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Jun 22, 2022
It's no surprise that one of the most beloved and well known shoujo anime of the early or mid seventies was Candy Candy. I've known of its existence for a while, and I even watched some episodes of the original series, but stopped due to other obligations and lack of time and subs at the time. But if there's one thing Candy Candy's become infamous for, its the fact that both creators, Kyoko Mizuki and Yumiko Igarashi, were engaged in harsh, vicious legal battles over royalties and who had true ownership of the show. It didn't help that the mangaka who illustrated the manga, Yumiko read more
Jun 22, 2022
Man, Pokemon's really been going all out on the animation front in the past few years, hasn't it? We've got Pokemon Twilight Wings, the PokeToon shorts—which as of this writing are finally getting dubbed into English this summer!—Pokemon Evolutions, and now, a recently finished web series from Wit Studio called Pokemon: Hisuian Snow, based on the video game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Hisuian Snow was first announced in a Pokemon Presents video released in February 2022, alongside the reveal of Legends Arceus DLC and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Needless to say, considering how good Twilight Wings and the various PokeToon shorts turned out, many fans were read more
Jun 21, 2022
If you can believe it, while I did watch a Ghibli movie when I was younger (My parents said I saw My Neighbor Totoro but I don't have many memories of it), I didn't start watching Ghibli's filmography until I was in...maybe late high school or college. I remember asking my dad to take me to see Ponyo in theaters when it first came out in the US, and not long after that, me and one of my friends went to see The Secret World of Arrietty. I had already seen it before I saw it in the theater, but in Japanese, and both times read more
Jun 20, 2022
One thing I really love about anime is that in Japan, pretty much anything goes. People could make anime and manga for pretty much anything, from simple, slice-of-life stories with little to no conflict, or they can go balls to the wall wild and come up with the absolute craziest premises you can think of, and Japan would have no problem putting them on TV. I mean, where else can you find an anime about a general from imperial China being reincarnated into modern day Japan and helping a girl pursue a music career? Or a show about a bunch of buff dudes using sentient read more
Jun 11, 2022
There's two genres of anime and manga that I find myself gravitating towards, and those are old-school shoujo or historical fiction. I just find stories that take place in time periods long before I was ever born to be really fascinating. That said, there's a lot of rules one has to follow when writing a story taking place in certain time periods. You have to make sure the clothing, word choices, social norms, technology (or lack thereof), locations, and general flow of events are accurate to the time period in which it takes place. Basically, do your homework, or you run the risk of distorting read more
Jun 4, 2022
Most of my favorite anime consists of stuff that's either obscure or not very well known, or only well known in certain circles. While I've grown up watching anime, it wasn't until 2005 when I learned that anime was originally made in Japan, and I hadn't quite developed my preferences nor made a point of watching anime all the way through until about 2010, when I was in high school. That being said, I lurk on Anime News Network pretty much on a daily basis, and long ago, there used to be this really good weekly column series called Buried Treasure, where Justin Sevakis would read more
May 19, 2022
One time, a few years ago, I mentioned to some people in a fandom that I wasn't a particularly big fan of a show because I felt that it came across as too treacly and saccharine, with the main character embodying a lot of those qualities. But apparently a lot of people didn't like this and proceeded to accuse me of only liking tragic edgy shlock and claiming that I hate it when kids shows have an optimistic tone. If anyone's seen some reviews I've done for the various seasons of Pretty Cure, I can attest that that's not true. I just prefer the shows read more
May 16, 2022
(This review covers both the original manga and the sequel)

Stories about man's best friend have been around forever, and they always manage to resonate with mainstream audiences, especially pet owners. I mean, how can you not fall in love with stories about dogs? But there are just as many stories about people and man's best friend going through hardships, especially ones where the dog in question winds up dying in some capacity. Not many people like those stories for that reason, which is fine, but unlike most people who want to avoid stories like that, I deliberately seek them out. Because I'm a sap like read more
May 15, 2022
Man, I really wanted to like this movie, and there are things that I do like about it. Unfortunately, Poupelle of Chimney Town really isn't one of the better kids movies that came out in the 2020s. The premise at first seems pretty cool: In a town completely encased in smoke, where nobody knows what the outside world looks like, not even the stars, a young boy named Lubicchi spends his days cleaning chimneys despite his fear of heights. One day, a glowing heart gets dropped into a garbage pile, turning into a man made entirely of garbage, whom Lubicchi saves from getting incinerated. After read more
May 11, 2022
Tell me you've heard this premise before: Normal girl gets accepted into a prestigious school, gets into a clique, but is bullied by both other members of the clique and people outside of it, including a stereotypical alpha bitch who rules the school, and experiences both romance and hardship. A fairly common story that's the focal point of a lot of movies, shows, and books about teenagers aimed at teenagers, and depending on the execution of said story, it can turn out well, or it can turn out really bad and cliche. Thankfully, Dear Brother, or Oniisama e, is the former. Basically, take the premise read more