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Days: 52.5
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Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
Aug 1, 4:22 AM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 7
Hakuouki OVA (Shinsaku)
Hakuouki OVA (Shinsaku)
Jul 18, 2:42 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kyouko to Katsuya no Monogatari
Kyouko to Katsuya no Monogatari
Jul 18, 2:41 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 12.0
Mean Score: 7.00
  • Total Entries112
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Koukaku Kidoutai: The Ghost in the Shell
Koukaku Kidoutai: The Ghost in the Shell
Jul 18, 7:36 PM
Reading 1/11 · Scored -
Deep Love: Host
Deep Love: Host
Jul 18, 2:55 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7
Totsukuni no Shoujo
Totsukuni no Shoujo
Dec 28, 2020 7:55 PM
Reading 5/53 · Scored -


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JVskunkape Aug 3, 4:54 AM
No worries! That's cool about the fan art on DA! I used to look at art on there all the time years ago! I know they updated recently and people weren't too happy with the new layout. You still using DA? How do you like it as it is now? My gf posts art to IG, kofi and twitter (and does commissions) and I was thinking of helping her set up on different platforms to expand her reach and help more fans find her accounts!
JVskunkape Jul 20, 11:58 AM
Good idea! I've been planning to rewatch Super and the movies in English as I watched them subbed around the time they aired! My fav movie is probably the Broly one! I was a big fan of his Super design, Paragus' too and the new characters!
JVskunkape Jul 9, 10:47 AM
I'm certainly excited for whatever we get! I really miss DBS and feel nostalgic for it even though it wasn't that long ago it aired haha!
JVskunkape Jun 9, 12:57 PM
haha I understand that, it is a complaint you hear that it's become the Goku & Vegeta show, and they love to give every important moment to Goku and sideline Vegeta too! I'd love an arc focusing on Gohan/Piccolo or any of the other characters! I wonder if there will be a Super version of Uub!
Whatever we do get I'll be happy with as I'm always happy to see new DB content!
JVskunkape May 31, 5:11 PM
Yeah for sure, they're all really cool and particularly loved the Universe 6 saiyans, Frost & the lil gag pig! haha. I always liked Champa's design too!
Yeah seeing Future trunks back was cool too although he new design isn't as cool as his Z design, his final move against black spirit sword was amazing. Seeing Vegito back was really cool for me too, always liked him, highlight of the Buu saga in Z!
JVskunkape May 31, 3:29 PM
Yeah the movie was so good, I agree they don't need to retell it like before, super really picked up after those arcs, I still watched it all back when it aired tho haha.
JVskunkape May 30, 7:15 PM
I love DB just as much as Z, it's so nostalgic for me!
Yeah I couldn't say tbh! If I had to guess I would say it's going to be a completely new character as the villain (designed by Toriyama, or Toyotaro and Tori together). Then maybe at the end they will tease Moro and follow it up with an announcement for the part 2 series of Super! Either that or it will just be Moro's movie, I think it makes sense to leave Moro for the series tho as they currently have two canon arcs they could animate from the manga, so it seems like a waste to condense one of those arcs into one movie.
I have always liked Broly's design personally, and absolutely loved his new Super design!
JVskunkape May 27, 1:20 PM
It was always Future Trunks for me, although I do love Vegeta and Piccolo too! Back in DB I loved Kid Goku and Roshi!
Have you been watching Super? And are you excited for the new movie?
JVskunkape May 17, 6:51 AM
Yes his Yugi and Atem voices are iconic! Haha I know what you mean I like a lot of minor/side characters too but it's not every day you seen a Dende or Supreme Kai fan! Old Kai maybe as can be hilarious haha! Supreme Kai's design is definitely cool and gotta love the Namekians!
You have a cool list anyway, nice to meet you!
JVskunkape May 14, 11:17 AM
Hey I saw your rest in peace comment on Rokusho's English VA's page and then your profile caught my eye again with some of your favourites like Dan Green, Dende, Supreme Kai & Old Kai so thought I would send a message! Feel free to ignore haha but if not, hi! lol
Kurt_Irving Aug 17, 2020 10:38 PM
To be quite honest, I prefer the GBC and GBA era of Pokemon. Long before powercreep started in gen 5 and ruined everything. Some of my favorite Pokemon got overshadowed by newer Pokemon thanks to powercreep. Another example of powercreep in the competitive scene is ice Pokemon getting their dragonslayer status taken away by fairies, even though I like Togekiss, Slurpuff, Klefki, Clefable and Whismicott. Fairies are cool, but what about giving ice Pokemon more love?

Ice Pokemon are getting overshadowed by rock, fairy, steel and even dark Pokemon everyday, it's not even funny. I also feel bad for dragon Pokemon getting humiliated everyday. So there you have it! powercreep and gimmicks like Dynamaxing or Z-Moves are ruining Pokemon. Z-Moves didn't really help make Gen II Pokemon into household names. Fennekin is the cutest starter as of late btw, cuter than the newer ones.

I also feel bad for Gen 4, 5 (except Serperior, already famous) and 6 starters (expect Greninja since he's already a household name) getting left out in the cold or rejected in terms of getting Mega forms.

I agree, they don't make original stories or writing in anime anymore. Today's anime is more about nostalgic cash-grabbing like Dragon Ball Super and One Piece. My 33 year-old friend Lynn loathes One Piece.

Isekai and ecchi light novels are also the downfall of modern anime. Isekai anime are just ripping off El Hazard and Garzey's Wing (not a masterpiece, but not as predictable as what I'm seeing right now) that it's not even funny. Ecchi anime are pure comedy and lack any substance at all.

