
5 hours ago
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Tadaima, Okaeri
Tadaima, Okaeri
5 hours ago
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Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote
Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote
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Kumakura-san to Boku
Kumakura-san to Boku
May 12, 6:11 AM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 10
May 10, 8:39 AM
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Sonna Hiroki mo Isekai e
Sonna Hiroki mo Isekai e
May 4, 11:24 PM
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Mr_XIII Apr 7, 8:06 AM
Mihon is nothing but tachiyomi. Only the name is changed. The same application was relaunched with the new name. If you like tachiyomi then you can use the Mihon.

Which site do you use for reading manga? I recommend Mangadex. No ads, high-quality images, huge library, and fast updates. It has an immersive mode (double tap on the manga page to activate it). Then for popular shonen which is missing because of a notice in Mangadex is available on the Mangalife site.

Oh, I see. Then I will try the game. Thank you for that. Are you playing that game? It's good to hear that it is f2p friendly. I don't want to spend money on the games and having a paywall for anything other than cosmetics affects my enjoyment of that game. Speaking of games, have you heard about Assassin's Creed? Right now I can't play any games because of my studies. But once things get settled down, I will try playing some games. Haha, can't wait for those days.

Yeah!! Right!? Mangaka's life looks hard. It is challenging to get high-quality creative ideas to keep on writing a story.

Oh, I am currently into the Monogatari series. Have you watched it? And I read Tower of God (manhwa). It's an action fantasy story. Quite well written and I highly recommend it to you. Since it is a manhwa, it is quite native to the mobile interface. They are designed to be read on phones. So please try it. Once you get comfortable with long strips, you can enjoy lots of other manhwas too. If you decided to try it then check out Webtoon site. Its extension is also available in Mihon.

That's about anime/manga. Other than that, I am studying for the competitive exam. I couldn't able to clear it in my previous attempt so I will try one more time. So currently I am preparing for it. I need your blessings (*≧∇≦)ノ.

How are you? How's your health? It's quite hot where I live. I don't like the current weather. How is it in your place?
Pinoffin Mar 23, 3:57 AM
I just finished my high school.

So gonna watch more anime next season. ↖(^ω^)↗

Next season plan :
Sun - Wonderful precure! , Himitsu no Aipari
Mon - Girl's Band Cry , Blue Archive
Tues - Jellyfish won't swim , Sasakoi
Wed - Tonari no youkai san. , Rinkai!
Thurs - Train to the end of world, Nijiyon
Fri - Seiyuu Radio , Highspeed.
Sat - Yuru Camp 3 , Sound Euphorium 3
Scootboi Mar 22, 6:28 PM
something about her spots, attitude, and muzzle, awakens a strange erotic energy within my pp.
Wendoka Mar 14, 3:26 PM
DANG, i feel flashed after seeing your pfp
mokkocchi Mar 14, 4:47 AM
MonkeeDan Mar 10, 6:22 AM
I was about to ask if you're missing the being sick part- but yea the sleep part I can agree on ^^
That's nice, just a smaller and more intimate round, good times.
Haha yea same, idk if I even ever did some but as far as I remember I never really did any of that sort. If I wanna do something then I just do it kinda.
Yup, back to full health :>

The 2nd season really is even better than the first one and now I'm just waiting for the conclusion of it with the direction it's going. Been some long time since I enjoyed a high school romance anime.
About Bokuyaba or the season overall? Overall I'd say there are quite a few good ones in there and little amount of really bad ones. Pretty consistent overall and plenty of good things to choose from.

Oh I totally know what you mean. I found it even worse back in Sumeru to find the underground areas and their respective entrances. I think that up till now I probably missed one or two underground areas but I can't bring myself to find them all. Fontaine I at least enjoyed swimming around and randomly stumbling upon a new cave entrance.
It's probably just a time saving and still efficient method for them to re-use idles etc. Most people won't look into it too much and the ones who do will just kinda accept it ig, better than having no animations at all after all. I just wish these events would permanently stay like they do in Star Rail.
The axe really suits her so well, they did a really good job with that one. As for Cloud Retainer, same. I absolutely love her design, but I haven't really gotten around to use her that much for now. Still trying to improve my build on her since I play her as a dps. Love her weapon design as well tho. Overall I feel like Fontaines signature weapons really went up a level again compared to previous ones.

Oh definitely, there will always be people like that, but at the end of the day they don't really matter so just gotta learn to ignore them.
Haha thanks ;> It's just a simple 3d platformer playing underwater. It's fun but nothing outstanding given that we only had 4 days to make it.

