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"a life without loss is one without love"

"a life without loss is one without love"

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Attackergoal May 12, 7:07 AM
ooo that's good to know, I definitely recommend reading the manga. you can start with the anime and continue with the manga because the animation is very choppy.

yess, tyy for the motivation, I'll try my best :)
Attackergoal May 4, 4:24 AM
oop yeah, the first few arcs are definitely weak. for me, the alabasta arc (which happens around episode 100) was the best so far in terms of fight scenes, drama and scale. you do need a level of commitment to pull through and I never thought I'd muster it up yet here we are. I'm interested to see when I'll burn out.

ooh I've seen the first three seasons of haikyuu. I watched the first at around 2019 and I expected better from it but it improved as it went on. some matches are really good so look forward to them. I also recently caught up to the blue lock manga and it exceeded my expectations, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did, I recommend it.
omg, congratulations. I hope you have an easy path ahead of you :) I'm not really worried about missing school but more about lacking the necessary experience and extracurriculars to get to a good university.
Attackergoal May 1, 10:07 AM
nothing much but i started one piece at the beginning of april!!
I never thought it'd happen but here we are.
other than that, everything's been the same. just going through high-school :)
Attackergoal Apr 29, 9:20 AM
omg hi, it's been a while :)
Xiao Apr 19, 8:30 PM
Love triangles are rarely ever executed well so same, although I'm at least thankful that the love triangle drama didn't last very long. I particularly like how chill Itsuomi acts with Oushi, they have an unexpectedly hilarious dynamic. And how Emma moved on from Itsuomi without much of a fuss. Though I admit I'm having a bit of a hard time being on full board of the main ship, since there wasn't much build up of them falling in love and Itsuomi & Yuki still don't seem to know much about one another yet. Hopefully that'll change in the sequel. But yeah, I'm also glad the anime was more on the wholesome side. Glad you enjoyed it!
Xiao Apr 10, 12:16 AM
Yeah I wasn't surprised they both got a sequel announced so quickly, especially Apothecary Diaries. I'd bet anything that Sign of Affection is going to get one within the next few years as well. Well, apparently Kimi ni Todoke is getting another season after 13 years, so I'm praying the shoujo era is making a comeback.

Ah okay, that's good! As long as there's no love triangle, I'm good lol.
Btw, there's a YT animated series called Alien Stage that I recommend and think you'd like! I'd label it as psychological horror. There're several MVs that would take ~20 mins total to watch so it's not very long, but each one tells a story and literally every single frame is important to analyze and understand what's going on. No pressure to watch it ofc, but lmk if you do cause I've been watching/listening to the videos on repeat for the past few days lol.
Xiao Apr 3, 9:20 PM
Same, the true horror is never getting a sequel despite how popular and loved an anime is....*cough*Yona*cough* I can't help but think if Yona got an anime adaptation this time around instead, it'd definitely get a sequel announced right away. Seems like almost every decently popular anime is getting a sequel nowadays.

Ohh thanks for the recommendation! Coincidentally enough, a few days ago I'd read a SOL manga called Hirayasumi that depicts a realistic portrayal of college and adult life. I'm usually not a fan of SOL either so I was surprised at how much I love it. Honey and Clover sounds like something I'd like as well, huge bonus that it has an adult cast. Though I gotta there a lot of romance drama/love triangles? xD Don't mind spoilers as long as no names are mentioned.
Xiao Mar 23, 8:13 PM
I love Get Out! It's also one of my favorite movies. I've wanted to watch A Quiet Place for a while. I just looked up the synopsis for Mama, sounds interesting but probably would only be able to watch it with someone else beside me. I wouldn't be able to watch Black Phone, that poster guy's smile would give me nightmares T-T I've never watched Silence of the Lambs, but I've watched Hannibal! I'll definitely watch it someday. Omg those "based on a true story" stuff makes things worse for sure lol. But yea I could only handle horror if it's not the main focus of the story. I don't play video games, but anything that involves getting chased in the dark is a no-no for me xD

Yes, Li Tianxi deserved better :( But it'd be interesting to see what role the black-haired hat guy plays into all of this. Ah yes, Steins;Gate! Can't believe I didn't think of that one. That's so true. If Link Click had a manhua, I would've definitely read it all within the next day...the suspense and wait for what's going to happen in the sequel is excruciating. Hopefully S3 will come out within the next two years.

