Aug 12, 2009
GeneralCox (All reviews)
I watched this series not really knowing what to expect, except that there was a train involved, which made for a very poor starting point for watching Baccano! The story is based around the events that unfold in the year 1932 on-board the flying pussyfoot, a Chicago to New York express train, underpinned by a back story related to a bunch of immortals, it also a lot more gory than I had anticipated, its definitely not for the faint hearted.

I'll leave the story till the end, the artwork is very good, the artists have managed to settle on artwork which works with the setting of 1930's America, and while it may not be as polished as some Gonzo works, it benefits from this. The sound is good quality from the screams, and voice actresses to the periodic music that occurs in the background, it all comes together to give the feel of 1930's America.

The characters are probably the best part of Baccano! Miria and Isaac are the funniest double act and always brighten the screen whenever they are on, as well as having other great characters like Firo and Jaccuzi. There are also characters that should make you feel completely the opposite, but the characters are so well polished that you can't help but like all of them (apart from perhaps one, the main villain). While a lot of the back stories are covered in the series, the OVA's after give the perfect rounding off to all the characters and should be watched for the complete story.

I found the story quite hard to follow. The story telling is through a reporter at the start but eventually moves along at its own pace, but has a reservoir dogs theme of jumping back and forth between times as well as character stories.This may have worked in the film which focused on one group and was one film, but with four/five main groups and in episodes as in Baccano! I don't think this works, In a normal anime I can get the story after 2/3 episodes but after 4 I was still wondering what was going on. There are too many different storylines going on at once for this style of script to work in my opinion, the train is a good way to bring everyone together, but I was also surprised that the groups didn't run into each other more often on the train, being only one way forward and back. Once you get to towards the end of the series though, the pieces finally come together and the true masterpiece of the story can be seen, I'm just afraid many people will have been put off by the confusing opening scenes.

Overall this is a very good anime, the characters and overall storyline are fantastic but are let down by poor opening episodes and random story jumping.