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Jan 14, 2016
Manly. Heart-pounding. Exhilaratingly awesome. The ultimate epitome of the word “badass”. These are the descriptions that paint the exquisite experience that is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Everything from the animation to the out-of-this-world battles, along with a cast of characters that is consistently entertaining makes Jojo an anime like no other. In a time where adaptations of pointless harems and ecchi shows have been stagnating the anime industry, Jojo comes along and brings a sense of fun and originality to the table, even if its story can get a bit muddled in the process! Now without further ado, here is the review that will convince you read more
Jun 15, 2015


The slamming of a locker door. The presence of jocks, nerds, popular girls engulfed in discussions about a new phone coming, teachers scattering about in classrooms, and of course, the loner who wants nothing to do with anyone. This atmosphere, or rather, this presence is none other than high school. High school is that time in our read more
Apr 21, 2015
Within the anime industry, the Ecchii genre has always been the most controversial genre that you can find with anime and for good reasons too. It features stories that contain girls in their most stereotypical fashion, having them wear skimpy clothing, showing off some ridiculous pairs of breasts, panty-shots, bikinis, etc. The Ecchii genre loves to show off a needless amount of fanservice and perverse comedy in order to cast a humungous shadow over the obvious conventions of a show, which are the characters and the plot (obviously I mean “story”). But what happens when a series within a genre such as this manages to read more
Mar 30, 2015
(Note: This review contains some spoilers. Read at your own risk.)

*Sigh*. Where do I even begin? You know, I really like Tokyo Ghoul, well the manga at least. The first season contained a lot of flaws, however, I ultimately thought of it as an entertaining action/horror anime nonetheless. And now, we have this uninspiring sequel that proves how weak an adaptation of a manga can be. So fasten your seatbelts, this is gonna be a bumpy, fuckin’ ride…

Now it’s time to get to the point. Tokyo Ghoul Root A is garbage, plain and simple. It is a sequel that promised read more
Mar 12, 2015
Gunnm (Manga) add (All reviews)
Nowadays, I seem to find that stories revolving around the nature of heroism, especially within anime, are rather stale. Stories about heroes, or what makes a hero a hero, are filled with protagonists who seem to be invincible, or rather, superficial in the sense that they contain no actual realism towards what makes them a hero. If you take your time to look closely and observe, you’ll find that conflicts within a majority of modern day stories are resolved with simple words of wisdom, or “power-ups” to defeat an obstacle blocking the hero from victory. This causes the heroes that read more
Mar 2, 2015
Shitcom (Anime) add (All reviews)
Wow. Just wow. I mean, one could take this video as a postmodern view of the relationship between man and woman. Or, you can just watch the video and declare it as nothing but pure and utter, wait for it, shit. Just shit. There is literally no other word to describe this video.

You know, I honestly don't know why I wrote this review at all. I guess I'm just bored. I will give out a warning though. You probably shouldn't watch this while eating or if you're feeling sick.

Actually, better yet, don't watch this at all. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor...
Feb 1, 2015
Whether it be now or earlier in one’s life, there is a moment where we all must look at ourselves and ask the simple, yet difficult to answer, question which is, “What do I want to do with my life?” This is a painstaking question that cuts deep down into our psyche and into the very meat of what makes us human. Sure, a question such as this may seem ugly and off-putting to the majority of us, there is no denying that. However, we must still confront this question at some point in our lives with full force, no matter how repetitive the trials read more
Sep 19, 2014
What do you get when you have X men meet Resident Evil? That would be Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that contained a large amount of hype stemming from those who have read the manga, and for good reasons too. The premise would sound very enthralling and interesting to those who are in love with the supernatural and psychological genres of fiction, like myself. Since the show also throws in a high dosage of fast-paced graphic violence here and there along with a good soundtrack, you pretty much have the most entertaining show of this season, right!? Wrong. What makes Tokyo Ghoul a below-average read more
Sep 1, 2014
Hanamonoagatari is yet another fantastic entry of the Monogatari Series, written by novelist Nisio Isin. Everything that you know and love about the series is back in Hanamonogatari: the comedy, the mind-boggling dialogue, supernatural mumbo-jumbo, the out of this world art style and, best of all, the incredibly well written characters that will win you over in just a few scenes. However, what also makes Hanamonogatari so special is it's emotional attachment to a character that you would never have thought to care so much for in such surprising ways.

Now, the first noticeably different factor of the show is its focus on one of the read more
Jun 14, 2014
Before taking away a life, one must realize the act that they are about to commit. Only when you have come to the realization that it is a "do or die" situation, and that you will not only affect the victim's life but also your very own is when you are truly able kill. But how does one cope with the consequences and repercussions of murder? Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal is a story that allows you to experience one's descent into the act of murder and the consequences and pain that befalls onto him.

Trust & Betrayal is a story that serves as the read more