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lady_freyja Oct 16, 11:27 AM
Ah oui, j'ai un petit peu du mal avec plusieurs voix aussi.
Mais moi ça allait, même si comme tu dis, ça semble pas mal diverger des Hagio et autres Shimizu. Dans tous les cas, les premiers morts tombent, a priori !

Du bon shōjo qui débute bien donc. :p
lady_freyja Oct 16, 10:24 AM
AU fait au fait !

Je ne sais pas pourquoi je n'en t'ai pas parlé plus tôt vu que ça fait des années que je connais, et si ça se trouve tu connais déjà. Mais tiens, du source-material pour ton futur anime:
lady_freyja Oct 12, 7:21 AM
Au fait !
J'ai vu ça passer sur facebook ce matin, mais je viens de tiquer là maintenant en regardant de plus près les illustrations.

Hoshi no Tokei no Liddell, que Halfsleeper avait posté sur la galerie, c'était magnifique et tout et tout.
Eh bien BlackBox tente de négocier pour le publier en français !

J'espère que ça aboutira, je veux trop le lire. oO

Ils ont posté une galerie.
hypocrite_tenma Oct 9, 5:12 PM
I am mainly interested in Kantou Heiya because it's a bildungsroman, and its setting takes place in a non-city environment, because most stories in Japan from anime take place in Tokyo, or other city. Lady Snowblood looks okay, but Im not as interested because it seems to have lots of violence.

And if his stories are mainly about the visuals and metaphors, then I guess my question was irrelevant. I'm used to consuming media that is plot/story driven, and dont care about poetical or lyrical presentation. But I'm starting to get more interested in how a story is presented, rather than just plot twists or action sequences. Action can be poetic, but it's hard to pull off and most stories just glorify the violence.
lady_freyja Oct 8, 3:15 AM
Merci !
hypocrite_tenma Oct 7, 10:24 AM
Hi, I came here from Kamimura Kazuo page. I am so excited to read his stuff, but Im here in America, and I've heard from other profiles that his stuff is only available in France from outside Japan, maybe other places. I just wanted to ask, what makes his stories so good? I love his artwork, and just by looking at some of his panels online tells a great story to me.
I know it's probably personal, and each person will take away different things from his stories. But, from looking at his settings, there seems to be a big Post-war Japan conflict , which I am very interested in. But what did you take away from the stories, both the personal, and the overall setting?
oberstein Sep 26, 2:03 PM
Alright, thanks for replying and don't worry! I understand if it's not your kind of thing. I'll ask lady_freyja myself later, but if you mention it to her, it would be great, too.

Oh, another friend recommended this to me, too! It looks awesome, I'll try to see if it's possible to find it around (I managed to find Sunny after all!), but I probably won't read it soon as I'm currently focusing on the stuff I have left for the manga challenge (11 titles, sigh, some of them are longer than 10 volumes, too). I'll probably remember this recommendation for next year's manga challenge ;) and I'll my sure to share my thoughts with you when I do read it. Thanks!
oberstein Sep 26, 11:55 AM
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! As you said, personal taste has a lot to do sometimes with how we perceive things. I completely agree with you in some things: the redemption arcs were the lows for me as well, but that was something I could overlook. Asumi's brightness was only a problem for me when she was subjected to physical or psychological abuse by other characters (especially from Fuchuya, because I strongly dislike this trope of 'bullying the girl you like'), but I honestly loved the friendship aspect and nostalgic/melancholic feel of the story.

At first I thought I wasn't going to read it quickly, but like you, I also realized that it was enjoyable and quick. One of my favorite parts were the author's extras!

I'm doing good, I'm mostly busy with my work and I was on a trip last week, so I had very little activity lately. I'm doing my best at reading faster, I still have 11 challenge tasks to finish and only 3 months to do it. About returning to your japanese studies, best of luck! Studying a little bit everyday really is the best way to go, I think.

P.S. Do you and lady_freyja use the program Discord? I've been considering creating a group chat to talk about manga (discussion, recommendations and even sharing information about scans availability in different languages), to help/encourage newbies and generally promote manga reading. Would you both be interested in participating? I must say I'm currently gauging interest, I haven't decided when it will be done (or even if it will be done, it depends on interest). Let me know.
oberstein Sep 18, 5:53 AM
I see you're reading Twin Spica, I hope you like it. Share your thoughts with me when you finish it if you want :)
lady_freyja Sep 17, 11:43 AM

Tu vas surement me dire que c'est une évidence pour toi, mais je trouve ça bien de voir des études sérieuses sur le sujet, sur ce que pensent les animaux.
oberstein Sep 6, 3:25 PM
I've given up on this idea of 'correcting' the ratings on my list several times, mostly because I lack the time... and also because I don't think anyone else but me would care, maybe? hahaha. Of course, there are cases when I NEED to change it or I won't feel calm, but yes this is mostly with BL titles (which is what I mostly read when I started reading).

Ahh, sweet! I completely support 'unconventional' relationships and even though me and my husband look really conventional, well... there's always more than meets the eye and I'm sure it's the same for you and your girlfriend. I'm really happy for the both of you, you probably found each other by chance (you met through MAL, right?) and now you seem really happy together. It's honestly great that you can find new aspects in titles you already read or that you weren't too interested to read before but now find appealing because of thisnew aspect in your life. Manga is so... versatile in this sense, there are always many aspects of humanity reflected.

