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May 24, 2016
"Grandiose et romanesque, ampoulée et pittoresque"

Shinichi Sakamoto is one author of a kind . Pretty discreet, he have been "revealed" with his previous manga "Kokou no hito", that made a lot of fans.
Me too, when I heard about his new project, "Innocent", I was very exited and eager to read it, and that is because Shinichi Sakamoto have a style and way of doing things of his own.

I entered this manga expecting impressive art, lyrism and some exuberant metaphorical and symbolistic drawings along with a story shouldered by a lot of studies from the author for the domain and historical period he was immersing read more
Sep 4, 2015
While the vast majority of people must have heard at least one time in their life about Hokusai, the famous painter, little of them know about his talented daughter, O-Ei.

So, maybe now you are interested in knowing the life of this mysterious unknown woman? Maybe you want to see the movie to find the truth and discover her life from her young age to her death...well, if that's the case, you might end up to be a little disappointed by this movie ^^ .

But here, I'll try to tell you why you should watch it nonetheless and what is in fact the qualities (and the read more
Nov 2, 2014
Everybody knows that having your heart broken because of a one sided love can be very painfull...and can turn you into a milking cow .
This can be troublesome for your every daily life , especially because you might get chased by a kind of giant black walking oven with a red eye that wants to cook you and a bad shaved shady guy running after your to take your liver with a plunger...

But worry not , because if you are like our fellow main protagonist Kyung-chun , you will be able to count on the help of Merlin the speaking toilet paper wizard , read more