Jul 16, 2009
GeneralCox (All reviews)
ef - a tale of melodies carries on from the prequal ef - a tale of memories, this time focusing on the stories of Yuu and Yuuko, the two older mystic characters from the first series and Renji's neighbour Shuichi andhis cousin Mizuki. If you thought the first series was difficult to understand this series is even more difficult. Before I wirte anymore a quick warning that the end titles have a nasty habit of apearing half way through the second half, if like me you don't normally watch the ed then make sure you don't miss out any parts of the story which fall after the ed (I had to rewatch 4 episodes).

The storyline takes a similar stance to the first series with multiple story lines going on at the same time, this can lead to confusion in setting out what is going on in which story line. I put watching this series off for a while before I watched it because on watching the single episodes I couldn't get into it, it was only when I could watch a few epsiodes in a row that I found it easier to see what was happening.

The artwork in ef is one of my favourite parts of this show, it has an almost unique way of blending colours and different images, that work really well in provoking afinity for the characters and their situations. The music also plays a similar role but not to as great an extent in melodies, but is not as unique and interesting as the artwork.

Overall its a very good anime, and is up there with Clannad: after stories as one of the best romance/drama animes out in the past few years. If you like this genre or if your looking for something a bit different then this comes highly recommended.