Aug 7, 2009
GeneralCox (All reviews)
The second installment of Black Lagoon carries on from where the first left off, as has been noted, there doesn't seem to be much of a change of pace, I watched both series back to back and due to the intros being the same it felt like one big continuation. However there are some distinct differences between the second barrage and the first series.

The story is split into three mini arcs, and ususally involve a look at some of the other characters in the show. The first mini arc gives its attention to Balalika, the second Revy and Edna and the third tries to bring in Balalika, Revy and Rock. I have to admit I didn't enjoy this format as much as the first series, for the majority of the series the crew of the Black Lagoon are barely involved, Dutch and Benny are barely seen throughout the series. Some of the plots for the mini arcs are questionable as well, I didn't enjoy the first two arcs, though I thought the third arc was back to Black Lagoon best although it was ruined by horrific English use.

The artwork is the same as before and is very well done and the darkness of the backdrop fits in well with Roanapur's dark and dangerous feel. The sound really lets this series down, I was already worried from the first series hearing Revy, a supposed American-Chinese national, murdering her English lines, and it just gets worse in tsb. The third arc take place in Japan, and Rock is brought along to translate, as everyone in Roanapur speaks English (yeah, I hadn't really caught that one either), and the use of the Japanese floating back into terribley pronounced English is grating, and is a real downer on what is otherwise a very interesting part of the story.

The Characters are all very well written, we don't get any new major characters this series, and get some additional background on Balalika, Edna and Revy which was interesting, I was somewhat disapointed that for the length of the series we didn't get a more in depth look at Rock adjusting to life on the edge (The last mini arc does go into it, but thats without interaction from Benny or Dutch and life on the Black Lagoon) and a look at how Benny and Dutch came to be there, hopefully Black Lagoon 3 will look at this.

Overall its a decent series to watch but suffers from being a sequal to such a fresh and action packed first series, to which it doesn't really ever live upto. Added into that the terrible forgein lanuage scenes, and storylines which don't really contribute that much to the story, its a 7 for Black Lagoon tsb, and hopefully back upto standard for the third installment.