Jun 1, 2011
Diassia (All reviews)
Ok, so I came into Vampire Knight expecting not to enjoy it at all. I was at a loss for what to watch and as I love dark animes (with a bit of romance on the side) somebody recommended that I should watch Vampire Knight. Since the whole Twilight thing, everyone has become obssessed with vampires and I thought 'So what could they do differently?'

What indeed...

Story (8):

I enjoyed the story a lot. I loved all the characters (especially since Zero is voiced by the same actor as Light from Death Note. Big plus in my book) and the story flowed beautifully. I will say that I found quite a lot of it fairly predictable but this was by no means a bad thing. I was always interesting to see the story surrounding Yuuki, Zero and Kaname-sama.
The story wasn't shockingly original but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Art (9):

I was a very different style to what I usually watch (bearing in mind that Elfen Lied and Higurashi are some of my favourite animes which are both fairly simple). I loved the way the characters are drawn, I love the glowing eyes and the fangs and the eroticness of the vampires which was all done rather tastefully.

Sound (8):

I thoroughly enjoyed both the opening and the closing songs which really set the mood for the show.

Character (9):

I felt the character development was done very well and there was no characters that I found particularly detestable. I especially loved Zero's character and the special bond that he has with Yuuki