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Jul 27, 2021

A show about rich high school student, stupidly gambling there lives away for kicks but everything changes a little bit when compulsive Psycho Gambler with Red-Eyes Black Hair Jabami Yumeko enter the scene. To literally give the student council, who doesn’t do anything but sit around all day, an intense facial workout. Get ready to be amazed by Studio MAPPA's artistry, for almost every single character in this show have the ability to make ridiculously funny faces that will give Reddit some temporary memes to play with.

Get mind-blown to the intensely good animated atmosphere of Kakegurui Gambling, which are the few things I found read more
Jul 16, 2021
Do you ever felt that you are getting tired of Romance Comedy Set in Highschool? When the troupe of this kind of slice of life romance comedies is starting to get boring? And as time passes, it starting to get very jarring to watch. When the idea is getting stale when nothing new is introduced on the table.

If you feel that way? You’re not the only one. Because I am also growing kind of tired of this kind of show as I hit my late 20’s. The problem I see with this kind of show is that we get an ample amount of it every read more
Jun 18, 2021

Nadja was one of my early childhood anime back in the early ’00s but I don’t seem to remember how it ended or how the story progresses. What I remember is the main plot itself when it aired on my local television network. It's been more than a decade since I watch it, so I decided to finally pick it up and make a full series rewatch on it last year. I was happy that I did. Because I am surprised the anime gave me a sort of diamond of the ruff impression about it. A good TV series for what it is read more
Apr 26, 2021
If I could be given a chance to describe Paniponi Dash! In one sentence, I would say it’s a very chaotic and experimental take on the slice-of-life school comedy genre of its time. It mercilessly bombards you with random referential humor. It doesn’t follow a distinct format in delivering its jokes. Whatever Shafts in the creator's minds on what they think is funny, they will insert it regardless if it makes sense to the overall theme of the show or not. In most cases, the show is not even identifiable as a school comedy but a jumble of genres instantly shifting themes from time to read more
Nov 18, 2020
Beck (Anime) add (All reviews)
In a medium where the music genre is scarce but dominated by Japanese Pop with a few classical and traditional Japanese music stories in between. We do get some black sheep like Beck everyone once in a while that indeed opens a window of fresh air.

The anime pretty much pays homage to music it’s dedicated too which is “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and Soft-Rock inspired for its music tracks. Consist of good guitar plays and rock music that enforces the anime strength when it comes to the sound and music department. The show previews a lot of references on historically known western rock bands like read more
Oct 20, 2020
Sugar Sugar Rune at the surface it seems like a typical run-of-the-mill magical girl series that follows the traditional formula dating back to its predecessors. It has magical transformation sequences, stylish magical wands, and crazy magical items that will make Doraemon proud. The presentation and aesthetics are glamorous. Certainly aim for little girls for its simplicity and amusing appeal. But exploring further down the line, Sugar Sugar Rune rather go a different approach in its theme that even teens and young adults will find it enthralling for its “Shoujo Romance Element” and character exploration that added uniqueness among its competition at the time.

The title has read more
Aug 1, 2020
An experimental take on the slice of life genre that manages to create an artistically relaxing piece of art soothing for the soul.

Hidamari Sketch is a simple slice of life anime circling around the highschool lives of Yamabuki Arts High School freshmen, Yuno and Miyako. As they adjust to the new life as living independently in the Hidamari Apartment, they are guided by their 2 seniors Hiro and Sae which also living in the Hidamari Apartment and attends the same school.

From the get got Hidamari Sketch story at its core is “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” set in high school type of narrative which read more
Jul 25, 2020
Shounen Ai which is a literal meaning in Japenese “Boys Love” is been around in the anime industry dating back in the late ’80s. Beginning its roots on Natsu e no Tobira for being the first movie and Patalliro! Both made by Toei animation. Only a handful of them exists mostly on OVAs and Movies but not much on TV series. Shounen Ai TV series for the most part doesn’t give much of an impact in both popularity and financial gain so the studios stopped making them. They are more like the shadows in the corner that only a selected few can notice their existent. read more
Jul 17, 2020

Bakemonogatari is one the most well know and successful titles studio Shaft adapted over the years. Influenced by Shinbou, Akiyuki directorial talent. Consist of quick-cut transition, unusual camera angle shot, and color choices. With an added usage of symbolism in the story narrative for flavor. Bakemonogatari is a product of the studio's continuous experimentation in supporting artistic freedom.

Tracing its roots from Shinbou’s early works like Hidamari Sketch and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Bake is primarily a step-up improvement on Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's style of wordplay. Refining its predecessor by for being a serious tone on visual presentation. Contrasting to the slapstick light humor transition cuts that read more
Jun 22, 2020
Arakawa Under the Bridge Review Part 2

Quick Note: I don’t like repeating what I said from my last review for the first season unless for comparison sake. Feel free to check out my Arakawa Under the Bridge Review Part 1 if you haven’t.

Arakawa Under the BridgeXBridge continues where the series left off. The animation and art style still retain the same quality and consistency from the previous season. How you experience the weird atmosphere is still carry over in the sequel. The cinematic techniques use in illustrating the narrative are the same with some added improvement. Some innovations in the read more