Ah yes, same with me. Heavenly Delusion easily could've ended up as a favorite but that scene really made me scratch my head on where the author was going with all of this. I trust that Robin will get his due punishment later, but I do wish the aftermath of this entire incident was dealt with better. Felt like it was swept under the rug a bit too fast. But I'm glad you enjoyed it otherwise! I love the slow reveal as well. I initially didn't like Shiro at all but now I love him with Mimihime, and the episode with Usami made me cry T-T I'm scared to see how Mimihime ended up like that. I believe I've heard a second season is already planned, however there's not enough manga content for a full second season yet so we'll have to wait until then.
Xiao Mar 14, 9:32 PM
Oh I've never really considered any of those shows horror, though I can see why they would be. In that case I guess I can say I like psychological horror as well, although Perfect Blue...well, I'll just say I regret watching it at night. How are you with live-action horror? I'm terrible with live-action horror compared to horror anime. Anything that involves people getting possessed or haunted by things (exorcists, dolls, haunted houses, supernatural, etc.) freak me out. :')

I got curious and listened to the English dub, and...oof you're right, Li Tianchen's voice doesn't fit at all x-x Yeah I think the writers made it intentionally vague, I'll trust that it gets answered in a later season considering the writers have obviously put a lot of thought and foreshadowing into everything. Especially since Qiao Ling has Li Tianxi's powers now so we'll definitely get a better understanding of how her powers work. It could be like what you've suggested with Emma's death node being set in stone, or maybe the mysterious black-haired hat guy somehow was involved. But I do think the fox story suggested that Li Tianchen didn't feel much guilt in killing Emma since he already had his sights set on her as a target and had killed multiple before already.
Yes I LOVE the OP!! First time I've seen such creative liberties taken where part of the song is rewinded. Been listening to it on repeat every day still.
What'd you think of the last scene with Lu Guang? I'm gonna have to prepare multiple tissues if we're gonna see something similar to Homura's story with Madoka. There was an interesting theory some people came up with - that every time someone uses their powers, a strand of their hair turns white...which would explain why Lu Guang has the most unnatural hair color. Well, aside from the twins, but maybe their hair color has an explanation as well lol.
Xiao Mar 5, 10:24 PM
Oh really? Haha, well uh just a "warning" if you do watch Blue Lock - it's dumb fun/kinda edgy and the premise of the show doesn't make much sense, but it's a very entertaining watch. It's different from other sports anime in that there's no power of friendship going on, kinda the opposite actually lol.
Yeah I'm pretty sure you'll be fine, the Fate/Strange Fake should work as a stand-alone. All the characters (except for a select few, like Gilgamesh) are new, I believe. I'm just excited to see another Fate spinoff, and it's by A-1 Pictures who have been coming out with some good anime lately. And yeah, I think the new Akira is supposed to be a reboot. I haven't watched the old movie but it's highly acclaimed and the synopsis sounds interesting so hopefully the reboot be good. If not, I'll just watch the movie xD Ahh Uzumaki! I'm not too fond of horror, but it'd be cool if there's an anime that could pull it off since I can't think of any good horror anime that exists. Dx

Yeah definitely, especially since the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling not only has good pacing & great animation/OSTs, but it also adds anime-original content that improves the overall quality of the show. Though I will say, because of the genre of the show, pretty much everyone agrees the storyline isn't anything amazing - but if you go in with leveled expectations knowing that, Solo Leveling is a fun watch :)
Xiao Mar 2, 10:34 PM
Yeah, Maomao (the female MC in Apothecary Diaries) is definitely going to be in my favorites when the first season finishes airing. I'm sure you'll like her as well!

Ahh definitely, Monster and Idol are up there in my favorite anime OPs of all time. So addicting to listen to! Honestly, ToG still has to be my most anticipated sequel just because of how much I love the manhwa and how excited I am simply to see the new characters animated (one of them always gets compared to Killua lol), but I'm trying unsuccessfully not to set any expectations on the quality of the anime production itself. Also eagerly waiting for more Link Click, of course. There's another I'm just as excited about called Blue Lock, though it's a sports anime which I remember you're not a fan of. I'm definitely looking forward to the Golden Kamuy sequel, though I'm kind of scared of finales in general since many don't have a satisfying ending.
Oh but if we include non-sequels, I'm really looking forward to Fate/Strange Fake and Akira! Do you have any non-sequels that you're interested in?

