Sep 16, 2017
Nyatto! (Manga) add (All reviews)
DanoTheFano (All reviews)
I don't even know where to begin with this one.

Story- 7
I mean, if you like manga with harem ecchi fan-service everywhere then this will be the best manga you've ever read. But if you don't you'll hate it. Anyway its about this guy who turns a bunch of female cats into cat-girls. That's really all you need to know going into this one. It had some funny bits, but was a bit tough to get through as the fan-service was almost suffocating.

Art- 9
Again, fan-service. I enjoyed looking at it, and boy oh boy did they have some very well drawn personali-tities.Very well drawn. I had to do a lot of research, ya know, for academic purposes.

Character- 6
Now this is a six because of the main guy and the only other human female in the story. The rapist and the lesbian. Now while rapist might be a bit of a hard word to describe him, thats kinda what he does the entire series. Of course, theres also the lesbian who brutally beats the main guy because he's a pervert, and then she goes and molests her cat-girl. So yeah, the characters are a bit.... off.

Enjoyment- 7
I gotta say, this was a bit of a hassle to get through. I kinda wanted to put this one down, and there wasn't anything that really tied me to the series except the desire to finish it and get it out of the way.

Overall- 7
Again, not an amazing manga, but for it's category it was done pretty alright. Not god-tier like amazing, but not horrifically bad. The lesbian made the series harder to finish, but it was an interesting struggle. Like a struggle of trying to finish a bad sci-fy movie (like sharknado or something). But once it was done I felt pretty alright, I didn't lose too many brain cells, but I didn't gain any either so this one was kinda a mixed bag of a manga. If you want to read something like this go ahead but if you don't then don't.