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Jun 21, 2020
Plunderer (Anime) add
Preliminary (23/24 eps)
This anime is the worst piece of garbage in the entire wide world of anime. It has 0 substance, a solid nothing for thought, and worst of all it has 0 characters that could even REMOTELY hold a singular human thought. Whoever thought up this series has given this series a moral and a banner to fall under: anime was a mistake. If you do watch this, binge it with friends and about 40 liters of vodka so that you can black out and forget you ever watched this appalling piece of pathetic fiction. The only reason I've watched this series is because my family ...
Oct 19, 2017
Dousei Recipe (Manga) add
Okay so I pushed myself through this manga just because I wanted to review this manga in its entirety.

Wow, if you're looking for the next Hunger Games manga or Toradora, then this is NOT the place you want to go towards. The plot is basically a guy and girl cohabitation, and yes they are a couple. However you wouldn't know that because for the first half or so of this manga every single time they kiss she usually pushes him away with a strong no. "But Dano, there is supposed to be romance in this manga, right? With some ecchi?" Well thats a big ...
Oct 18, 2017
Preliminary (43/49 chp)
Okay wow, I don't know why no one has reviewed this manga yet, but I'll give it my best. Do realize that I am only on chapter 43 (which is the most recent chapter as of October 18th, 2017) so I might have to update my rating as more chapters are released. I'll try not to spoil anything, so my review will be pretty generic and non-specific just to avoid those small spoilers, but I'm only human so there will be tinise tiny spoilers ahead. I'll keep it small, but I won't be going over individual character traits or plot details, but other than that ...
Oct 9, 2017
Mixed Feelings
I.... I'm not entirely sure where to start on this one, so I'll just jump head first on into it like the characters in this manga.

Story- 4
Okay so essentially the main storyline here is depressed former writer guy meets girl who literally eats books. OOoooooo interesting start, but it soon changes from a romance story to a mystery manga. Like why is this manga so popular is the mystery. Not a lot of twists and turns, you can expect what the ending will be from the very beginning of the manga. Do be warned, its really dark (and by that I mean really emo dark ...
Oct 8, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This manga was actually fairly decent, definitely not the best one I've ever read, but it had its moments.

Story- 6
Well there isn't much here, essentially it's a story about a deadly disease that the cure to has turn everyone into animal people (like catgirls meeeeeoooowww). So what would happen if there were still humans in this world? Well, a lot of ecchi things I tell you what.

Art- 7
Its pretty nice, you can really see that the artist highlighted their personalititties.

Characters- 6
Well, I mean you aren't really here for the characters nor plot development if you are wanting to read this manga, just enjoy the ...
Sep 16, 2017
Nyatto! (Manga) add
I don't even know where to begin with this one.

Story- 7
I mean, if you like manga with harem ecchi fan-service everywhere then this will be the best manga you've ever read. But if you don't you'll hate it. Anyway its about this guy who turns a bunch of female cats into cat-girls. That's really all you need to know going into this one. It had some funny bits, but was a bit tough to get through as the fan-service was almost suffocating.

Art- 9
Again, fan-service. I enjoyed looking at it, and boy oh boy did they have some very well drawn personali-tities.Very well drawn. ...
Aug 7, 2017
Kawaii Hito (Manga) add
Preliminary (4/36 chp)
Okay, so before I start this review just understand one thing about me: I love vanilla romance stories. They are my bread and butter. I don't need any sort of NTR sprinkles or any love triangle syrup on my vanilla ice cream cone. That is just my personal preference, but because of those preferences I found this manga to be amazing. So do take my review with a grain of salt as I am extremely biased because of my love for vanilla.

Story- 9
Okay, so in my opinion a simple story is the best type of story. The main gist of it is that there ...
Aug 1, 2017
Preliminary (4/? chp)
Okay, so I've rated this manga a 7.8/10 because it had too many cliches

That was a joke, incase anyone was wondering, because this is a unintelligible manga built using ONLY cliches. I'll explain why I rated it a 7 in a bit.

Story- 5
Okay, so the main story, from what I could tell is that truck-kun takes a guy to another world, classic reincarnation tale, but he is essentially just a side character or something in a game he once played. That is probably the best summary I could give, seeing as how the first chapter is a giant cluster f*** with no way to tell ...
Aug 1, 2017
Wild☆Act (Manga) add
Okay, so this is a manga a friend of mine recommended to me, and so after I read the summary I decided to dive head first into it. Now, I realize that my review is pretty negative, but that is mostly because I truly value my enjoyment of a manga above all else, so when I can't really enjoy a manga, I won't be willing to re-read it and I won't be willing to recommend it to anyone else.

Lets start off this review with a review of the story and plot

Story- 4
Now, Im giving this manga a 4 in the plot department because it had ...
Jul 10, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Okay, so I have a little bit of a contradiction in my review's rating, and I'll explain later why I rated this one a 6.

Story- 8
Okay so the story is basically about a fat girl who is trying to become attractive with the help of a tsundere prince and busty maid. All is well and good in this story, no stupid shoujo actions, nothing bad, and in fact it's quite a good read.

Art- 7
I personally enjoyed the art, but it felt like the backgrounds were almost non-existent, which doesn't usually bother me, but in this one it did and I can't explain why.

Characters- 9
I ...

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