Hibari "Hibari-kun" Oozora

Hibari Oozora

Stop!! Hibari-kun!
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Stop!! Hibari-kun!
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Hibari Oozora (大空 ひばり)

Hibari is the only son of a Yakuza boss and has three sisters. He looks and dresses like a girl, much to his father's disdain - he calls him a weirdo (hentai) for this reason. Hibari is characterized by his beauty and wit, and he is also able to beat nearly everyone in a fight.

Hibari falls in love with Kousaku (the main hero) as soon as he sees him, and continues to tease him even after Kousaku learns that Hibari is indeed male and thus rejects him.

Hibari is also the idol of the school where he goes disguised fully as female, and he is excellent both in sports and grades. He has as main - unrequited - admirer Shiina, one of his classmates.

Voice Actors
Majima, Satomi