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Aug 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I'll be comparing this to the OG Glass no Kamen from 1984.

1) A lot darker, creepier and sometimes outright scary!
2) the animation is noticeably recycled and thus breaks immersion easily
3) Bad syncing of voice acting and animation
4) The characters have gone through a massive redesign. The original version from 1984 is visually very faithful to the manga but these OVA characters look nothing like what they should look like

Aug 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
1) considering this anime aired originally in 1984, the art style is very classic. Personally I don't mind it at all.
2) the animation is obviously dated but it never interfered with the enjoyment that the anime gave me
3) unfortunately I noticed several occasions where animation mistakes were made. As simple and spoiler-free example, I can mention that on the 18th episode, a green haired character had for 5 seconds black hair.

1) all the seiyuus cast in this anime are now considered genuine legends in the industry so expect top notch performances. Also, most of the cast had participated in other animes ...
Jun 25, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add

Spy X Family tells the story of a secret agent that receives a very special mission. If he fails it... the world will go to war! This secret agent has a codename of Twilight/Tasogare and he's determined to succeed and make sure world peace can be achieved! He then reads the special instructions for this very important mission and it says he must create a fake family in order to get closer to his target. How will he create a fake family in such short notice?!

Tasogare goes to an orphanage and to his luck, the kid he chooses is a little girl named ...
Jun 24, 2022
Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de is a comedy about a forbidden love between a super hero e a super villain. How can this be?

There's one faction called Gekko that fights for World Domination. Desumi belongs to this faction but there's nothing evil about her. In fact, she's sweet, kind and funny! So why did she join? It's explained throughout the series and I won't spoil it! Any ways, to keep this evil organization in check, there are Power Rangers! Oh sorry. I got mixed up. I mean to say Gelato 5! The leader is Fudo, a naive but kindhearted soul. Desumi and Fudo ...
Jun 23, 2022
The premise sounded interesting and different enough for me to watch it but it was a let down. Every episode felt pretty much the same and it failed to deliver the loving-sweet-family bond between the characters like Lovely Drop managed to do back when it aired. It also failed to deliver the cute comedy that Kobayashi's no Maid-Dragon has been doing for a while.

When a show is this much repetitive, I can't help but feel that short 5 minute episodes would be much more enjoyable than the boring 24 minute weekly dump of chibi characters doing the same type of episode week after week.

I ...
Jun 17, 2022
Dance Dance Danseur is a great example of how animation and voice acting should be done but also how a terrible ending can really affect the overall enjoyment of a show.

1) the character design has a very unique style and although I hate their eyes, by the end of the anime it didn't bother me much anymore
2) the dancing scenes (which are often!) are so beautifully made. I know nothing of ballet so I can't honestly and seriously say that the characters are dancing realistically but that's genuinely what it looked like to me. Absolutely gorgeous!
3) The visual effects are also top ...
Jun 11, 2022
City Hunter (Anime) add
City Hunter is considered a classic from the 80's but in my opinion is too overrated. I'll justify my opinion on this review.

1) classic visual style for the 80's; this is a great thing
2) there are several animation mistakes that are capable of breaking immersion
3) most male characters are copy paste, design-wise

1) every single seiyuu is a legend in the japanese voice acting industry. The big majority of them had already worked together in many other titles like Lupin III, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, ... The chemistry between the seiyuus is very noticeable and their ...
Jun 5, 2022
Meitantei Conan: Zero no Tea Time is a series of 6 short episodes (13 minutes each) about Amuro/Zero's life when Conan//Shinichi isn't involved.

The visuals are a bit inconsistent and the soundtrack is very similar to the main series'. The voice acting is pretty solid.

There isn't a plot to this short series. Take this as "fanservice" for the fans of Amuro/Zero.

If you really enjoy him as a character, you'll enjoy this a lot. If you're like me, meaning that I only enjoy Meitantei Conan because of the story surrounding the black organization, you'll find this pretty boring.

It's a 4/10 for me.
Jun 4, 2022
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (UraBoku from now on) is a great example of how visuals and sound aren't enough to make a series enjoyable to watch.

1) for a 2010 anime, the animation is very clean although inconsistent at times;
2) it took me a while to ignore how every character has a sharp chin, almost like they could stab someone with it
3) ugliest hands I've ever seen in any anime and I've been watching anime for over 16 years now!
4) unappealing color palette

Jun 3, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Look, if you enjoy the Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of the Galactic Heroes franchise, you're going to enjoy this. It's the continuation of the remake of a beautiful and compelling story.

The voice actors gave solid performances, the animation is fluid and story wise, we get more of what makes this franchise so good to watch. I particularly loved watching the backstory behind some of Reinhard's allies.

So... why a 5? Well... I'm not the average fan of the series. What really gets me hyped is Reinhard and because some episodes don't focus on him or his allies, I get bored. I have a weird Reinhard-fan ...