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AudioTsunami Oct 20, 2018 7:38 AM
Oh sorry, I'm the manga stuff so I just assumed it'd be manga.

Yuru Camp, Tatami Galaxy, Beck
TuyNOM Oct 19, 2018 9:53 AM
Hello, I don't know if you have already planned these animes for other items, but try:

Good luck !
AudioTsunami Oct 17, 2018 9:52 PM
Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Fechas Sep 12, 2018 2:16 AM
Hey minna! Queria vir convidar-vos para um server de anime portugal que está agora a começar e precisa de movimento e caras novas!
Todos serão bem vindos desde que respeitem as regras e não tenham atitudes tóxicas!
Venham unir-se aos OtakusPt!! <3
qtblader Apr 3, 2016 10:53 AM
Damn mal didn't register that I dropped the anime, so it deleted my review.
I had to re-submit it.
qtblader Mar 28, 2016 3:31 AM
Haha thanks.
Why punch random people when you can punch God Eater fans :^)
ChrnoPT Dec 7, 2013 3:31 PM
Podes ver o Refrain. Os gajos estão a fazer um trabalho muito bom com a adaptação tendo em conta o número limitado de episódios que têm e a direcção em que levaram o animu (a cena de tirar o romance com todas as gajas menos a Rin). Aliás, o 2º episódio do Refrain deve ter sido dos melhores episódios que alguma vez saíram das mãos da J.C. Staff. O 9º não lhe fica atrás e foi uma adaptação excelente daquela parte da VN (ok, sou biased porque é a minha cena favorita do Refrain).

A animação também tem sido boa e consistente e o uso das músicas melhorou bué. Nem parece que é feito pelos mesmos gajos do primeiro LB! As partes que foram mais fracas até agora só o foram porque também são mais fracas na VN.

Os próximos episódios são os teajerkers, portanto devias meter em dia antes de eles darem para não correres o risco de ser spoilada xD
tsudecimo Aug 4, 2013 6:58 AM
Oh thanks :). I thought it was pretty obvious, but I'm guessing the novels are better so that's why they defended Index and Touma.
Girly-sama Apr 13, 2013 10:45 PM
voltei passados mil anos.
world, rejoice.
Girly-sama Mar 17, 2013 8:52 PM
SAME55 Jan 21, 2013 4:33 AM
Tixy Nov 12, 2011 4:48 PM
I would consider myself more in the neutral category, being a villain takes devotion and effort, something which I am not willing to give.

You're right, I think he has some potential in him to be a badass when needed, but let's not be harsh on Hasegawa, he could probably be awesome too. In fact, I am confident that even the silliest characters in Gintama can make me yell FUCK YEAH if they ever get involved in a serious arc. I really want to see Sa-chan in one of those.
My current goal in life is to learn Jugem's full name, I am about half way there! That Sket Dance crossover was hilarious though, if only Sket Dance itself was that funny.
I doubt that Gintama's Mio will appear in the future for a very long time, she is sort of an antagonist if I am correct and we know what's the fate of those in Gintama, forever on a stand by ;_; Speaking of that whole arc, I saw that Takasugi showed up briefly which means that him and Kamui arrived on Earth so I am very excited about that. Maybe we'll get another awesome story arc in our life time!

Nobody cares about Xebec, I ain't even mad at them like I said because PH adaptation is just sort of there thanks to that ending. The problem with them cutting out this particular homolust is because this is probably one of the few homolust relationships that are actually important and not fanservice for the most part, it's very important for you to see that while Elliot acts like a tsundere whore he genuinely cares and wants to protect Leo all the goddamn time.

Oh, do you have any raw Okita/Kagura dj? I can read a bit of moonrunes so it won't be a problem.
Me too, when I started the show I thought she was ok but she didn't impress me that much, it was only after a while that I realized just how absolutely hilarious she is and how awesome Kobayashi Yuu is as her. Agreed of Sakamoto as well, he isn't particularly interesting, I kinda felt bad for him for constantly being on a stand by but when he came back I realized he isn't really fun at all.
I oh my'd so hard, and then I got a boner when I saw Kamui. I love suits too, everyone should just dress in a suit at least once a week, it should be obligatory. Wherever you go, whatever you do, wear a goddamn suit on that day like a classy motherfucker.
Yeah, her design is kinda odd in the OP but I found that it didn't really seem off when she actually showed up. Katsura is finally back though, thank god, I noticed him missing for quite a while too. Elizabeth arc so far feels slightly underwhelming, I expected a lot more from it, we'll see if it gets any better.

