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Mar 27, 2023
I'm familiar with Ikeyamada Go's writting style and I'm very pleased with how much she grew over the years. This manga is much more mature and better written throughout. The fact that it tackles something very real in her life (and her staff's lives) are probably factors that helped in improving the quality of this manga she wrote.

I started reading it without expecting much because I considered Ikeyamada Go's ideas to be very repetitive, basic, sexist and outright problematic. I'm very happy to say that my expectations were 99% wrong and therefore this was much more enjoyable than what I initially thought. There's still ...
Mar 23, 2023
Kiss x Sis (Manga) add
For reference, I watched the anime many years ago and I gave it a 5/10. Why is the manga so much worse, to me?

Morality and other issues aside, considering the themes of this story, my biggest criticism has to do with the mangaka's decisions regarding how the story develops over time. Ditama Bow struggles constantly with many things:

1) the dad changes personality constantly across multiple chapters
2) some characters' actions go absolutely unpunished compared to others, leaving the reader confused on why that happens
3) it's very notorious that the author struggled a lot with bringing the story to an end. At some point, ...
Feb 19, 2023
Air Gear (Anime) add
Air Gear aired in Portugal in 2009, when I was 17 years old. I didn't watch it back then but it was very popular with teens back then. That made me add it to my Plan-To-Watch list. I'm almost 31 years old and maybe I should've watched it back then because as an adult, I lack the patience for some themes common in animes similar to Air Gear.

Before deciding to watch this, people should know the following:

- Expect a lot of ecchi and fanservice
- Expect terrible voice acting from the main character
- Expect very inconsistent animation

If these three aspects don't bother you that ...
Dec 31, 2022
This season wasn't as enjoyable as the first one but it's still worth watching. Don't worry if you need a refresh on the 1st season, this begins with a very fun recap.

This season you can expect loads of Anya moments, Yor's maternal-killer instincts and Loid being the wonderful man he is. The first 3 episodes are absolutely amazing, some other episodes were a bit "meh" but overall this season got me a lot of hilarious moments with several amounts of AW SO CUTE sauce.

And if you want to know about plot, yes Loid makes progress in his mission to maintain world peace.

I ...
Dec 21, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This short series (just a few minutes each episode) is a parody of the main anime Meitantei Conan and features the shenanigans that a random person goes through to find someone and pull off their crime: assassination! Although being a parody, some elements are canon. This alone should tell you if it's something you'd rather skip or watch, depending if you're a completionist or if you enjoy parody-type comedy.

The art style looks atrocious to me, except for the main character and I strongly dislike the seiyuu choice for him. Regarding the OP, it's strangely addictive.

For me, this was just a 5/10 because out ...
Nov 29, 2022
This is a review taking into consideration that I've watched the OG anime from 1984. Expect some trivia! I won't spoil anything that wasn't shown in the 1984 OG. In case you want to know at what point the new content starts for those that have watched the OG, you can start watching this on the 2nd half of the 24th episode, onwards.

1) visuals aren't faithful to the manga (like the OG series was) but I like how they are much more colorful
2) recycled animation
3) dislike the "mask visuals" that never existed in any of the previous adaptations

1) Not a fan of ...
Sep 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Spoiler warning further below

Visuals and Audio:
1) stunning visuals
2) ok soundtrack
3) althought the cast features a mixture of rookie and veteran seiyuus, the difference isn't very noticeable
4) unfortunately the animation is inconsistent

1) the visuals make it seem like it's gonna be a slice of life summer story but quickly it will take a turn and things will get pretty tense. This contrast between the first visual impressions and the story itself got me hooked. The mystery and unsettling revelations and events kept me interested but every once in a while there's a bunch of ecchi stupid scenarios that even if they're brief, ...
Aug 31, 2022
Mixed Feelings
I'll be comparing this to the OG Glass no Kamen from 1984.

1) A lot darker, creepier and sometimes outright scary!
2) the animation is noticeably recycled and thus breaks immersion easily
3) Bad syncing of voice acting and animation
4) The characters have gone through a massive redesign. The original version from 1984 is visually very faithful to the manga but these OVA characters look nothing like what they should look like

Aug 30, 2022
Mixed Feelings
1) considering this anime aired originally in 1984, the art style is very classic. Personally I don't mind it at all.
2) the animation is obviously dated but it never interfered with the enjoyment that the anime gave me
3) unfortunately I noticed several occasions where animation mistakes were made. As simple and spoiler-free example, I can mention that on the 18th episode, a green haired character had for 5 seconds black hair.

1) all the seiyuus cast in this anime are now considered genuine legends in the industry so expect top notch performances. Also, most of the cast had participated in other animes ...
Jun 25, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add

Spy X Family tells the story of a secret agent that receives a very special mission. If he fails it... the world will go to war! This secret agent has a codename of Twilight/Tasogare and he's determined to succeed and make sure world peace can be achieved! He then reads the special instructions for this very important mission and it says he must create a fake family in order to get closer to his target. How will he create a fake family in such short notice?!

Tasogare goes to an orphanage and to his luck, the kid he chooses is a little girl named ...

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