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Sep 7, 2009
Story (6/10)

Okawari follows on from Minami-ke starting the morning after New Year and once again follows the lives of the three Miname sisters as they enter their third semester.

When an anime changes studio’s it’s always worrying, especially on the back of such a successful first series. These fears are realised in Okawari and there are large differences in story styles between the first and second series. Firstly Okawari plays a lot more on the slice of life genre, whereas the previous Minami-ke had some ridiculous, but none the less hilarious moments (Who can forget Kana tying Chiaki up to ward off the rain), this read more
Sep 4, 2009
Story (8/10)

Minami-ke is a slice of life comedy centring on the three Minami sisters (no mention of any other family except a distant relative) and their friends as they go about their lives – usually with hilarious consequences. Each episode is portrayed in short segments spread throughout, much like azumanga diaoh with each segment having its own theme, but usually fitting round a general episodic storyline. The vast majority of the story takes place at the girls various schools (each sister attends a grade school) and at home, giving a wide scope for hilarity to ensue, with most of the comedy coming from the younger read more
Aug 25, 2009
I haven’t read either of the manga series for this, so this review is purely from the 4 episodes OVA point of view. Warning contains minor story spoilers

Story (6/10)

The four 15 minute episodes which make up this OVA don’t have a common plot or story between them , more to say the OVA’s seem like they are introducing the main characters for a longer anime or OVA series which is yet to come. In saying that the stories do seem to be in chronological order, in the same city and it is set sometime in the future. The other main characters are also sometimes involved read more
Aug 23, 2009
Noir (Anime) add (All reviews)
Warning does contain Episode 1 spoilers

Story (3/10)

The initial premise of the story is actually very good, Kirika wakes up one day not knowing anything apart from a name - Noir, a pocket watch, a , and a school uniform and ID. Oh and a great skill in assassination. She contacts Mirelle, another assassin with whom she makes a pact to find out who this Noir is and what has been controlling their lives. Being a big fan of mafia and spy movies, the premise sounds great, but from an early stage I could feel this early promise slipping through some horrific sub-plots and plot gaps. read more
Aug 12, 2009
I watched this series not really knowing what to expect, except that there was a train involved, which made for a very poor starting point for watching Baccano! The story is based around the events that unfold in the year 1932 on-board the flying pussyfoot, a Chicago to New York express train, underpinned by a back story related to a bunch of immortals, it also a lot more gory than I had anticipated, its definitely not for the faint hearted.

I'll leave the story till the end, the artwork is very good, the artists have managed to settle on artwork which works with the setting read more
Aug 7, 2009
The second installment of Black Lagoon carries on from where the first left off, as has been noted, there doesn't seem to be much of a change of pace, I watched both series back to back and due to the intros being the same it felt like one big continuation. However there are some distinct differences between the second barrage and the first series.

The story is split into three mini arcs, and ususally involve a look at some of the other characters in the show. The first mini arc gives its attention to Balalika, the second Revy and Edna and the third tries to bring read more
Aug 4, 2009
After enjoying the first R+ V , I picked this up with high hopes that it would continue to be as good, and it did an alright job of maintaining the standard. Having not read the manga I can't comment on how true to it it was, but the plot was again the basic harem plot and a continuation from the first series with an added character in Moka's sister, Kokoa. Overall, the plot wasn't as good as the first, a lot of the stories didn't seem to lead anywhere new, whereas in the first season the episodes felt like they were all leading somewhere.

The read more
Aug 4, 2009
Rosario + Vampire ticks all the harem boxes, guy hopelessly out of his depth, girl with big boobs, loli character, shy sexy character, hot sexy lead girl and of course they all want a piece of the hopeless guy, oh and enough fanservice to cause many a nosebleed.

Although I did expect all of this, I didn't expect the story to be quite as good as it was, yes that may seem odd, a good story from a harem anime, but when compared to other harem animes, Amaenaide yo! or Nagasarete Airantou, the plot is surprisingly good, of course its not in the same league read more
Jul 17, 2009
Suzuka (Anime) add (All reviews)
Suzuka is not your typical anime romance/drama, whereas with a lot of anime romance it is either a harem or some magical tale, Suzuka stands apart as being a more realistic tale. The serise is based around Yamato and the girl of his dreams, Suzuka and all the trials and tribulations surrounding being round her. This series does take a panning from some people about the characters decisions during the series and how obvious it is that it is not the right thing to say, but for me that is the beauty of this anime, the fact is when you are in love you do read more
Jul 16, 2009
ef - a tale of melodies carries on from the prequal ef - a tale of memories, this time focusing on the stories of Yuu and Yuuko, the two older mystic characters from the first series and Renji's neighbour Shuichi andhis cousin Mizuki. If you thought the first series was difficult to understand this series is even more difficult. Before I wirte anymore a quick warning that the end titles have a nasty habit of apearing half way through the second half, if like me you don't normally watch the ed then make sure you don't miss out any parts of the story which read more