Aug 4, 2009
GeneralCox (All reviews)
Rosario + Vampire ticks all the harem boxes, guy hopelessly out of his depth, girl with big boobs, loli character, shy sexy character, hot sexy lead girl and of course they all want a piece of the hopeless guy, oh and enough fanservice to cause many a nosebleed.

Although I did expect all of this, I didn't expect the story to be quite as good as it was, yes that may seem odd, a good story from a harem anime, but when compared to other harem animes, Amaenaide yo! or Nagasarete Airantou, the plot is surprisingly good, of course its not in the same league as geass for that matter, but its nice to watch a harem anime that you feel is progressing somewhere.

The artwork is all very well done, the panty shots are well animated without going into too much detail (To-Love-Ru's detailed shots were enough for one lifetime) and all of the characters are suitably styled so that none of them look particularly out of place. The sound as well is well done, without too much harem style grunting, ohhh yeahhs, and other cringeworthy noises. The character's voice actors doing a good job at making the characters sounds like they look, and not being too high pitched and whiney.

The characters are all well written, styled and the personalities make them all likeable. Even Tsukune, the hopeless chap he is, doesn't really get on my nerves, he has reasons for being useless as you'll see.

Overall this is a very enjoyable series if your looking for a harem anime with a decent plot and plenty of pants/bra fanservice, or something pleasureable on the eyes. If you are wanting a better plot then why are you looking at a harem anime?