Mar 24, 2017
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My opinion:
Clichefest merged with shitfest.
For most of the duration of this show I was in a self-induced comatose state as a defense mechanism against the utter stupidity of the show.
Fuuka is one of the most forced drama series I have ever seen and it was a painfully generic and cliched show to watch. Fuuka is one of the worst excuses for media-entertainment that I've ever seen and this is no exaggeration. My reaction after finishing its 12 dreadful episodes is one of repulsion, disgust, and pure anger.

Story: 2/10
I do not seek to offend anyone but this show’s plot seems to be written in the image of a teenager’s sexual fantasies, following a juvenile course that I often found irritating.
The story revolves around the unusual girl, Fuuka, and a new shy transfer student, Yuu Haruna and the popular singer Koyuki Hinashi. This plot is not just utterly generic but also filled with holes, conveniences, cringe worthy lines, it is cliched to the point that cliches form a large part of the story, it is poorly paced and poorly constructed with a poor execution.

From the very beginning of this show I had the feeling it was going to be bad, very bad.
In the first few minutes we see a forced and cliche scene where Fuuka runs into Yuu and both of them end up in an awkward and embarrassing situation where Yuu is accused of taking pictures of Fuuka’s underwear. Next thing we see is Fuuka smashing Yuu’s phone and then running off, where the f is she running to?... Never mind that, the following day Fuuka invites Yuu, who she a few days before accused of being a complete pervert, to a very requested concert… getting past the imbecilic story-line, where does Fuuka get her money from to be able to throw around front-row tickets to a popular concert. From here on, Yuu and Fuuka will grow closer through numerous plot conveniences and cliche scenes.

There are so many unbelievable coincidences and imbecilic actions to the point you lose track of their number, they just keep coming, being shot at the show with a machine gun.
For instance, we have members from the famous band “Hedgehogs” being school staff (what’s the chance of that?) but huge Hedgehogs fans can't recognize a single member from their favorite band. The protagonists just end up working over the summer with a member of that same famous band as their boss; the girl that ran into the male lead turns out to be in his class, etc.
In one episode, far from the beach, Yuu almost drowns trying to save Fuuka from drowning and then he is showed on the beach being resuscitated by Fuuka, through the mouth-to-mouth method (cliche). How the heck did Fuuka mannage to carry the unconscious Yuu back to the beach before he died?
That’s a shitload of hard to believe coincidences and actions.

For a music show this is very poorly done. Apparently it is very easy to play musical instruments, you just need to be briefly told how to do it, no practice needed and you just need to be a random girl who sings in the shower in order to be a good cover artist and vocalist.
This show is offensive to real artists and the work they put in… these few students start playing a song without knowing the notes or the song itself, their instruments or even which instrument they would like to play and succeed in playing that song. Planning to create a new song? Fuuka will compose it in two days. Oh, just give me a break!
"Here, Yuu-kun, you'll play bass while we see if Fuuka's got talent because reasons!" - just another imbecilic course of action.

The drama is made up of plot conveniences that are thrown together forming a complete mess and not only that but it is one of the most forced and cliche I have ever seen. We have the generic “misunderstanding” between characters that stretch out over 1-3 episodes only to be solved with two words, poorly done drama.
Of course, we have a cliche love triangle made up by Fuuka, Yuu and the childhood friend, Koyuki. This drama failed before it began, I already knew Koyuki will lose based on her shallow and dull personality, not only did the love triangle drama fail but it failed miserably.

Next on the list: Ecchi scenes. The ecchi scenes are so forced that they insult my intelligence.
How the hell does Yuu pulling his jacket off Fuuka result in Fuuka with her arms out of the jacket and up, her shirt pulled halfway up her chest and his hand under her shirt?
Jackets do not work that way, falling does not work that way. There is no way this “accident” could happen. You can't accidentally turn away from somebody wearing the same jacket, accidentally pull them underneath you and then also accidentally pull up their shirt and fondle their tits.
This is levels beyond the dumb anime logic I am used to, it makes an art out of being an idiotic show. I can suspend disbelief but now you are asking the impossible! And what the fck is up with the “sisters” that are always half-naked?

The plot is predictable and all the twists are predictable, once a character is introduced you already know how it will end up, removing any potential tension that may intrigue the viewer.

Characters: 2/10
The characters are generic, cliche, one-dimensional (absolutely no development), poorly built and ultimately hollow having no real personality. These characters live in the bullshit land too.

The male protagonist, Yuu Haruna is a generic run-of-the-mill, dense high-schooler who keeps getting into perverted and embarrassing situations over and over again and later not understand what's going on.
He is also unable to properly share his thoughts with other characters, especially Fuuka, therefore creating cheap drama and a state of confusion.
When faced with an obstacle he adopts the generic “I’ll do my best” mentality and through plot convenience he will achieve his goal.
In the very first episode we can see the excellent patience and kindness of the main character. Within just two days,Yuu gets his precious phone broken twice by the same woman. Normally, I would have been infuriated by this woman's actions, oozing with rage. But does our protagonist falter? No, he calmly just pays up several hundred dollars without protest or resentment. The story of our protagonist's kindness does not end here, no, no. See, the woman who broke his phone, twice, that is two fking times, did not ever compensate or apologize in the slightest for her actions, but luckily for her, our protagonist is a kind and patient man. Because he was such a gentleman, he took the lady out on a date to her favorite movie! How wonderful and kind!
Enough with the jokes, Yuu is a shit character.
He is shy, kind and introverted. That’s all I could get from him.

Fuuka is a difficult character to decipher because of how poorly she is constructed, one moment she acts defensive and violent and next she acts cuddly and romantic so I am left here wondering what the hell is going on with her.
Fuuka is the generic “strange” girl that stands out through her cheerful and free-willed personality, she has numerous mood swings and oftens jumps to conclusions creating even more cheap drama.
She once saw Yuu with his childhood friend and jumped straight to the conclusion that this friend is Yuu’s girlfriend. After she runs away (cliche), Yuu tries to talk to her and to apologize (for what exactly?) but she gives him the cold shoulder until she punches him saying “baka” in a generic tsundere voice, giving me a cringe-worthy memory.
Is Fuuka a female Naruto? She gets everyone to be her friend and follow her lead, if it’s creating a band or going to work, her friends will follow her lead.
She claims to have never been in love only to later figure out she “loves” Yuu. Oh, give me a fking break! Can this get any more cliche?

The other characters have zero, I mean 0 personality or development and are utterly forgettable.
There is Makoto, the blonde gay guy who says lines like “I saw a really hot lifeguard, gonna go and try to land a date” who’s only trait is being gay, there is Nachi who is just there, and there is Sara, ah, I already forgot what she was like.

Aesthetics: 7/10
The animation&art for this show is good at best. It is mostly fluid but has considerable flaws with the character design of adults, they look like teenagers as well with some of the backgrounds. While the animation is mostly fluid it does have moments when it feels laggard.

Sound: 5/10
Did I see a “music” tag? This show fails in the sound department.
The opening theme is atrocious, painful to listen to and the ending theme is also bad but I didn’t mind it that much mostly because I didn’t concern myself with skipping it. The voice actors did a decent job but not spectacular in any way.
In the end, the sound was really disappointing, having bad opening/ending themes and mediocre songs as an OST.

Enjoyment: 3/10
Whenever I wasn’t completely annoyed, I laughed at the show, not at the jokes but at how bad it was and the number of ways it failed. This show is a joke, that’s the only excuse I can find for it.

Overall: 2/10
Fuuka, a show featuring a bad plot accompanied by poor characters coming in a package with mediocre animation and sound. I recommend skipping Fuuka and never looking back at it.