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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Jul 18, 3:06 AM
Watching 15/25 · Scored 7
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Jun 17, 11:05 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Quanzhi Gaoshou
Quanzhi Gaoshou
Jun 17, 10:45 AM
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Feb 12, 5:35 AM
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Feb 12, 5:35 AM
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Feb 12, 5:35 AM
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maj0ren Sep 22, 2:45 PM
Here I was looking through reviews on SAO: Ordinal Scale when suddenly a dude scored it a 4. I read it all and noticed something strange while looking through this guys anime list and the scores he put on each series. HOLY SHIT. Are you depressed or just anti-mainstream? You shouldn't rate stuff you don't have a clue about bro. SAO II scored 1? Elfen Lied 2? Kuroko 3? Mirai Nikki 3?

Learn how to put real scores. Just because something is not your taste doesn't mean it's far below average.
AmagiriAyato2110 Sep 7, 9:19 PM
Hope u come back online dude....
AmagiriAyato2110 Sep 7, 8:15 PM
Hey dude i'm at ep 18 of Ergo Proxy and i was wondering if they are going to reveal what happened to the world, or did they reveal it already?
Pemphredo Sep 1, 6:12 AM
Also Hitler best waifu!
Pemphredo Sep 1, 6:12 AM
Ahh Antonio Vivaldi La Stravaganza...
Nice one!
GarryKasparov Aug 11, 8:13 PM
Bruh...I hope you never come back Online in this site! We don't need elitist like you to trash on every anime that has moe characters or that has a meaningless plot. You and the other elitists can go fuck off! Plus you've got the most banal and predictable taste out of all the elitist.

Sorry but I had to say it...
MaridiuS Aug 3, 5:09 PM
fk you dont touch muh kuzu no hnkai xdxd

no but seriously, honest feedback, I couldn't bring myself to read your review after reading "your opinions" on the start. They really blatantly offend the anime, pure hate, and not much actual criticism. Nor do you have on the start any understanding written about why would anybody enjoy this. People that like the anime, will totally feel disrespected and drop the review there, starting it like that means only those who also dislike it will read it.
PlokijKmjnhb Jul 30, 7:00 AM
The cg from back then was fine, I've actually watched the first of the spiderman movies, starring Tobey, just a few months ago. And by "fine" I mean it didn't bother me in any way or feel extremly poor compared to the ones we see in recent productions.
o.O...ah...Okay? If you say so...

Yep, I like Boku no hero as well, but I don't think it has the same spirit (I got the gist of what you meant) as Hajime no Ippo, but what you said was completly subjective so I've got no business commenting on that. As for me, at first I couldn't help myself and compare Boku no Hero with Mob Psycho 100, I don't know why. Maybe because they are somewhat similar in animation or give off the same vibe... but a common trait of both is that I enjoyed watching them a lot. So, if you havent't seen Mob Psycho 100 yet, definitely make some time and check that out.
Yeah maybe I will in the near future. If I ever to manage to finish all the things I've started haha.

PS: As of yesterday, I'm a free man. I'm done with my exams for the summer. And, the guy below me has the same name as a cheesy, cliche and overall shitty movie I saw years ago. Just a bit of a cringe reminder. Jeez, "the better man".
And what movie would that be? I am genuinely curious now.
CzeroC Jul 26, 7:17 AM
Hmm, i can say we're in the same boat.

GoT SS7 just started and it seems fine for now, it's been a while since I last watched this series and I gotta say you were right about the plot being predictable. The acting can be improved for many characters, other than that I think it's good for now, can't wait for more episode.

Went to see Dunkirk and Spider on the same day, it was rather a strange experience since both movies gave off completely opposite feeling to me.

Firstly, Dunkirk is really one of a lifetime ride for me:
  • The pacing is pretty slow but it didn't bother me in the least, in fact, it kept me on edge most of the time. Christopher Nolan manages to direct the movie in a brilliant way, mostly thanks to the classic way of storytelling that only few dares to use: Show not tell. Every single shot, angle was done with care in order to deliver a more "lively" experience for the audience. The way he provides both subjective and objective viewpoint through different narrators is just something out of this world.

  • I've seen quite a few movies about wars, but Dunkirk didn't fail to impress me with its realistically portrayed characters. The psychological affair in this one is really strong, made me "stop" for a while to think about the matter they were facing. The acting was decent, not the best but they really showed me what does it feel to be in a crisis.

  • Sound and music are perfect, as expected from the famous Hans Zimmer. Being well-timed and fit the mood, they really help enhanced the dramatic moments of the movie.

  • If there is any complaint it should be some characters feel unnecessary and probably the length of the film (just being greedy, I want it to be as long as Shawshank or Interstellar). 8/10

Regarding Spiderman: Homecoming, this one gave me mixed feeling:
  • The pacing is a bit inconsistent, I have some problem with the last 1/3 of the movie. Plotwise, it's pretty much cliche and predictable, but still, it provided me with some good laugh and entertainment.

  • The visual effect used is pretty much eye-candy, though I know it's a normal thing in this modern age, it really hit the nail.

  • Characters are pretty mediocre and not very attracting (in many ways). The acting is normal, nothing too special, sometimes it feels cheesy.

  • Sound is fine, very relaxing and somewhat fit the mood.

  • Overall this movie is just your ordinary superhero movie that can be used as a good time-killer and entertainer. 7/10

Woot, that was a bit long, how have you been lately, found anything cool? Been thinking of getting back to Walking Dead and Power as you suggested, but I still have problem finding the right schedule for them.
Zidanenvy Jul 21, 8:24 AM
Basically, I love your review about AOT 2nd season and SAO ordinal scale is quite simple and easy to understand and I perceived your review, you don't put any "difficult words" on your "review" paragraph. In fact, I really enjoy read your review. BTW I couldn't read Naruto Shipudden review because I've already drop that series and I don't want to know any spoiler from your review about Naruto Shippuden­čśé­čśé and I think you're another my favourite reviewer and Zephsilver, Captain220, Archaeon is my favorite reviewer too
VampiricScollion Jul 19, 7:48 PM
Interesting. You should get into games when you get the chance. Like anime, there's a medium waiting to be discovered.
Tsukikage_ran Jul 19, 1:56 AM
I'm moving to hostel i wish we had met sooner
Tsukikage_ran Jul 19, 1:16 AM
Well just so you know it was my last anime (Probably) i'm taking break from anime for 2 years :'(
Tsukikage_ran Jul 18, 8:27 PM
By Lately if you mean seasonal then no i never watch seasonal anime because 99.9% of the time it's trash. I just finished beck it was good
Cyborg_Icarus29 Jul 18, 12:31 PM
no by "great hits" i meant movies like interstellar,Her, ex machina, Prisoners, night crawler,Black Swan,The Conjuring,Drive,Django Unchained, there will be blood, nio country for old men,The Wolf of Wall Street,The Social Network, captain america: the winter solider ,soldier ,Skyfall,Looper, mad max:fury road< kingsmen: the secret service,The Raid: Redemption,Shutter Island, avengers,Birdman,drive, Edge of Tomorrow and many more movies too. these movies are good movies that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

i don't know about the young actors but there many good actors that worked on good movies in the past 10 years, actors like Michael Fassbender,james mcavoy, Benedict Cumberbatch,Brie Larson ,Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonardo Dicaprio,Christoph Waltz,Michael Shannon ,Ben Foster ,james franco,ryan reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Jessica Chastain,Emily Blunt,Emma Stone, ben affleck and Daniel Day Lewis (retired) are pretty damn good. i have seen some good performances from young actors but i can't remember their names lol.