Second raid is so much better than the first season, it really put Chidori's and Sousuke's relationship to the test while they angst and develop a lot as opposed to the season 1 where stakes aren't that high most of the time. I don't think KyoAni will ever make anything better than that, not like they are even trying anymore.

You do have a point, especially since she is Japanese, you cannot just admit that you didn't like a major anime you worked on. Only Robert Pattinson can do that, and that's probably because he's British. Louise I hear is ridiculously tsun and abusive as fuck, correct? She sounds godawful, I don't need another character to make me hate Rie again.
I don't even remember anything from Ookamikakushi, I just watched a few episodes and dropped it like a motherfucking fist of the north star. It seems like Ookamikakushi to you is what Dragonaut is to me, that horrible show you watched because you're some sort of a masochist, but I actually decided I'm gonna fucking complete it no matter how agonizing it is. And it was very very painful. That poster doesn't sound bad at all you know, it'd probably brighten up my day whenever I see it by just being so surreal.

From what I've seen it feels rushed to me and the animation is really bad at times. I also don't think that the color pallet translated very well into the anime. It's not bad or anything but I am not really impressed, gamefags have really praised the game a lot but the anime is just ok to me for now.
Kanji is a tsundere?

I wonder what exactly is happening with Noitamina. First [C], now Guilty Crown, next season BRS (and I am actually looking forward to that one, it's gonna be shit but fuck it, it has my waifu, no matter what I know I'll enjoy it), what is all this shounenshit, the time slot is supposed to be aimed at adult viewers with depression issues. It really needs a good adult seinen or josei show, the ones with incestuous vibes don't count.

Yuri totally has a penis, remember that Paku Romi said that there's a secret to her body, it has to be a Babel tower. I still cannot bring myself to like Ringo too much, in fact I feel like as the show goes further I am slowly liking all the characters less and less. Sanetoshi was so electrifying at first, I creamed myself whenever he showed up and now I kinda don't care. I need to catch up, maybe I'll change my mind but I feel like this show should have been 15 episodes long, it's kinda stretched out, nobody still doesn't know what the fuck Penguindrum is and all Natsume and Sanetoshi still do is repeat that one line. Regarding Shouma, I too was confused by his reaction, he honestly reminded me of a emo teenager having a fit because nobody loves him enough, fucking attention whore.

I wasn't referring to the crappy design, I was talking about the badly written sex scenes, they seem really unnecessary and awkward. Saber looks so much better in the suit, that armor looks a bit too pretty to be practical. But Gilgamesh's armor is simply fabulous, and the earrings too, so beautiful. Now in all honesty, Gilgamesh and Lancer give me boners.

I feel so alone here as the only person who didn't like Steins Gate ;_; There are always good anime that are already finished, if you are looking for something similar to Madoka, I am currently watching Princess Tutu and it has shades of it at times so you might want to check it out, fabulous people doing ballet, that should sell you completely.
Are you happy to hear they are doing the movies? I am not quite sure how to feel, I'll be watching them since I always wanted to rewatch Madoka on Bluray and because I am interested in the last original movie. I hope they expand a bit more on the new world that was created thanks to Madoka becoming a Jesus, or maybe they'll just completely scratch that idea and go with something entirely new.

More than happy to provide. [1], [2], [3] (picture in changchungchong because I don't want to spoil you too much), he also makes some delicious faces like this but because in reality he is a complete woobie and the most adorable thing in the world next to Elly in the same chapter just 20 pages later he does this. Ladies please, contain your HHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGs.
ruimeirelles Oct 20, 2011 12:49 PM
Yey! Afinal sempre ha portugueses por aqui ^^ !

I'm not All Alone!! :)

Tixy Sep 29, 2011 5:57 AM
And that's how you slowly turn people into super villains. Though I am too much of a shut in to be a good one.
That's a shame really but I still have hope that the second movie will happen some time in the future. I choose the option that they are trolling me again with denying it.