Haha yeah, pretty much every comment I see from anime-watchers have a similar sentiment - they only remember Rachel pushing Bam in the end. Can't blame anyone but the anime when even I got bored of watching anime Bam. I'll definitely let you know! I think I've heard the 2nd season is gonna be by a different studio, and judging from the teaser the animation looks a lot better as well. I just hope they will be faithful to the source material this time. It's kinda sad to think about how Solo Leveling is literally the only manhwa so far that has received a good anime adaptation :/
Xiao Feb 25, 9:15 PM
Ah well you could probably tell solely based off of appearances, but I was talking about the main ship from Apothecary Diaries. Both ships have the smart, poor (kinda) tomboy girl x rich pretty boy trope xD

That's true, it happens so early in the series that I keep forgetting how the person behind killing Aqua in his past life, as well as his mother, are one and the same. I'm really excited for the second season, it's definitely going to be amazing and hopefully just as good as the first season. It'd be a dream if Yoasobi could make another song for the second season. There're so many great new anime/sequels coming out, what a time to be alive x3

Speaking of - Tower of God S2 teaser finally came out yesterday!! The first season adaptation wasn't the best, but I'm still excited haha and if it miraculously gets a faithful adaptation this time around, I hope you'll enjoy it too!
Xiao Feb 21, 9:57 PM
Haha pretty much like me then, OHSHC is one of the earlier anime I've watched as well and it's still my favorite reverse harem. Romantic Killer is a close second for me. But yeah, Haruhi is such a great MC. Speaking of, how do you like the Haruhi x Tamaki ship? The other day I came across a post saying that the main ship in one of the series I'd recommended (not gonna explicitly say which one in case you don't want me to spoil) reminded them of Haruhi and Tamaki's dynamic, and I find the comparison hilarious cause I could kinda see the similarities. The female character has a more "masculine" energy than the male, which you don't see often in pairings. I'm strangely fond of those kinds of dynamics lol. Ohh yeah, little me loved Fushigi Yuugi but now...nah xD

My exact thoughts! Some people were disappointed that Ai got killed off and the series "turned" into a mystery, but tbh I wasn't that invested in the first episode until she died. Then I cried :') Yeah that was one of the reasons, but also because the reincarnation element didn't seem necessary. From what's shown in the first season, anyways...and because of the characters. Some people dislike Aqua, for example, saying he's too "edgy" since his personality completely changed from when he was a doctor. I could see why people would say that, to a certain extent, though watching an idol/your mom die in front of you is definitely traumatizing, so it doesn't bother me much.
Xiao Feb 18, 7:25 PM
Ohhh solely based off of the art style/cover, The Story of Saiunkoku definitely has that 2000s anime vibe haha. Reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi, if you've heard of that show before. It's a classic and one of the first anime I've watched, though looking back it actually has a lot of toxicity in the romance x-x Yeah, I probably would only watch those isekai/reincarnation kinds of shows as a seasonal x)

Ah and I see you're watching Oshi no Ko! I was thinking of including that as one of the shows to recommend to you, but I think I saw it on your PTW. How do you like the show? I know people who love and dislike it, I could see both sides so I'm curious what you think!
Xiao Feb 11, 12:56 AM
Yeah you've watched Romantic Killer and OHSHC, the last one I was (kind of) thinking of is My Next Life As A Villainess. The main character is over-the-top dumb/funny and the plot barely goes anywhere so I'd only semi-recommend it if you want to watch a turn-your-brain-off kind of show x) I just noticed there are only 76 reverse harems while there are 469 harems, that's kinda messed up lol.

Np, hope you enjoy and lmk if you do watch any of them! Oh yes the anime adaptation of Apothecary Diaries is great! I'd only read a few chapters of it before stopping and deciding to wait for the anime adaptation to come out, but I'm glad I waited. I enjoy watching it more than reading the manga, which is a pretty rare occurrence for me.
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