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Apr 30, 2015
[Updated review]

Akame ga Kill… Oh how I wanted to totally love Akame ga Kill. I really did. The concept was interesting and the first episode showed a great deal of promise. I watched the first few episodes quite happily, enjoying the characters silly antics in between the more serious plot and as time has progressed I began to feel a little betrayed and unfulfilled by the characters in particular. As a general summary, I enjoyed Akame ga Kill overall but felt there was definitely room for improvement.
I can stay silent no longer! So I’m going to try and keep my ranting to a minimum for read more
Jan 17, 2014
This review does contain spoilers.

As you can see, I did not rate this anime very highly at all. I actually stumbled across this because I wanted something “happier” and “cuter” to watch as I’d just finished a really deep intense anime. I am actually quite partial to romance anime and have watched some of the big ones such as Ef: A Tale of Memories, Clannad, Kanon, Air, etc.

This anime is not happy. It is not cute. It is sadistic.

The Recommendations list compares Itazura na Kiss to Clannad After Story which is by far one of my favourite animes. This is mostly due to read more
Jan 3, 2014
I was a little disappointed by the story behind this manga which had actually started out so very well. A story about a jilted girl with a chainsaw at school instantly gravitated me towards the manga and while I thought I could figure out how it would end, I was wrong. Usually I would say an unpredictable ending is a good thing and yet in this case, the ending felt disjointed and out of place as though two different people had written separate halves of the story and then stuck them together at the last night.

Story - 4/10

The story behind this manga is probably read more
Sep 26, 2013
I was actually very excited when I heard about a new Higurashi. I have been a die hard Higurashi fan since I watch the first series and have now almost read and watched everything that even sllghtly related to Higurashi.

Considering how disappointed I was with a large proportion of Kira, I was trying my best not to get my hopes up for this OVA but upon seeing the trailer, I found it difficult not to. It looked serious, it looked exciting; Rena had her cleaver and Keiichi is armed with the bat. What's not to instantly get excited about?

In general, it was an interesting read more
Oct 1, 2011
In light of Gyo being set to become an anime, I decided it was time to finally read it. I adore Junji Ito's work and have read Uzumaki, Tomie, Black Paradox and now Gyo, particularly drawn by the way he draws such amazing and grosteque pages.

Story - I originally didn't read Gyo as I didn't think it would be that creepy. I mean 'fish with legs', how on earth could that be creepy? And yet again, as always, Junji Ito shocks and awes with his amazing art and fascinating story line. I don't want to spoil the plotline for you but it is very interesting, read more
Oct 1, 2011
Not a lot of people have written a review since the last episode so I felt I should.

I have to admit I REALLY didn't like the first episode. It made me cringe a little bit and for a long time I considered not continuing with the OVA at all. I won't turn this review into ranting about why I didn't appreciate the first episode (I think the other reviews do that quite successfully)

However, I actually really enjoyed the second episode. I know a lot of people are saying that they don't appreciate the 'magical girl' or 'mecha' storyline but I felt it was a very read more
Jun 1, 2011
I noticed that there weren't any reviews for this which is originally why I thought 'Oo, I should try that manga, it sounds interesting'...

Now I can see why there are no review. What to say...


In essense, the story is very interesting. It has a very Jigoku Shoujo sort of feel to it with Kuroe having a very Enma Ai like character where he kills the Tsumi-Tsuki and was also very episodic.
It did however lack depth and in some places it felt very rushed and therefore the reader ended up feeling a little left out from the story.


I did love the art. This is the kinda read more
Jun 1, 2011
Ok, so I came into Vampire Knight expecting not to enjoy it at all. I was at a loss for what to watch and as I love dark animes (with a bit of romance on the side) somebody recommended that I should watch Vampire Knight. Since the whole Twilight thing, everyone has become obssessed with vampires and I thought 'So what could they do differently?'

What indeed...

Story (8):

I enjoyed the story a lot. I loved all the characters (especially since Zero is voiced by the same actor as Light from Death Note. Big plus in my book) and the story flowed beautifully. I will say that read more
Feb 17, 2011
Doubt (Manga) add (All reviews)
Story - I must say that I actually guessed the right wolf from the beginning although Doubt does do very well at throwing you off the scent. This just goes to show how you show stick to your original instincts. Although I found it fairly predictable, I loved each second that I spent reading it. To me, it seems very 'Saw'-esque but with less gruesome scenes but it was exceedingly clever with lots of immense twists and a fantastic ending!

Art - I loved how the rabbit masks were drawn - very creepy and fitted so well with the atmosphere of the story. The characters were read more
Feb 16, 2011
Ok, so maybe I'm going a little bit overboard giving this manga straight 10s but it was, in my opinion, one of the best Higurashi mangas I've read.

Story - What can I say? Absolutely fantastic! It follows the plotline where everyone dies in the 'gas leak' and is set 20 years later with new characters and an older woman - Sonosaki Mion. The story itself was a mini mystery, trying to discover who was the murder and with Mion being suspicious through the whole story till the very end.

Art - As always, very beautiful. There were scenes where you see the ghosts of Rena, Keiichi, read more