Jan 3, 2014
Diassia (All reviews)
I was a little disappointed by the story behind this manga which had actually started out so very well. A story about a jilted girl with a chainsaw at school instantly gravitated me towards the manga and while I thought I could figure out how it would end, I was wrong. Usually I would say an unpredictable ending is a good thing and yet in this case, the ending felt disjointed and out of place as though two different people had written separate halves of the story and then stuck them together at the last night.

Story - 4/10

The story behind this manga is probably the real weak point. It started out very well - a girl and her boyfriend and she has a bestfriend who is connected to her soul. Considering that I have read a lot of Higurashi manga, I was excited by this concept and looking forward to the dramatic creepy and gory "slasher" parts but I felt that the plot got lost in itself when it decided to follow a road of aliens.

I think the story may have actually be -more- successful without the strange sci-fi element where the beginning was very enjoyable and was building up so well.

Art - 8/10

The art was well done and it was easy to differentiate between the characters. The bloody-gore scenes were done well but weren't as horrific as maybe they could have been.

Character 6/10

I felt that the characters were the strongest part and I wish they had focused a bit more on them. I particularly loved the best-friend connection between the two girls who had been in past lives together. I felt they could have built on that even more and used it to further the plot as it would have made for a very interesting ending.
The main protagonist perhaps needed a bit more of a thought process to build up to slaughter-time but all in all, she wasn't a terrible character in the end.

Enjoyment - 5/10

Despite it's flaws, I did enjoy reading Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo and read it all in one sitting as it was short. It did feel a little rushed in places and the manga might have benefited from more of a build up and more evidence of the main character's jealously as her decision to get the chainsaw out seemed a little out of the blue when related to her personality.

Overall 5/10

Part of me wonders if this manga was written to satire other manga of its kind. To sort of say 'Hey here's a normal story and now for something completely unrelated...' It doesn't live up to other horror/gore/slasher manga of its kind. However, if it indeed -was- satire, it made it's point well.