Mar 27, 2017
Cinefil_original (All reviews)
My opinion:
At first glance, Gabriel Dropout seems nothing special and definitely does not stand out but it is actually a hilarious show that had me laughing till my stomach hurt.
Quality wise Gabriel Dropout is not very good, it has a simple generic plot with some of the most stereotypical characters I have seen but that did not stop the show from being so damn entertaining.
I’ve decided to write this review in a more lively manner that better suits the show, doing so was fun.

Story: 6/10
Upon passing a school in heaven, graduating angels are sent down to Earth with the duty to learn about and guide humans towards the correct path in order to become full-fledged angels. Gabriel is the top angel in her class, dreaming about going to Earth and helping people but as soon as she actually arrives on Earth she becomes addicted to video games and turns into a complete slob as a result. The story follows Gabriel, along with other angels and demons who have descended to Earth, as they attend high school.

The plot is not complex or linear but rather simple with episodes presenting different stories that more often than not, do not relate to other episodes, but that doesn’t stop the overall story from feeling fluid.

In this world, demons often behave like little angels while angels behave like pseudo-demons, twist which I really liked. On one hand, we have the angel Gabriel saying she doesn’t care about humans and joking about destroying humanity to cover up her “pantie sighting”, on the other hand, we have the demon, Vignette, who often cares for Gabriel, worries about other angels and even plays with children in the park. This “change of roles” goes to show that what you are doesn’t always describe or define the way you act.
Finally, the jokes. This show sells its humour very well with the main source of humour being the character chemistry, the interrelations of the characters are well-done and often result in hilarious situations that cracked me up.

To be honest, it is quite dumb to say angels are born like humans and that they live and behave like families, that’s very far from the way it actually is but, what am I talking about? This is a comedy so I’ll let it slide.

Characters: 7/10
The character cast is small yet effective, working well together and almost always perfectly delivering the jokes. The characters are more like antithesis of their archetype, with angels acting like demons and vice versa, which was quite a clever touch to the show
To be honest, the cast of Gabriel Dropout consists of some of the most generic tropes I’ve seen in anime but they work so well together and are so likable that it doesn’t matter if they are generic or not.

Gabriel is an angel who was the top of her class but soon after her descent to Earth, she became addicted to video games and turned into a slob. She is often lazy and unmotivated and has a rather bossy attitude, which I could relate to since that is the way I was in highschool, like many other teenagers. An angel got corrupted by the human way of living, that is hilarious and also true, humans are social beings that will adapt to society and because angels are portrayed to be so much like humans, it is only natural that they would react like humans.

Vignette is the complete opposite of Gabriel, she is very responsible and often looks after Gabriel, contrary to her actual role as a demon. She often cooks and worries about others, she’s an “angelic demon” to call it that. I find her character to be the best and the most intriguing.

Satanichia, she’s an egotistical demon who often thinks of weird ways to cause mischief which usually end in failure. She has no sense of taste and is often pestered by Raphiel and often falls victim to stray dogs.
If I was to give Satanichia a role, it would be that of the failed villain because her “devious” acts and plans often end up in failure due to her stupidity. I personally found her character a bit irritating but not bothersome.

Raphiel is the second ranked angel in Gabriel's class, who has since become a sadistic stalker who takes delight in teasing Satanichia. I found her character hilarious due to her constant teasing of Satanichia which I could relate to, since I used to do the same to my friends but on a smaller scale.

Aesthetics: 7/10
The art and animation are lively and colorful, the characters’ facial expressions are well done and fitting for the show. Aside from one beach episode, there wasn’t much fan service, lack of fan service which I found great. Overall, the art and animation are good but nothing spectacular, it gets the job done.

Sound: 7/10
Having a nice opening theme, a decent ending theme and a pretty good OST with the voice actors doing a good job interpreting the characters, I would say the overall sound was good.

Enjoyment: 8/10
Personally, I was laughing for the entire duration of the show, even though some jokes were overused I still found them funny, maybe because I was in the mood for a comedy show. Anyway, I highly enjoyed this show and I don’t regret one second of it.

Overall: 8/10
A very good comedy show that stands out not because it has great quality production but because it is highly entertaining.
If you are looking for a lighthearted show that will give you a good laugh, I recommend giving Gabriel Dropout a try.