We also have these mmorpg-themed fantasy anime like SAO hindering modern anime. I don't even know why Netflix is getting some new season of Seven Deadly Sins, nobody thinks that anime is a masterpiece. It's shounen alright, but it's no Fullmetal Alchemist. I was already able tell that Seven Deadly Sins was riding on the HST's coattails. A friend of mine told me that season 2 got bombarded by boobs, typical!

I could even tell that Demon Slayer was riding on Bleach's coattail and I might re-watch Bleach some time now that it's on Netflix. Funimation may have more content, but at least the Netflix app works better. I would just get a VPN for watching old favorites on Netflix Japan, but I'm glad Bleach doesn't have exclusive licensing like its rivals Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball.

With Sony and Funimation may get their grubby, corporate hands on a plethora of anime, I'm leaning towards AnimeKisa or physical media.

I rather watch Iron-Blooded Orphans on Netflix and yeah! it may be Gundam, but at least it's refreshing or original compared to these new anime seen as household names in Japan getting milked to death.

Sex sells yes! but enough with the boobs galore thing! typical Japan. Anyway Ash, I'll see ya again soon.
Kurt_Irving Aug 10, 2020 11:00 PM
Oh! August is going okay and I was just watching a bit of Pokemon Stadium 2 videos. It's interesting that the gym trainer Carol is more badass than Pryce in Stadium 2. Her Delibird is as tough as nails despite it's dual typing weaknesses and mediocre stats, using Icy Wind to slow down the player's Voltorb then flinching it with Headbutt so many times. xD

Poor Voltorb didn't have a chance to shock her Delibird. If only kids knew how to use Delibird that skillfully. That Voltorb that got owned could've been any other electric Pokemon, but the player chose to use a rental team. I just took notes so one day I'll use Delibird like a boss some time. :)

In other news, I'm currently watching the Street Fighter TV anime on Netflix (which is currently on my Sony BDP). It's an enjoyable action anime, but the animation is poor compared to the 1994 Street Fighter II movie. Too bad that movie isn't on any popular streaming services. I doubt it'll even be streamed on RetroCrush.

As for HBO Max, I don't have it yet, but it better get Big O. Considering the fact that Warner owns part of the season 2. Sunrise was gonna stop at season 1, but you know! Big O is Warner's favorite anime having that Batman vibe and stuff. Even Brak from Space Ghost loved it. xD

Speaking of Space Ghost, Warner needs to revive the show, because action sells. They already own all of Hanna-Barbera's stuff.

With the next-gen Playstation coming out some time, that'll be what I'll use for HBO Max and for Gungrave: G.O.R.E. I'm glad that Gungrave is coming back after such a long time. I was 15 years old when Gungrave: Overdose came out, but never got it till I grew older.
Kurt_Irving Jul 22, 2020 9:48 PM
So yeah! I don't need a washing machine anymore and good riddance to that scrap. Mechanical crap and scrap at the same time with the weight of my former fat client, wannabe rich fatcat or chubby cheapskate at work (should check his blood sugar or the Wuhan virus will get him). Who does he think he is showing off his weight and wannabe fatcat attitude? Oswald Cobblepot? he's half the man that he is.

That's a good question and I prefer a New Mutants movie made from Josh Boone's perspective than from those boomers at Disney who brainwash kids with left-wing propaganda. Josh Boone is also a true X-Men fanboy and I doubt that the mutants from Disney's point of view will be free of identity politics or SJW messages. Hopefully, the movie on Blu-Ray or DVD will be an unrated Director's Cut with content Disney may have omitted. Right now, it doesn't sound like New Mutants will have the R rating that it deserves.

At this point, I'm more excited about the upcoming DC movies, Battle Angel Alita 2 and Venom 2 than Phase 4 MCU movies anyday. Phase 4 Marvel movies imo sound like a huge filler or drag having often nothing to do with mutants. I call Phase 4 a pre-mutant filler arc. Captain Marvel and Endgame as of late might as well be filler too.

Macross imo is an okay franchise. I mean the first Macross anime was incredible, but the sequels are average or okay at best. Macross 7 had great hand-drawn animation, but at the same time, it's crap-quality animation because of re-used animations and too much focus on idol anime elements than sci-fi action. So yeah! it's safe to assume that Macross 7 is hot garbage. Real anime fans prefer more substance than that.

Last Order and Mars Chronicle? gotta check those out after reading the original Gunnm and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (my BFF Jasmine's or Mimi's favorite manga).
Kurt_Irving Jul 20, 2020 11:05 PM
Hey Ash! it's no problem, plus I was distracted by heavy laundry since my washing machine failed lately. Anyway, how are you doing the whole time while I was doing laundry manually and working?

Oh! and a friend of mine just informed me that Disney's been interfering with the making of New Mutants. I guess Disney must be too excited about making X-Men movies that they decided to stick their noses. Doesn't sound like FOX's farewell to the X-Men movie franchise if Disney is there butting in. Well! I can't wait to see the next Avatar or Battle Angel Alita movie anyway. 20th Century FOX will still sell out action movies then and Disney bought 'em because they are running out of ideas. Their failed attempts at remaking Disney classics like Dumbo or Lion King just proves that they are and no one cares about Frozen 2 anymore.

As for anime, I find Macross Frontier to be somewhat awesome.
Kurt_Irving Jun 21, 2020 8:31 PM
Anyway, I was learning how to use Meganium in gen 7 doubles. Turns out that he needs to hold the Big Root so Leech Seed can drain better than Giga Drain. Big Root would have been Meganium's best ability, but it's an item. Even so, its effects are better than Overgrow or Leaf Guard.

Anyway, who says Meganium sucks? it's the individual using it that sucks.

As for Evergrace, I give it a 7.5/10.