Oct 1, 2011
Diassia (All reviews)
In light of Gyo being set to become an anime, I decided it was time to finally read it. I adore Junji Ito's work and have read Uzumaki, Tomie, Black Paradox and now Gyo, particularly drawn by the way he draws such amazing and grosteque pages.

Story - I originally didn't read Gyo as I didn't think it would be that creepy. I mean 'fish with legs', how on earth could that be creepy? And yet again, as always, Junji Ito shocks and awes with his amazing art and fascinating story line. I don't want to spoil the plotline for you but it is very interesting, although I felt that the ending was lacking -something- but it did round off the story.
Ironically, I really loved the bones story at the end even more than Gyo itself. I felt that this story (with the people shaped holes) had a lot of potential!

Art - Anybody who has read his manga knows of his very unique art styles and especially the way that he draws horror so detailed and creepy that for a long moment it takes a while to get your head round. He is my favourite manga artist by a long way.

Character - I usually loved the female leads in Ito's work but in this one, she was whiney and a bit insufferable (I didn't feel any sympathy towards her at all) whereas her boyfriend on the other hand was a much more laid back and logical chracter which I found much nicer. He takes everything as it comes and I liked that quite a lot. As this manga was fairly short - or felt shorter - than his other mangas, there was not quite so much character development, especially since the focus was on the fish and machined limbs than the characters themselves in manga such as Uzumaki (guru, guru, guru!).
Anyway, the characters in the mini story at the end were very interesting and it would be lovely to see more of this.

Enjoyment? As always, I thoroughly enjoy reading Ito's work and always manage to get hooked from chapter one! Definitely worth a read and if you like this one, definintely go and read Uzumaki and the rest!

Hope you enjoy it!