Aug 4, 2009
GeneralCox (All reviews)
After enjoying the first R+ V , I picked this up with high hopes that it would continue to be as good, and it did an alright job of maintaining the standard. Having not read the manga I can't comment on how true to it it was, but the plot was again the basic harem plot and a continuation from the first series with an added character in Moka's sister, Kokoa. Overall, the plot wasn't as good as the first, a lot of the stories didn't seem to lead anywhere new, whereas in the first season the episodes felt like they were all leading somewhere.

The artwork is still the same gonzo team that did the first and is still the same fantastic quality we have come to expect from them, the sound I'm marking down slightly on the first episode, mainly due to the overuse of irritating catch phrases, which seemed to appear just to disrupt the storyline in most places, still the same voice acters/esses are involved so the sound isn't changed from the first season.

The characters are all the same bunch from the first season with the additions of Kokoa and appearances from the mothers of the group, Ruby also appears a lot more in this season. This might have been OK, but a lot of the scripting for the newer characters made them annoying to watch, Kokoa especially was grinding my gears towards the end of it, and character development on Ruby was non existant, I was however glad that they did answer a few of my questions from the first season with Moka, all in all the characters were still fun to watch (Kokoa and Ruby aside).

I did enjoy the series, and its a very easy one to watch, it just suffers from the sequal hangover like so many anime titles seem to in that it just doesn't live upto its predecessor. Not to say that this doesn't give it a good go of it, definately worth a watch if you've been watching the first season, and for anyone new, watch the first season first!