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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Jul 18, 2017 3:06 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Jun 17, 2017 11:05 AM
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Quanzhi Gaoshou
Quanzhi Gaoshou
Jun 17, 2017 10:45 AM
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Feb 12, 2017 5:35 AM
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Feb 12, 2017 5:35 AM
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Mike_Wazowski Jan 3, 10:54 AM
I read your review on Youjo Senki and thought it was great all of it except for the characters development part. Even though you're right that the characters are portrayed as mere tools for Tanya and for "X" that does not mean (at least in my opinion) that the character development was poor. The other characters are just that, tools, and they don't need any development more than that. The show centers itself on the development of the war, with all the politics and military tactics and actions with Tanya and X as protagonists, well mostly Tanya. I look forward to season two now that Tanya is like a pseudo Rommel ja.
MiracleVOn Dec 25, 2017 5:22 PM
I'm amazed of your review on AOT S2
All the points you have mentioned are just not true If you had read the manga or just waited for the third season you would have seen every thing you wanted ,, Eren ,Armin ,Riener and Erwin they have one of the best character development out there !
you just can't have a character development for Eren with 37 episodes which are a week according to the time and plot of the anime eren fought annie and after 2 days or something he fought riener And had you ever considered that Eren is 15 years old ?! so what do you expect ?! just wait for the seasons to come and you will see the character development at its finest !
Well Riener revealing that he is the armored titan that way was because of some reasons which you hadn't noticed them .. one of them that he suffers serious mental problems triggered by his attachment to the others and guilt over his crimes
this series has a great details on it from the first season there were a lot of hints about the identity of the female titan and the armored titan but not every watcher will notice them you should paying attention to every thing

the problem of most of you people is that you don't realize that this are just 37 episodes of an anime which episodes will be more than 80 episodes
and you are judging it as if it''s this the final season what an ironic logic ! I mean can we judge an anime like FMAB or LOTGH or Monster by only 37 episodes OR Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by only the first arc ?! that would be ridiculous ! the anime looks promising and can't be less than 7/10 till you see the next seasons and then it would be more than 8 /10
I mean you may have some right because the problem that they have animated like the 1/3 of the story and let you guys not knowing any thing about the main plot.. but you just have to wait for the next season or you go read the manga which will give every thing you asked for
Well I think the main reason you gave it a lower rating is the Hype and popularity of this show you your self have admitted "it is amazingly entertaining to watch." which make no sense So I hope you change you rating and your review when you watch the 3rd season and realize you were WRONG .

ohooh Dec 20, 2017 2:39 AM
"it is amazingly entertaining to watch."
*gives 4/10 score*

you're pretentious lol
M-O-I-S-T Dec 19, 2017 10:13 PM
this guy CLEARLY has superior tastes in anime.
bracktiscing Dec 16, 2017 11:47 AM
i hope you died you and your reviews :)
Crocospect22 Dec 16, 2017 11:41 AM
why most of your reviews don't actually make sense?? Like you said about AoT s2 "All in all, nothing was particularly well done, or deplorably done regarding the story." when actually there are many big events happen there even the stories are revealed a lot in this season, and then i started to read your other reviews and you usually ended up talking the same things which is not all of them are true like you said and for god sake even you gave anime like gabriel dropout an 8 meanwhile good anime like phantom, 3-gatsu no lion, AoT s2, Drifters, oregairu, or even kingdom are lower than that? what a joke, i mean cm'on most reviews i found in popular anime always writing the same things like you did, it's really like you and people who like to write kind of reviews like this just love to hate popular or high rated anime so you guys think you are special :/
MegaNOOB Nov 18, 2017 10:25 PM
Nice review on SAO and Attack on Titan.
Oly-Oniichan Nov 16, 2017 2:01 AM
You know how all people are entitled to their own opinion? Yeah, not you. Your opinions are equivalent to being water boarded. Please do everyone a favor and never have an opinion again.
PS: SAO is the only anime you gave a correct rating and to anyone who disagrees, well kys
LIQfilms Oct 30, 2017 1:27 PM
Brobi Oct 28, 2017 10:17 PM
what are u gafay
cchigu Oct 8, 2017 1:25 PM
Bleach is one of your favourites. I see, you are a man of culture as well.
BadVoodoo Sep 29, 2017 4:29 PM
Came here to enjoy the salt. And boy is there some good shit here.

"You shouldn't rate stuff you don't have a clue about bro. SAO II scored 1? Elfen Lied 2? Kuroko 3? Mirai Nikki 3? Learn how to put real scores."

"We don't need elitist like you to trash on every anime that has moe characters or that has a meaningless plot. You and the other elitists can go fuck off!"

Hilarious. I hope you write more reviews; the responses are priceless!
Prajzy Sep 28, 2017 3:06 PM
oh i see that you have gankutsuou on plan to watch, i hope you will enjoy it. I want to know how will you rate it.
XadowMonzter Sep 28, 2017 5:14 AM
Despite what others may think I actually think your review on SAO Ordinal Scale was interesting. To me is the best SAO TV/Movie we had so far exactly because the pace was good and they tried to focus on their relationship, which is by far better of what they did in the first two seasons that I don't even feel like talking too much about because it gives me a little headache, but again they put Asuna as a Damsel in distress which is annoying. Another part that made me enjoy the movie was to see the older characters and how they were doing and etc, but they didn't go into much detail about how they were still fitting in society after all that. Anyways, even if our scores and opinions may differ I still liked your point of view in the movie. As a recommendation, I would like to point out that if you watch something expecting it to be very good it may disappoint you greatly. The scores I put in what I watch is only for myself because I go with scores based on enjoyment and nothing else, it's too much of a pain to categorize every single detail of the anime to score it based on each part. I'm not saying that the way you watch is wrong, I'm just saying that you could get more enjoyment out of Anime if you don't analyze every single detail of it.
maj0ren Sep 22, 2017 2:45 PM
Here I was looking through reviews on SAO: Ordinal Scale when suddenly a dude scored it a 4. I read it all and noticed something strange while looking through this guys anime list and the scores he put on each series. HOLY SHIT. Are you depressed or just anti-mainstream? You shouldn't rate stuff you don't have a clue about bro. SAO II scored 1? Elfen Lied 2? Kuroko 3? Mirai Nikki 3?

Learn how to put real scores. Just because something is not your taste doesn't mean it's far below average.