Mhm okay, that's better than being in complete dark from 4pm onwards. Still sounds a bit annoying with weather like this. But yea spring is right around the corner ^^
Oh how close? Must be nice to live near the cost I'd imagine, or at least it sounds pretty chill in my head.

How've you been? Any good things happened lately? :>
Pinoffin Feb 26, 12:08 AM
I'm very busy atm and for next month too.

After that I will be free!

Thanks for asking. :)
Aarishta Feb 8, 9:44 AM
Hey, you're welcome! Thank you for accepting ❀ It's nice to meet you too ˵>ᵕ<˵

I'm doing great thanks and how are you doing?
Loyal_Sheepling Feb 6, 2:09 AM
That's good to hear :D strangely though I feel pretty ill currently lol. I think it's just a random bug, was still able to go out to places, but just don't have much of an appetite because of sick-feeling stomach.

Ah it's probably not super difficult to do, but probably not really worth it either. Not totally sure if I'm staying in this house forever. I mean it's nice-enough, but some other houses in my street and the streets around me have added a 3rd floor/loft extension, and I think their amazing, although sometimes they lose use of a room for adding in stairs. Here I don't have any extra storage at all. I do have a loft... but I literally can't even fit through the opening, idk who even built it lol, as im not that broad.
I also didn't like my neighbour here, but she's gone on the run from The Police 😂 so that solves that, also my Cat would be terrified of workmen & work taking place here, as she's scared of literally everything lol.

Oh that's cool :D it's good that it's so detailed, as that definitely would help others understand the machines, as it's a skill that's dying-off unfortunately :/

I think I can get to quite a few places in my country that are around 4-5 hours away max fairly easily, only some of that time would be on buses, and I get more apprehensive on buses because I can't see the route/landmarks/area quite the same. But I have a Bus route app downloaded where you can follow the bus along the route. I've used it a few times, and I feel more confident about it.
But other than that, I would really like to go to the Isle of Man & the Isle of Wight. Their little islands just off the UK, although IOM isn't actually part of the UK, whereas the IOW is. Both islands have heritage railways (main reason why I want to go XD), but also the IOW has quite an amazing Dinosaur Museum. I actually contacted the staff there when I was a teenager for career advice, and they offered me to visit them for work experience, but I got sick with a strange infection just before I was about to go :(

Ah it was around the time of 9/11, so I think everyone was super cautious about people taking an unusual interest in vehicles. But the hobby of trainspotting has surely been around for around 100 years (or maybe more?), and number publishing books have been around since the 1950s I think? and they still sell them in train station shops lol.
But yeah...station staff would make people stop filming trains and make them leave if they didn't comply. They don't do that now, I literally don't think they can since everyone has smartphones lol. But yeah, it did put me off, the hobby for a few years, even though I knew it was an overreaction and I was doing nothing wrong.
I guess the other annoying thing that's changed from back then, is that you can't enter certain stations without a ticket, because of barriers (you can I think buy a platform ticket though to just enter), but my Dad would often take me to the station in my hometown, where we could just go in & out whenever.
Mr_XIII Jan 31, 3:46 AM
Thank you. No worries about the reply. Take your time. Haha. The photo is from Highschool DxD [cough] my favorite franchise ( ノ^ω^)ノ [cough]

Yes, I was talking about Tachiyomi. Unfortunately, it got taken down. Some company which provides manga threatened the developers of Tachiyomi. Those threats were targeted to each developer so they took some steps to be in legal territory. Initially, they stopped providing the extension repository and allowed third-party repositories to provide extensions for the application. So turning/limiting the application to provide the environment for reading manga without hosting any manga because of that technically this application comes under a legal umbrella.
Later they shut down the whole application. It will still work if you have it, it's just that you won't get any updates for the application and you have to rely on a third-party repository for extensions. They added an extra layer of security for this before taking it down. So at least that's the plus.

Even though the core developers backed down, one of them didn't. He on the same day, hosted the application with the new name Mihon. So tachiyomi is still alive but with the new name. But you still have to rely on a third party for extensions. There are some reliable repositories. If you have the backup file of Tachiyomi then migrating to this new application is pretty easy.

I see. The poster of Edomae Elf looks interesting. Shrine maiden!! hehe. I have noticed the popularity of Azur Lane as a franchise. I am interested in it. From where should I start?

