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Aug 1, 2021
This review will be spoiler free!

For me, Suite Precure was the most promising Precure season up their time. I really liked the chemistry between the two main girls and I liked how the visuals felt more Precure than the previous season. Not only that, but the girls to me felt that they had more personality than most of the previous Precure's.

However, the last 12 episodes ruined what was being a very enjoyable show to me. When the final precure's identity was revealed, it broke the dynamic of Suite Precure as a season. The anime created a perfect oportunity to have the climax of the story read more
Jul 26, 2021
This movie is pretty much an introduction of Precure Blossom and Precure Marine to the Precure All Stars group.
Every girl appears, every fairy appears and... even the villains show up! Which in my opinion is what made this movie stand out. It feels like a celebration of the franchise and that includes the villains of course.

There's plenty of action in this movie to enjoy but I think the final showdown was dragged out and thus became boring to watch.

This movie will not blow your mind but it's entertaining enough to recommend to a Precure fan.

It's a 7/10.
Jul 25, 2021
Heartcatch Precure was another disappointing Precure season for me. This will be spoiler free.

1) it's a drastic change from all previous seasons. It has a very cartoonish, very western style that I don't appreciate. I thought that maybe I would learn to like it but it wasn't the case;
2) poor monster design

1) legendary seiyuus, as usual
2) soundtrack was okay

Story and characters:
1) Overall, it's too predictable and repetitive to be enjoyable. Every single episode, aside from character introductions and the final showdown, follows the same exact script: present new character and theme, have them meet precure girls, have read more
Jul 17, 2021
I finally made it to Season 6. Let's begin!

1) not much difference from last season
2) I didn't enjoy the transformations sequences compared to previous seasons
3) characters look more like 16 year olds than 14 year olds. It's just 2 years but in puberty 2 years is a lot
4) there's a few continuity errors. This is better explained with an example. On the 3rd episode, a character and a dog go play in a water area where the water level reaches this character's ankles. A few minutes later, we get to see an actual truck fall in and it sinks completely.
5) inconsistent read more
Jul 10, 2021
Yes! Precure 5 had a few things done right and a bunch of other things done wrong. The sequel Yes! Precure 5 Go Go! did very little right and had no choice but to continue doing the wrong things for another season.

1) they improved overall but there's a few scenes where the animation is very sloppy and inconsistent
2) dialog and animation aren't always in sync
3) I hate how their uniforms look more similar between the girls. Last season the little differences were more noticeable and it just gave more personality to the girls

1) top notch casting for most of the new read more
Jul 8, 2021
Resident Evil has been a legendary franchise since 1996. It started with a videogame but its universe has conquered comics and movies. Is this ONA another legendary piece of the ResiVerse or does it fall flat?

I think the games nowadays look better than these ONAs and that's disappointing in my opinion. They should at least look the same quality. This was produced by Netflix so budget shouldn't be an issue.


This ONA divided into 4 episodes started off promising but quickly fell into predictable and boring territory. In fact, the story is the weakest aspect of this ONA and when you read more
Jul 6, 2021
I've reviewed the main season that this movie follows and I gave that a 6. One of the reasons I gave it a low score was because Nozomi and Komachi end up dating 20 year old olds squirrels. It's insane, cringe and disgusting. This movie follows that idea.

However, that isn't the only bad thing about it. We will be introduced to a new character that we'll meet for about 30 to 40 minutes and somehow we're meant to care deeply for this same character. Instead it just looks stupid.

This movie's strongest aspect is the casting. We have the legendary Kugimiya Rie and Park read more
Jul 5, 2021
I'm watching everything related to Pretty Cure in chronological order and it was time for the 4th season: Yes! Precure 5

There's a lot of good things about this season but also a ton of things that went wrong and I'll explain why I had to give this season a low score.

1) I like the character design but the backgrounds don't fit at all. They're pretty to look at but they have nothing in common with the characters and it looks very out of place. 49 episodes in, I still wasn't used to it.
2) I like the effects used in some of the read more
Jul 3, 2021
When I found out an anime was coming about a spider I immediately decided I'd watch it. Why? Because I'm an arachnophobe and I thought it would help me overcome it. Did it work? No. Anyway, that's not important. What's important is that an arachnophobe absolutely enjoyed this anime.

Before I give you the actual review, let me be clear: I haven't read any novel and this season was the 1st contact I had with the story, characters and lore.


The visuals are pretty to look at most of the time but there's a fatal flaw: CGI. Anytime we get CGI in this, read more
Jun 27, 2021
If, like me, you adore Kobayashi-san, Tohru and Kanna's misadventures this is a must watch. They're very short stories, most of which are both adorable and funny. Other characters also appear.

Each episode tends to focus on a few set of characters from the show and a particular scenario.

These short stories serve as appetizers to watch while we wait for the sequel and I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming season.

The visuals are the same from the 1st season and that's a positive for me.

It gets a 7/10 from me because they're a bit too short xD