I am not too happy about it being Hijikata centric but it's not that bad, he isn't one of my favorites but he can be pretty fun too. A real shame is that there aren't that many arcs which are Okita heavy, the guy needs more love. I mean, I know Hijikata is second favorite character for some reason but I'd really like a bit more of Okita instead. Also serious arc with Kondo, not sure if want, normally I am not to fond of him since he serves pretty much as a butt monkey but if they take him seriously it could work. I guess I'd like to see that too.
You know, for the most part this Imai doesn't look bad at all, as long as her voice doesn't resemble Mio's in a bit I think I'm gonna be fine with it. Also, I see that shipping wars have already started. Uniforms are just fabulous indeed.
Oh the ramblings of a shipper. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand you, I'm just finding it funny because this is the way I act regarding my OTP. I do ship Kagura and Okita very loyally since forever and I gotta say YOU'RE SMALL TIME. You think that's bad?! Well get a load of my OTP:
how it looked in the anime

as opposed to what actually happened

Hetero Axis of Evil! No but seriously Xebec, they had so little scenes with these two and they fucked them up. But I ain't even mad. Now in all seriousness, those edits are not that bad to me but when you have shipping goggles on pretty much any interaction they don't include is gonna piss you off. I am thankful that Sorachi decided to not do proper romance for any of the characters but at the same time I'd really like to see more ship tease between Okita and Kagura because pretty much all we ever got was that one moment that they shared 100 episodes ago. Devotion! Also I gotta say I am really thankful if they actually excluded Gin/Tsukuyo scenes because after that arc watching her became a pain. Yes, I am a Sacchanafag but I tolerate Otae and I quite enjoyed Tsukuyo prior to Jiraiya arc, but her sudden change to tsundere was really the worst things to happen in Gintama imo.

To be fair, Shinn is from DESUTINI and many fans of Seed would like to think that Destiny never happened. It's actually just like me with 00 movie, it pretty much crapped on the entire franchise and one of my favorite characters. But yeah, 00 is actually really good and it has a moderately likable cast. I say moderately because it has a few important but completely boring characters and then bunch of others who are a lot of fun. Also a lot of likable and competent females which I always appreciate. I'd recommend it even to a person who isn't much of a mecha fan, now if you hate mecha it's best to stay away from it after all.

Somebody posted on /a/ that Rie doesn't watch Gintama because it isn't her type of show, that Louise and Shana are one of her favorite characters and that she didn't like working on FMA but was forced to come back for Brotherhood. God, I do hope that post is a big fat lie because that pretty much ruins her entirely for me. Either way, have some seiyuu OTP

Well that sounds pretty reassuring, the cast does seem a lot of fun, especially Adachi when he starts talking about MURDERS yay~. God that dub makes the whole comic infinity times superior. Btw is Brosuke tsundere for Protagonist-kun? I've lurked a bit for P4 pictures and on a lot of pictures Brosuke seems tsuntsun, he doesn't strike me like that. Or is that the fault of those filthy delusional fujoshi?

I think I squealed too, which is a horrible thing to do but fuck it, Lunatic is awesome. Whenever I see that red moon I orgasm a little. The way I see it is that Sunrise will focus more on the characters and their development because the cast is really so colorful and adorable, I love all of them, except for Antonio maybe and Karina when she is lusting after Kotetsu, otherwise she is fun too. So more focus in general on character interactions, more Lunatic and Legend background and more investigating UROBOROSU on Bunny's part. They could make it work if they are smart about it. But knowing Sunrise and how much they love their executive meddling (seriously, you have no idea what Gundam 00 was supposed to be as opposed to what it actually is) they might have Kotetsu gets his powers back plot so that he can fight more. Either way, the real thing that made me love this anime is the characters, they could literally throw whatever shit story wise they want and I'd still like it. As long as the story makes some sense I know I'm going to love it. Yeah, that bit in the end while goddamn stupid was great in its own way too because it pretty much confirmed second season to us. In some of the interviews it was mentioned that Ouroboros cannot be taken down and that it's fucking huge, so I really don't know what they are planning with that but it sounds grimdark so I am always in for more woobie Bunny!

I think what doomed [C] was Noitamina and their decision to not let a show have more than 11 episodes, and that budget, or should I say the lack of it. Also the story really, I don't think it would have been better even if Nakamura got all the freedom he needed, pokemon anime economy is just dumb, Nakamura would need to be Jesus in order to make it work.

You were right about Ringo/Shouma (notice the name order) but I gotta say I really hate this ship. As a fun over the top yandere stalker, I loved Ringo and even tolerated her abusing Shouma and now she is just hitting him because she is tsundere and has ALL THESE FEELINGS and IT'S ALL HIS FAULT. I cannot stand this type of behavior, if a character is gonna be tsundere and hit another they have to have a bloody good reason, example: Chidori constantly hits Sousuke but the guy destroys half of their school on a daily basis because he is crazy. Shouma on the other hand is a pure angel who went along with all this crap and now that she is in love with him she has to be obnoxious as fuck about it. Also, I kept getting this vibe that they are meant to be in anime terms right from episode one but I was hoping that Ikuhara wouldn't go for a ship that just seems to cliche to me. So yeah, I'm not happy, imagine my face as the one 1-chan wears all the time. I am interested in Masako but all she's been saying so far is HAYAKU TSUBUSANAITO, I want to know more about her and Mario soon. For episode 12 I am hoping Shouma reveals to be a pretty awful guy and that the nice guy act is for a good part a facade. Or at least a broken Shouma who has done something inexcusable, oh how I want to protect it.