I finished Hot Road today, yay! It was really deep and touching. It's not a story I can relate to too much because I was a boring nerd in high school and Uni, but the humanity in the characters is so palpable... I loved that. The transformation all the important characters go through is captivating. I'm really happy I decided to give it a shot.

As a side note, I wanted to mention I found Sunny and I'll be reading it soon, so I'll probably come back with my thoughts about it.
oberstein Aug 31, 7:11 AM
That's not to say I don't have my soft spots for some things...

Haha this is exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned that sometimes it's tough to be objective. I have a couple of 10's and 9's I gave out of enjoyment and sentimental attachment to the work and not because I think they're actual works of art. I'm also guilty of being too strict with other works and not giving a 10 for a petty reason haha. Rating manga is not complex, but I suppose it's quite personal!

About Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki, I loved it, too! This doesn't fall on the generic category for me, though, because despite having all the clichés in the ecchi genre, the characters have an unique relationship. (But I can't be objective because I have a personal attachment to it! Story time: I'm almost 6 years older than my husband, and this was something that worried me greatly when we were dating. It's not something as noticeable as being considerably bigger than your significant other, like in the manga, but I could see myself and my relationship reflected in some of the characters' struggles. I felt deeply connected with their secrecy and shame on their growing relationship and their worry on how others would take it.)

I admire that you're trying to read consciously, I also developed this sort of boundary overtime. My list is very old, though, and sometimes I have old ratings from when I was young and impressionable haha. Lately I've been checking my list to compile illustrations for the manga gallery and I cringe at the ratings (and change the rating, too) I gave to titles I read A LONG time ago. Questionable BL titles with 8's? I have them haha. I've been considering revising the whole list but it's long and it keeps growing and I'm lazy....
oberstein Aug 30, 3:39 PM
Sorry I stopped replying, got busy with a weekend trip and then work.

You have a point there. I hadn't considered before that 'intention' isn't something more than creative motivation, I often forget art is in fact just that easy hahaha as long as there is a concept in art and there's someone who understand the beauty behind a work of art, inspiration spreads.

I read manga mostly to try and understand different points of view and because I'm very interested in japanese culture and their self-perception, especially when common tropes are dismantled. I try to read many different things: bad stories with good art, good stories with bad art, great stories with unique art, etc. because they aren't just art, but culture! Seeing how the world works from a Japanese perspective and how similar or how different it is from how my world views are constructed interests me greatly! This is the 'invaluable' feeling for me.

Of course, I'm also very conscious of what I'm reading... I know it's almost impossible to be fully objective, humas are subjective by nature, but I can be aware of the flaws of a work and still enjoy it. This makes me think of many 'ordinary' stories I read, like Gokusen or the few chapters I read from the manga Again!, they aren't outstanding stories, but they have interesting characters and as manga works, they have 'personality', so I thought they deserved a chance. Now you know how I managed to have a list like this.

Oh yeah, I started Hot Road and so far it's given me this impression, too (I'm only one volume in). The story in itself seems simple enough, but the characters carry it. I'm honestly more impressed by the author's handling of the relationships between the female characters (mother-daughter, friendships) than the romance, but maybe the romance will be more developed later. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, and the art style is so cute! I hope to finish it soon to give you my full impressions.
lady_freyja Aug 27, 8:18 AM
Dire que tu partais défaitiste. へへ
Mais tant mieux si tu aimé, je n'avais pas trop de doute après avoir zieuté le manga, ça avait vraiment de la gueule visuellement parlant !

Moi je viens à l'instant de lire une page d'Hagio ! Mais là faut que je fasse d'autres trucs, mais je vais en lire une ou deux autres d'ici à ce soir.

Sinon j'ai commencé Attack n°1 et… et…
Je veux dire, entre les deux magical girls et là ce truc de volley, je viens de me rendre compte d'un truc : les héroïnes shōjo de l'époque étaient de véritable têtes à claque ; insolentes, orgueilleuses, mesquines. Bien entendu tu t'en doutes, dès ce premier épisode ça tourne à la lapidation à coup de balles de volley, enfin rien de plus normal pour un anime de sport. :p
Par contre agréable surprise : l'anime est actuellement en fansubbing, avec si j'ai bien compris environs 1 épisode par semaine en moyenne. J'ai bien aimé le premier épisode, et si ça continue à me plaire je risque de suivre la publication des fansubs, tant qu'à faire.
Ça me ferait le premier anime à +100 épisodes de ma liste. \o/
oberstein Aug 25, 5:01 AM
I write prose, and currently I don't follow a particular genre. I'm working on a novel that I haven't showed anyone, but I've also written fanfiction that I shared online. I frankly don't mind much about being published or not? Because if it's a matter of joining the ocean of artistic creation, I can always self-publish.
It's great you're writing poetry, that's definitely the most personal kind of literature that exists. I know what you mean about showing your poetry to others: since it's so personal, you might feel nervous about how people interpret you. I admire that you would still like to share your feelings with others eventually, I hope it comes true.

Your impressions of an artist is really noble and you know, there are many artists like that! Artists that have an artistic intention and want to create something to inspire and move other people. I never really thought if I wanted to be this kind of artist myself... more than having an artistic intention, I just want to tell stories that other people could feel identified with, and I thought this was enough for me. But now you've made me consider this idea. Thanks for discussing these topics with me, it has been really thought-provoking.