I understand. I am also not into directors or other anime staff but I add authors (2 authors) and mangaka (one so far). I like particularly authors more than the VA because of their short notes at the end of each volume. I don't follow them on any social media or any other platform. Reading those short notes after finishing up their work feels interesting. Sometimes they share their thoughts on writing that volume or some glimpse of their personal life. Mainly they whine about how busy they are haha. So finishing a volume and reading it (notes), makes me feel grateful for them for what they have written.
Pinoffin Jan 25, 10:02 PM
Hello! Thanks for accenting the FR.

MonkeeDan Jan 21, 6:46 AM
Argh damn, sorry to hear that. Hope you managed to get some enjoyment out of christmas anyways.
My christmas was pretty chill this year. Just had some big family gathering on 24th which was a bit uhhh, well yk how big family gatherings are, but my partner came over for the 26th and stayed her for 2 weeks so that was nice. Happy new year btw! Any new rear resolutions? ^^
Rest is always good ig ;> But yea I got sick right after new year with a full blown cold or something similiar at least. Knocked me out for a 3 days and then I had the most annoying cough of my life which made me unable to sleep for 4 nights in a row :/

Yea I totally know what you mean. On one hand u wanna watch it because it's so good but at the same time you don't want it to end. I've been enjoying bokuyaba more and more especially with the new seasons. Just the first 2-3 episodes were a bit ehh imo which is nice.

Ikr, without one of these water abilities, the monsters are strangely hard to get rid of. Tho I suppose you can just swim away. Love the whole underwater atmosphere and just the vibe of it.
They certainly know how to do animations well, which just makes me wonder why we still get all these filler dialogue animations, tho it would look pretty empty without em I suppose. Always a treat to get an action one :>
Ayeee nice I got her as well and even her weapon. Originally I wanted to skip her but then I saw her gameplay and all and she's just too fun to play. Been enjoying her ever since and will get some constellations next time she comes around.

I kinda get why people think of it as something "wrong" or less correct than not failing in the first place but I think it's a huge thing when someone goes out of their way later to retake some courses and actually manage to pass then. Shouldn't be looked down upon.
Haha thanks ;> Well to be honest we didn't really decide on that part but as the one who modelled it I can only say that there is no human inside- We had a really nice artist for that game and she drew some amazing images for the lore explanation of the game.

Man that sounds so depressing and energy-taking. Around what time of the year does get brighter early? It is a bit warmer than I thought tho, we have roughly the same over here which is still a nice temperature for winter imo. Wind is where the pain comes in.
Loyal_Sheepling Jan 10, 3:21 PM
Hey, ah glad you a little better :)
Yeah I'm like that also :/ always takes me longer getting over something.

Ah nice :D don't think I've actually been to either place myself. Beams usually are a characteristic of much older properties (and barns), but some people add them to newer properties for style & character. The last place I rented had some painted black in one room and white in another (although the beams were pretty high in ceiling that what they normally would be. But they were nice, I liked them. Wish I had something like those in my house, as it's just a pretty boring normal house lol.
But yeah, I just kinda wished I made the most of the opportunities back then, as I don't think I feel brave to travel too far currently unless I stay overnight.
I'm getting better, but I was pretty sheltered for quite some time, and going to new places by myself scares me sometimes 😅

There's certainly a lot lol. Certainly the rise of social media has lots of people covering trains & train journeys/adventures, but sometimes I wonder if really do like trains or if it's just for easy views/clicks etc
Liking trains & trainspotting is still seen as a little odd over here, probably similarly to how some feel towards Anime & Otakus actually. But it's getting better, at least it's not deemed a terrorist activity anymore 😅

We always complain about the weather here also XD

I enjoy it more if there's lots to see (and it can be anything). Some museums can just be a former railway station kept as it would have been (with or without tracks), with some pieces of railwayana. Or some can be an entire hall of locomotives, some may even be brought out to run. And some can have loads of rolling stock kept outside in not great conditions (I think the museum in Coventry was like that). I would visit all types if they were near enough, I've literally made a journey to just see & photo a sole static loco just recently 😂 (it wasn't too far though).
Zedlin Jan 10, 1:52 PM
That's what I'm saying, a world without monster girls is a bleak one indeed. :') Suppose I can make due with thigh highs and tights. 😤

Gah, sounds evil watching Isekai Shokudou while sick guess you're a bit of a masochist lol. And now you're watching Himesama "Goumon" no Jikan desu you REALLY are a masochist. 💀 I dunno how they made bread look so tasty, some black magic I tell you...
Zedlin Jan 3, 11:59 PM
No worries, not late at all.

Both went well but there was a surprising lack of any succubi or elf-maidens. ;-; Had to make due with friends and family.

No waaay you just finished Isekai Shokudou? That's one of my favorite isekais I watched it when it first aired ages ago. So comfy.~
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