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Days: 44.3
Mean Score: 6.32
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Genji Monogatari
Genji Monogatari
Today, 2:05 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Kasei Yakyoku
Kasei Yakyoku
Yesterday, 8:16 AM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 5
Mirai no Mirai
Mirai no Mirai
Nov 7, 2:31 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
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Days: 93.3
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  • Chapters16,788
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Manga History Last Manga Updates
Nov 5, 3:23 AM
Completed 36/36 · Scored 7
Tokyo Alien Brothers
Tokyo Alien Brothers
Oct 11, 3:20 AM
Completed 18/18 · Scored 6
Bokura no Funka Matsuri
Bokura no Funka Matsuri
Sep 25, 3:46 AM
Completed 16/16 · Scored 7


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AltonWi34129768 1 hour ago
Happy Birthday
AltonWi34129768 Dec 5, 10:00 PM
Thanks for mentioning Palme no Ki i watch it two times. Interesting and different type of anime fiilm even the music have atmosphere tone in my opinion
AltonWi34129768 Nov 29, 1:24 AM
Ok cool
Also i actually never heard of this movie. Interesting i will give a shot. Thanks very much
AltonWi34129768 Nov 28, 5:53 PM
My Favorite Anime are Angel Egg and Texhnolyze. Great Review on Innocent manga
oberstein Oct 1, 6:10 AM
I was too impressed with Shimanami Tasogare! I picked it up on a whim because I found out the scanlation was finished and I love Kamatani Yuhki's art, but when I started I couldn't stop reading until the end, and I must admit very few stories have touched me like this one. I've loved other manga, but I think it's the first time I've felt such an intimate and personal connection to a story. I also hope to see more works where the lgbt+ is represented in such a positive light, we deserve it.

I completely understand your frustrations and fears. I used to write stories (not so much anymore,) and it wasn't just something I did as a hobby, I wanted to create something meaningful. Frankly, I was never happy with what I wrote, but when others read it they praised me. The funny thing is I didn't take their praise seriously because I wanted to write something I could be proud of, but the people who read what I wrote taught me it's actually the opposite: I should be proud of everything I wrote because it was something I created. I want to advise you not to get discouraged. Also, talent is important, but overrated. Many people can have talent for something, but hard work is the real MVP when anyone wants to achieve something.

I'm happy to hear about your progress with Japanese! See, this is it. Hard work :) You start small and go bigger little by little. It's definitely something to be proud of! I noticed that there was much less activity from you and Lady_freyja compared to before, but I also had less activity after MAL died, I was so upset because I lost my progress with the manga challenge that I kinda stopped reading manga altogether (other RL stuff affected my lack of progress, though, like moving to a different country,) but I'm coming back to it and I also noticed MAL is quite slow at adding entries now (except for mainstream stuff).

I knew about Anilist, mostly because of Anichart, but I had no idea about them being quicker at adding entries. I kind of feel like giving it a try, lately I don't really like MAL and my only connection to this site is the Manga Reading Challenge and a couple of friends.

I also saw the similarities of the opposite personality trope Matsumoto used in Ping Pong and Tekkon Kinkreet, although it gave me a different feel from some of his other works, maybe because of all the comedy aspects? I thought it was a fun read nonetheless and I loved all the baseball stuff that were included. At the end, it was like the hero appeared :) I think the next one I'll pick up is Gogo Monster, will let you know my thoughts later.
oberstein Sep 30, 5:33 PM
I just checked and last time we talked was so long ago! I hope you're doing well. A lot happened on my side (especially during the MAL blackout), but I've recently picked up the pace with manga reading in an attempt to finish the last manga challenge I'll probably participate in... I thought about one of our last conversations recently, after I read Hanaotoko by Matsumoto Taiyou. Have you read it?
lady_freyja May 26, 11:04 PM
Pour changer d'Hagio… Keiko Takemiya !
UnoPuntoCinco Jan 20, 1:20 AM
Je n'avais pas te ecrivais -pardone ma ortographie- parce que j'etais en vacance. Je suis allé a Cancún.
Sur de la literature et de la poesie. Je crois que la poesie est la melieure forme qu'on a pour approche la compprension du monde. Ce hiver j'ai lu trois livres: La Plaine en Flammes de Juan Rulfo, Los de Abajo de Mariano Azuela et Muerte sin Fin de José Gorostiza; touts ils sont ecrivains mexicains. C'est tout que je peu ecrire en francais, desolé.

El llano en llamas and Los de Abajo are both narrative (you can probably find La Plaine en Flammes in French, you should be able to) that deal with very mexican themes, Los de Abajo is about the revolution, so is El llano en llamas to some extent. But there is a much more universal feel to El Llano en Llamas, sometimes approaching greek tragedy, very recommended. While Muerte sin Fin is a long lyrical poem about metaphysics, I really liked it. You won't find a translation though.

Regarding your haikus, I find them well done actually. I really like how you paint a picture about "dead nature". really comtemplative stuff. Do you measure your rhythm? For example, I like the alliterations on "Serpent s'amusant du présent" or on "Les Larmes sèche sur le visage". I myself have been writing mostly -unrequited- love poetry, in Spanish of course, because l'anglais est une langue moche.

If you don't mind I'll show you my latest "creation"

oberstein Dec 23, 2017 1:12 PM
Yes, this s a great way of drescribing his work as a mangaka! 'Warm but sad' really encapsules stories like Takemitsu Zamurai and Sunny for me. Melancholy is also an element that is ever present in his stories... I noticed that he writes from children's point of view a lot and strangely, I think he captures both their innocence and maturity perfectly. I'll be on the lookout for more of this mangaka and probably pick something from him in the upcoming challenge.
omakase Dec 18, 2017 5:50 AM
Everything has been all right. We're working on the next one already since we're close to the end of the year!

That's an amazing project, to learn Japanese. I'm sure it'll definitely open up a lot of options that will be more fitting for your particular curiosity of the 'new' feel. It is true that many of the manga that get scanlated or licensed might not all offer originality, most of them don't and it's just a percentage of the number of titles available in Japanese only. I wish I also was motivated enough to try the same!

Hopefully you'll still be interested in joining us for next years' challenge.
omakase Dec 16, 2017 5:32 PM
Happy birthday, Dullboy! Long time no talk
UnoPuntoCinco Dec 9, 2017 8:21 AM
i didn't know you dropped out. I'm thinking on studying Japanese as well, but I'm studying Latin as well. Regarding French Je crois que Je sais assez pour me defendre. Orthography is my enemy and listening but I do think I'm getting better regarding grammar and syntax.
I've also been getting more into Poetry and Theater, I mostly like poetry that rhymes and Tragic theater. I think there must be something on theater that can be useful for comic book crafting.

I've read both Madame Edwarda and Ma Mère, they are different books, If I recall correctly Ma Mère wasn't completed and I didn't like it too much
UnoPuntoCinco Dec 7, 2017 8:44 PM
Yeah, there is a deeper meaning to his writings that I could grasp from Salvador Elizondo's prologue to his own translation of Madame Edwarda.

How's filming going?
UnoPuntoCinco Nov 26, 2017 7:56 PM
Also: I heavily recommend you Belladonna of Sadness