Jun 1, 2011
Diassia (All reviews)
I noticed that there weren't any reviews for this which is originally why I thought 'Oo, I should try that manga, it sounds interesting'...

Now I can see why there are no review. What to say...


In essense, the story is very interesting. It has a very Jigoku Shoujo sort of feel to it with Kuroe having a very Enma Ai like character where he kills the Tsumi-Tsuki and was also very episodic.
It did however lack depth and in some places it felt very rushed and therefore the reader ended up feeling a little left out from the story.


I did love the art. This is the kinda art that I love. Dark and creepy with lots of shadows and a lot of creepy eyes. Very reminiscent of Higurashi art.


There was no character development at all. Kuroe has a little bit but otherwsie I felt you did not sympathise with any of the characters.


All in all, it was interesting for a half an hour read but I dont think I would rush to read this again. It needed a lot more chapter, a lot more explanation and a lot more depth but as a one off, the story was interesting enough.