What do you mean you don't like Ungo's character design, look at that shota and those delicious tiny legs. Fate/Zero is written by Urobuchi which in a way makes it more nitro+ so I quite like that, it's also ufotable and from what I hear it's kind to fujoshi so I am fine with that. Why does original FSN novel seem like such a piece of shit, jesus look at this

I have a feeling that Mirai Nikki will be bad, I do love me some yandere but I have some standards mind you, I don't like the insane as fuck that cannot be reasoned with but will love you eternally and will kill everyone you care about type. I wish there was more good yandere like Leo, he is just precious. Ah yes, in case you didn't know, Leo's pretty batshit but he hides it well.

Oh my, would you look at that, I too ended up on a shipping faggotry note. That's bad, have some crazy to fix that

Oh Ikuhara, you lovable insane piece of humanity.
Tixy Sep 20, 2011 11:25 PM
I found that out very soon after ;_; You gave me all these beautiful feelings about Kamui being on my shelf and then you took it away! Should have said "I got a good news and a bad news and I'm gonna start first with the bad one".
God that chibi Kagura is so adorable, I would buy it but I think collecting figurines would be like making another hole in my already empty pocket.
I saw that one, it kinda looks really really shitty, even if it's Kamui I am waiting on a proper one. Some day ;_;

Could you provide the source on that, because I haven't heard anything about it.
That would be a wonderful idea, I saw that there's a pretty awesome Elizabeth related arc. But do tell me about this new arc involving Shinsengumi, I always love me some badass Okita. Pairing somebody with Okita other than Kagura? That's treachery, everyone in this fandom agrees that OkiKagu is the only acceptable ship regarding the two. Also looks like Mio on top of it all, BURN THE WITCH.
I don't understand Gintama doujinshi world, despite all of my superior homo skills, I feel like such a disgusting heterosexual when it comes to homo shippings in Gintama. I guess it's along the lines it's pretty so let's ship it.

Indeed, I am rewatching Gundam 00 and Rie's character just appeared and she is sort of an obnoxious bitch, but Rie herself is so adorable and pure. Does Rie even have a good role other than Kagura, a character who actually isn't bipolar?
Rie's character in Persona looks kinda annoying to me, she is actually likable? I am wondering how they'll do the protagonist-kun, isn't he pretty much a blank slate?

I never really understood what made Kokuto so much in love with her that he'd say that Shiki would be fine even if she was a guy. Yeah, Shiki is awesome but she isn't exactly waifu material for a guy like Kokuto.

Also, it's a foreign word so it's automatically KEWL.

I did enjoy the second half just as much as the first half, I just didn't really think the last 3-4 episodes were well written, they could have been fixed with minor adjustments. First half of the final episode was really weird and silly, but at least Lunatic appeared because his superior moon was on so I loved that bit. I still think that the selling point of T&B is its characters so even though plot might be badly dealt with at times I am still able to enjoy the show and forgive some errors.
I am not sure what they wanted to do originally before knowing they'll get another season, maybe they really did want to kill Kotetsu, though I don't think that's the case. I think they just did all this for the DORAMA, I doubt that letting him live was a last minute decision. But Bunny got to hug Kotetsu, I was all warm and fuzzy and then Karina screaming TAIGA, I fucking lol'd.

Yeah, we got ourselves some yandere Shion.

Anime failed to portray him being a bit insane right from the very start but then again, anime failed at a lot of things. Last episode was awful, I am not sure if I would recommend this show to people anymore. Well it's still the best 10 episode homolust anime out there so there's that.

Oh please, whenever there's a beautiful woman in front of you that seems to have just a tiny bit of male features, it's always going to be a guy, with a wonderful deep voice at that.
For some reason I am very repulsed by Shouma/Ringo even though I think Ringo is pretty ok I really wish they don't go in that direction regarding the two. I think no one will get to happy in Penguindrum, everybody's gonna die at the end, fucking calling it now.

I find myself not looking forward to anything all that much. I mean sure, there are shows that I want to watch but nothing I am absolutely pumped about. Hunter x Hunter is gonna be a fun rewatch but it's gonna take 20 episodes IIRC till Hisoka shows up and waiting on that will be suffering.